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Jane rolled her eyes as she heard Maura's ringtone sound from the other room. She'd been calling all morning, and Jane had been ignoring her. Ordinarily, the detective would be jumping to talk to her girlfriend, but she just wasn't in the mood this morning. After their fight two nights ago about who was actually "in charge" of their relationship, she was feeling pretty irritated at her favorite blonde, and she just wanted some cool down time before trying to talk to her again.

With the week finally over and the cases either solved or on the back burner for a couple of days, she finally had the chance to completely avoid Maura, and that was exactly what she was going to do.

She walked into the living room and picked up her phone. Three voicemails greeted her. That would be one for each call she had ignored from Maura. She debated listening to them now or just deleting but decided she wasn't irritated enough to not at least listen to the messages the doctor had left.

You have three new messages.

"Yay," Jane mumbled to herself.

Message one from Maura Isles Time: 9:01 AM: Jane, please answer the phone. I really think we need to talk.

Message two from Maura Isles Time: 10:32 AM: Jane, I understand you're upset, but I don't think you're taking everything into consideration here. All I'm asking for is a little control. You won't be sorry.

"Wow, that sounded ominous." Jane pressed the button to go to the last message.

Message three from Maura Isles Time: 11:46 AM: I'll be there in half an hour. Be showered and waiting for me. Make sure I can get in the door. If you don't do these things before I get there, I will be displeased, and you will not like that.

"Well, that's new." Jane flipped her phone shut and threw it on the sofa table. "What do you think, Joe? Think I should go with it or just keep the inside lock on the door locked?" She watched as the little dog's ears perked up. "Yeah, I'm pretty curious myself. Wonder what she meant by 'waiting for me'?" Jane shook her head. "Guess I won't know til she gets here. Come on, let's go for a walk before I take a shower." She grabbed the leash that hung by the door. "I'd hate to 'displease' her, wouldn't you?" She rolled her eyes as she headed for the stairs.

Jane opened the bathroom door to the sight of Maura standing in a black trench coat with a large duffle bag over her shoulder. Her hair, as always, fell perfectly around her face, but her makeup was a darker shade than she normally wore. As Jane dragged her eyes down Maura's body, she noted what she was pretty certain was a leather collar at her girlfriend's neck, and her chest seemed to be higher than normal. As her eyes settled on the knee high, black leather boots the blonde was wearing, Jane began to wonder what was about to happen here.

"Maura, that was quick." Jane pulled her towel closer around her body as she glanced at the clock on her nightstand. "I still have ten minutes." She smirked.

"You know how much I hate to be late." Jane was keenly aware of the change in attitude Maura was displaying. This was not the Maura she normally dealt with. This Maura was more… controlled?

"Yeah, I know. So, what did you want that you had to come over and I had to take a shower, anyway?" Jane started to walk past her on the way to her closet, but she was stopped by a black gloved hand landing against her neck. "Babe?" Jane stopped moving. She fought her defense training as she tried to not hurt Maura.

"You." Maura turned them both, leading Jane backwards to the bed by giving just enough pressure to the brunette's neck to be slightly uncomfortable. "On the bed."

"Babe, I really don't think…"

"On. The. Bed." Jane swallowed against the pressure on her neck but climbed backwards onto her bed. "Towel." With an uncertain hand, she followed Maura's instructions and pulled her towel away and tossed it on the ground beside the bed.

Jane suddenly felt very exposed and very unsure of herself. Her back stiffened as she stared into Maura's very determined looking eyes and waited to see what was coming next.

"Just a little control, Jane. That's all I want," Maura purred as she slowly released Jane's neck. "I'm not looking to be the one to take the lead every day, but once in a while is not too much to ask." Jane couldn't remember the last time she heard the blonde's voice be so… sultry. It was defiantly a turn on. She watched with curious eyes as Maura positioned her on the bed. She laid Jane on her back, pulling her arms above her head and her legs straight. "Roll over." Jane did so with some hesitation. This was not what she was expecting, and she wasn't sure she really wanted to do whatever Maura had in mind. On the other hand, you only live once. "Now, stay there. Keep your eyes down."

Jane heard rustling. She assumed it was Maura removing her coat. She inhaled sharply when she felt her ankles being wrapped in something. Her eyes grew wide as she felt her legs being pulled apart. She swallowed hard when she realized she couldn't move her legs from the position Maura had put them in because her feet were now restrained. The process was repeated a moment later when Maura did the same to her hands.

It felt as though hours passed before she heard Maura say something again.

"Your safe word is…Benson." Jane could hear the smirk in Maura's voice.

"Hey, wait a minute. I never agreed to…"

She was cut off by a loud crack and a sharp sting across the bottom half of her body.

She heard Maura click her tongue in disapproval. "I didn't give you permission to speak, dear. I suggest you remain quiet unless you'd like for me to hit you harder." Jane's body tensed. Just what the hell was happening here? How did she let herself get into this? "The next words I want to hear from you are 'Yes, Mistress'." Jane's head shot up from the pillow it was buried in and she strained at her wrists and ankles. This was not how things were supposed to be. This was not her Maura. Her Maura was soft and gentle. Her Maura was kind. Her Maura was, well, not this in charge. "If you don't do as I say soon, Jane, you will force me to beat you. I think five licks with the riding crop will do." There was a pause, just barely long enough for Jane to compute what Maura had said before she felt the light sting from the first blow fall across her back. She grunted more in surprise than pain. "Count, Jane. Count, or I'll continue until you do."

Jane breathed in sharply as the second hit stung across her back. "Two."

"No, start from the beginning," Maura's voice was soft but forceful.

Another sting. "One," Jane grunted out.

"That wasn't so hard, was it?"

Another sting. "Two." The brunette winced and buried her head back in the pillow.

Another sting. "Three." The stinging was starting to hurt a little.

Another sting. "Four." Now it did hurt, and Jane moaned.

Another sting, harder than the others. "Five," Jane bellowed out as her hands balled into fists.

The detective's breaths were uneven and she could feel heat radiating from her back where the riding crop had made contact with her bare skin.

"Thank me."

Jane growled, refusing to look up at the woman she knew was standing beside her. Her growl quickly turned into a gasp as Maura blew lightly across the heated skin of her back.

"Thank me, Jane. I can do this all night. I believe I've heard more than one person say all you need is a good beating." Maura chuckled and gave another slap of the crop across Jane's shoulders.

"Thank you." She wasn't liking this thanking business, but feeling Maura's breath run across her back was something new, and she found she liked it.

"Thank you, what?" Jane also found she like the sultriness in Maura's voice.

Jane realized this was the deciding factor. How she answered this one question would determine the course of events to follow. She opened her eyes, turned her head to the side, and looked at Maura for the first time since being strapped down to the bed.

Maura was in a black corset with intricate silver detailing wrapping around the bodice. Her hands were gloved, and her neck did, in fact, have a leather collar wrapped around it. She wore no pants, but her lacy underwear was a nice compliment to the garters and black stockings she wore with the knee high leather boots Jane had noted earlier. The look in the doctor's eyes could only be described as predatory. There was confidence in her face Jane had never seen before.

It was fierce. It was enticing. It was frightening.

It was turning Jane on in ways she didn't even know could happen.

The moment stretched on. The brunette closed her eyes and answered in a voice that offered up her submission, "Thank you, Mistress."

Maura raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Much better."

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