Before I finish this puppy off, let me just say that, although I think the dialogue and actions are pretty close to character if this situation were to occur, I don't really think it would actually happen. This is purely my droll little imagination at work. I really don't think the bdsm scene would work for either lady for various reasons. So, before I get more reviews that say that Jane would probably have horrid flashbacks if this were to happen, I'm just going to come out and say that I thought about that, and I'm sure you're right. That's why this is a serious AU kind of thing.

It's completely seperate from any of my other stories. I'm only writing this because I'm a total perv, and I'll probably never write anything with bondage in it again for this pairing. However, I think every fandom needs at least one good bdsm story. So, I'm trying to supply it for Rizzles. ;-) Fair enough?

Jane bowed her head and again rested it on the pillow. Her back was hot. Her hands hurt from keeping them in fists for so long, and her body was shaking slightly. She realized she was cold. The cold of the room and heat of her skin were interacting in interesting ways.

"Jane, do you trust me?"

If this had been the Maura she knew, there wouldn't have been any pause at all. Jane trusted her Maura with her life. But, this Maura was unfamiliar to her, and she thought about her answer before she finally decided to just go with it. If she was going to do this, she was going to go all out on it. All or nothing... that's just how Jane Rizzoli did things.

"Yes... Mistress."

She gasped as she felt Maura's breath run across her right ear. "Good." The blindfold was a welcome relief, though Jane was never really one for this sort of thing normally. But, then again, she didn't like to be blindfolded because she wanted to see what was going on. It seemed pointless to see what was going on when she couldn't move to do anything about it. "You've been ignoring me all morning. I know you haven't been anywhere today. I'm not happy about this. I don't like being ignored, Jane. I think, perhaps, I'll demonstrate to you why being ignored can be very frustrating. What do you think of that?"

Jane swallowed as she felt Maura's gloved hand run down the contours of her body starting at her shoulder blade and working down to the light curves of the bottom half of her body. She really wasn't sure what she should say here. "I'm sorry I ignored you." It was more of a question than a statement.

"I can tell you're not certain." Maura let out a small, disappointed sigh. "I suppose that settles it. I'll have to teach you about frustration."

Jane grunted in surprise at the feel of Maura's ungloved hand making contact with her most sensitive of places. She groaned as she felt the doctor's skilled fingers working her up, and she cried out at the loss of contact when the other woman withdrew her touch. The detective panted. Her body relaxed slowly, but her need was there much stronger than before.

"Do you know what ben wa balls are, Jane? They are these lovely, smooth balls, about the size of a large marble. They are usually hollow with a small weight inside that rolls around causing the balls to roll. The hollow nature of the balls causes them to vibrate when they strike each other. Mine are connected with a string. It's more convenient this way. You see," Jane felt Maura's hands on her again, "They are the oldest known sex toys on record." She felt the blonde open her up using one hand. "In fact, the earliest reports of these toys date back well into the 16th century." Jane drew in a sharp intake of air as she felt Maura push one and than another ball inside of her. Her hips twitched at the feel of Maura's finger pushing the balls deeper, making certain they were well place. "You really should read up on the history of sexual deviance. It's quite fascinating."

Jane's abdomen tightened at the feel of the objects nestled inside of her. With each panting breath, with each slight shift of her body, they moved and vibrated causing her body to react to the stimulation. "Oh my god," she moaned out as Maura gave her a gentle pat on her bottom causing the vibrations to increase.

"They are delightful, aren't they? They will not, however, provide enough stimulus to cause orgasm. It is just enough to make you want it." Maura struck Jane again with the flat her hand. The vibrations rippled through her body, and she tried to contract her stomach muscles to keep the vibrations to minimum, to keep her need low. "I think a light spanking is in order."

Maura's ungloved hand make a loud, jarring sound as blow after blow came down on Jane, but the pain from the strikes was far negated by the dazzling sensations the impact of Maura's hand caused. The ben wa balls moved, vibrated, and messaged Jane in ways she'd never felt before. Despite her best efforts, she was soaking by the time Maura was done. Her skin was heated, her breathing ragged, and her pulse beyond counting.

"How do you feel Jane?"

Panting, Jane tried to answer, but her words were monosyllabic. Her need clouding her thoughts. "Need... I need... please... too much." She had stopped caring how she sounded.

"Are you saying you want something from me, Jane?"


"Yes, what?" Jane cried out as Maura slapped her center with the end of the riding crop.

"Yes, Mistress."

"Must we keep revisiting our lessons, Jane?" A strike fell across Jane's back, and her body was confused. Between the pain of the strike and the sensation of the toys, she was torn between wanting to be struck more and needing less. She simply needed.

"No, please, I'm sorry, Mistress."

"Quick study. Very well, I'm going to release your arms and legs. You are to roll over slowly onto your back and place your limbs back in the same position." Jane did as she was told and found herself tied down face up. She whimpered as Maure blew across her center. "I see you're enjoying this."

"Yes, Mistress." Jane was not prepared for the sensation of the ben wa balls being removed. She yelped as the first was removed and cried out something incoherent as the second was mercilessly pulled from her body. Every nerve was on fire. Her back was so sensitive the soft cotton sheets on her bed were causing sensations she could only think of in terms of caresses. Every wisp of air, every brush across her skin made her writhe more. She felt the bed move and the familiar weight of Maura straddling her. The blindfold slide off gently, and she blinked a few times before her eyes adjusted.

Maura had removed the cups to her corset. The bodice kept everything just as it was before, but her breasts were exposed. She had also removed the lacy black underwear Jane had admired earlier, but it was replaced with something Jane had once swore she'd never use.

The blonde followed Jane's look down to the strap-on she was wearing. "Don't worry, sweetie. I promise you'll like it." She moved up the brunette's body until her breasts were even with Jane's mouth. "But, first, I want you to play with my nipples."

The detective looked up the length of Maura's body to see those intense eyes staring back down at her. She bit her lip as she craned her neck to reach for one of the already hard nipples. The angle was slightly uncomfortable, but the sound of Maura's moans as she ran her tongue across the sensitive area was enough to keep her going. Her hands strained; she wanted to touch her lover, to feel her skin. It was beautifully torturous. Eventually, Maura moved to allow Jane access to the other breast. Each bit of contact made Jane want more.

She wanted more of everything.

Maura pulled down and looked Jane in the eye. "We can stop now. If you're uncomfortable, tell me now."

Jane stared at her. Eye to eye, her mouth a breath's away from Maura's. "I didn't call out the safe word." She watched Maura tilt her head to the side and smirk.

The brunette closed her eyes at the sensation of Maura pushing the toy inside of her. She was already so close. The feel of the smaller woman thrusting in and out of her at an agonizing slow pace was driving her crazy. She tried to move her hips to get the relief she wanted so badly, but the doctor held her down, kept her from moving. "Are you going to make me wait again, Jane?"

"No, Mistress."

"What do you want from me, Jane?"

"To let me come. God, Maura... please." Jane froze for a moment. She'd said the wrong thing.

"I'll forgive you this time." Maura increased her rhythm. She leaned in, brushing her bared chest against Jane's as she pumped into the the detective. "Come for me, Jane."

That was all she needed. In a flash of lights, pinpoints behind her eyes, she screamed out Maura's name. Her mind went white, and her body went slack.

Jane wasn't sure how long she was gone, but she came to nestled against her lover. Her hands and feet were unbound, and Maura had stripped off the toy. "Are you okay, Jane?"

She cleared her throat. "Yeah... yeah, I'm good."

"You were away for a while."

"You had me worked up for a while."

"Yes, well, was it worth the wait?"

"I'm going to with yes on this one." She strained up to give the blonde a kiss. Her body was still refusing to move as she wanted it to. "When I can move again, I'd love to show you exactly how okay I am." She raised an eyebrow and threw out her most mischievous grin.

"Don't make me wait too long."

"Won't do that. Learned my lesson on that one." They both chuckled before Jane tried, in vain, to hold back a yawn. "I think I'm going to pass out."

"It's okay, Jane. I'll take a rain check. But, tomorrow..."

"It'll be cashed in, I promise."

Jane snuggled up closer to Maura as the other woman pulled the sheets over them both. Next time Maura wanted to be in charge, she wasn't going to say no. Well, she might if this happened again.

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