"It gets you every single time. The slow clap," Hannah said, smiling at him. "You get misty."

He smiled back at her.

"That holds no meaning for me," Bones said. He felt a slight irritation at her lack of understanding. It seemed that the things that used to endear her to him now annoyed the hell out of him.

Without thinking about it, he was explaining it to her—it was a reflex.

"You know, like in the movies? When the hero…he, ah takes some sort of a big chance."

Then Hannah cut in, "Makes a speech, stands up to authority?"

"The old guy gets up and he starts clapping—really slow at first, then everybody joins in?"

"Have you ID'd the victim yet?" she asked in an obvious attempt to change the subject. That annoyed him even more.

She is hopeless. Why do I even try? he thought.

"Nah, the description was too general," he said giving up on trying to get her to understand.

"Yes," she said shortly, "even though Cam and I discovered that she was very likely a surgeon."

"How's that?" he asked. Beside him, Hannah began to type into her computer.

"Occupational markers on the phalanges," she stated in her squinty voice. Normally it would make him smile, but now it only further annoyed him.

"Um, a surgeon named Dr. Lauren Eames disappeared last November." She smiled and gestured toward her computer, "I checked Bing."

"DC missing persons investigated but the case went cold. It didn't go anywhere," he said. Yeah, this could be our victim.

"How can that be?" Bones asked in a horrified voice. "The woman was a surgeon!"

"Single, no kids. Outside of work there was no one to miss her," Hannah said.

Bones looked horrified, and something else.

Ah, it's no big deal. She'll feel better when we catch the person who did this. She doesn't like when the dead have no voice. She'll probably work straight through this case. Especially if it is this doctor. I'll mention something to Sweets; maybe he can help.

Then Hannah smiled at him and he forgot about his partner and her strange reaction to this case. Saying a short good-bye, he left Bones sitting at their table and walked out with Hannah. As they walked to his SUV, he slung an arm around her waist and smiled. This is what happiness was supposed to feel like. Right?