My Cause-

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters or lyrics from the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera

Plot Summary- A year after the events of the Opera, Amber (the new CEO of GeneCo) assaults and leaves Graverobber for dead. Fortunately for him, a certain teenager stumbles upon him and takes care of him. Grilo.

It took a few days before Graverobber was up again. In that short amount of times, a few things had changed.

The doctor had taken Amber with him, allowing Shilo to take care of Graverobber on her own. And while she couldn't be certain that Amber remembered a thing Shilo told her; there were being new regulations passed on organ recollection. Now GeneCo was only reserving it in 'the most severe cases of debt or in case where organs are not vital' there was even rumors beginning to spread that when the organ repossession act was brought up again before congress, Amber may decide not to petition for it.

Shilo doubted it; but had a feeling perhaps Amber would be more merciful with her killings—maybe get off the Zydrate and stop having so many surgeries. She couldn't say for sure—it may take years before it's clear whether or not Amber has changed. But Shilo felt confident that the CEO would no longer be a bother in their lives and accepted it as just.

Graverobber, once up again, trained with Shilo to get his strength back. At first, it was productive; but eventually, Graverobber started letting his older vices get over him.

"I swear, keep your hand off my ass, or your never touching it again." Shilo warned about a two weeks after the overdose. Graverobber pouted, making Shilo roll her eyes. "Jesus Christ, and I thought you were perverted before that whole mess…"

Graverobber laughed, and against Shilo's warnings, gave it another pat. "Sorry kid; just when your sweaty and wearing those shorts well… your pretty fuckable."

Shilo twisted around and grabbed his wrist before he could pull it back. The motion was so fast Graverobber blinked in appreciation as his the girl pulled him towards her. Their lips inches apart. "Don't start something you can't finish, old man."

With a smile, he nudged his knee between her legs, making her gasp. She was distracted by the action long enough that he could flick his hand around her wrist and spin her back facing him. One arm wrapped around her thin stomach—the one holding her wrist against her neck. "Let me tell you something, kid. It'll be a cold day in hell before I let some non-virgin little girl go around and call me an old man."

Shilo smirked and blocked down his hand and pushing him back, freeing herself from his grip. She then turned and pushed his shoulder and swept his leg with her own. He was down like a sack of potatoes. Shilo added insult to injury by pressing her foot on his chest. She leaned on her knee and laughed at him. "Oh Graves… You and I both know I'm no virgin. Or do you need a reminder?"

Graverobber growled and pulled her calf forward- sending her toppling down on top of him. Shilo wasn't on top of him for two seconds before he switched so she was under him and he was proudly on top. His tongue ran from her cheek to her ear in which he whispered. "Babe, believe me. I'll blow your mind so hard, you won't remember your own name."

Shilo, taking the loss with surprising grace, moved her cheek until her lips were against his. So much for the training session. She doubted that they wouldn't have time to make it up later.

Besides, what they had in mind did include a lot of physical exercise.


"Where are we going?" Shilo laughed as Graverobber pulled her through the woods. He laughed at his insistent date, who hated not knowing where they were going. All he had told her was to dress nice but 'wear comfortable shoes'.

"We're almost there, just take it slow kid."

Shilo bit her lip at the mention of his nickname for her. In a few weeks, she'd be turning 19, and would then, only have one year left of being a kid. It took that thought to realize she didn't know his birthday or even how old he was currently.

She didn't know much about the man she loved, only what he had choose to tell her. "Hey Graves, how old are you?"

He stopped suddenly and Shilo bumped into him. Graverobber looked over his shoulder; ashamed that he felt sub-conscious for the first time in his life. "What does it matter? Don't tell me I'm getting too old for you…"

"Oh come on! I was just asking!" Shilo responded. Feeling guilty she had even brought it up at all, she elaborated. "My birthdays coming up and it made me realize that I don't know a lot about you—and…it's a lot less than I want to know."

Graverobber sighed and gave her a small smile. Believing her intentions were in fact pure, after all; honest and good was all she ever was to him. "I'm 32, 33 in a few months."

Shilo leaned her head back in shock. She knew he more than a few years older than her. She had guessed maybe 27 or 28. It somehow surprised her that he was in fact 13 years older than she was.

Yet—he was contradicting when it came to age. His inner wisdom was that of an eighty-year-old man, while his humor, attitude, and even libido matched that of a teenager. His appearance—it was the reflection of a young man who had survived a lot in his lifetime.

His over-all personality however, was completely ageless. You couldn't tag a name or number to it because it was simply too unique and different. Shilo was glad that he was so interesting; flaws and perfections complimenting one another.

The age difference couldn't bother her—she simply loved him too much for that.

"We're here." He said, breaking her of her thoughts. Shilo blinked as they stood at the opening of the woods to what appeared to be a formally abandoned Warehouse. The rust and dirt indicated that while it hadn't been touched in years; the lights and loud noises were telling her it was currently occupied.

She heard the faint sounds of rock music and gasped. "You mean…You're taking me to an actual concert?"

Graverobber chuckled and leaned over to kiss her cheek. "You said you wanted to go to one. It's not the opera but I think you'll like it."'

He moved in front of her and reached out his hand; offering once again to act as her mentor into this new world. Shilo, trusting him again, grabbed his hand with her own as they descended into the warehouse.

Shilo, who generally didn't like most people, somehow felt at home among the shoulder to shoulder group of people; all dressed pretty similarly to her. The band was already well into its performance, belting out loud notes and heavy tunes. Graverobber laughed when Shilo had trouble mastering the hand signs or dancing properly.

He wrapped his arms around her; taking advantage of the closeness to rub his body against hers but also swayed her to the beat. Shilo smirked and brushed her body against his, using her lesson to light a fire within him.

She finally understood what he had meant when he said how it was to be rough and tumbling. She didn't have to worry about keeping inside the lines or what was to come next in her life. She could just hold Graverobber close and listen to the music; dance with him and have some fun.

Shilo wasn't sure if she could ever return to any other kind of life. Dancing with him would have made her happy for the rest of their lives.


"That was fucking awesome!" Shilo said after the concert. They were backstage, hanging out hours after that band had taken off. Graverobber had found an old if dusty blanket, which he wrapped around the two of them.

It was a bit romantic, too romantic—Shilo thought to herself. "Glad you liked it, kid…Brings back a lot of great memories."

She rolled her eyes when his hand toyed with the end of her skirt. "I guess you didn't get the blanket because I was cold, huh?"

"Why, I'm hurt you'd even suggest it!" He shouted, pretending to be hurt. "Do I really look like the sort of guy who'd take advantage of a good deed?"

Shilo laughed out loud, so much so he couldn't help but laugh along with her. There was no denying who he was. Graverobber wasn't exactly pure or good—he lived for more sinful things in life. On the outside, she teased him for it but secretly she loved how impure he was.

It made him all the sexier.

Still, on that stage? Just like his supposed first time? "You know, as much as I can appreciate you wanting to relive the stripping of your virginity you don't remember, I can't really justify doing it on the stage. Not that it would make a difference."

"We could pretend." He whispered in ear. Shilo shook her head and was about to stand when Graverobber wrapped his arms around her and brought her down across his lap. "Come on; this time I'll be the virgin."

"Seriously?" Shilo's breath hitched when his tongue touched her ear. "You're pathetic, you know that right?"

Graverobber chuckled in that addictively low voice of his. "Promise to be gentle?"

"Terrance…" She growled.

He could feel how close she was to giving in; the way her body folded under his. He nuzzled his lips against her cheek, trying to play 'innocent' romance. "Shilo…"

Her normally strong resistance fell. Seventeen years she had been denied of these sort of experiences. She had been told for so long that her life was too fragile to live it had been hard to believe that things like love could happen for her.

But it had happened. She had fallen in love with the very sort of man her father had warned her against. The kind of man society frowned upon, and she loved him for the very reasons they hated him. He lived more in a day than anyone else did in a lifetime.

And if she simply said yes, it would take away everything he liked about her. "You can have it anyway you want…When we get home."

Shilo pushed him away and stood up, extending her hand towards him. Graverobber groaned at the idea of having to wait—but grabbed her hand. "You're lucky I love you kid."

Her heart skipped a beat when he said it. The words shouldn't have mattered; she knew it deep inside. And knew they would be rare since he wasn't a touchy-feely kind of guy.

So when he stood up; she kissed him on the lips, deep and passionately. "I love you too… You're still waiting until we get home though."


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