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Injury #1 - Concussion

"How many fingers am I holding up?"

"Oh My God! None! I don't see any fingers! S'my, what happened to them? Where'd they go?"

"You need to open your eyes first Dean."

"Oh. Okay. Umm... let's see. well, that's weird."


"How come I never noticed before?"

"Dean, how many fingers dude?"

"Um.. 8.. on one hand? COOL! Wait. no.. 6.. yeah, 6."

"Ohhhh kay. Look at me."



"Yeah...fingers..lots and lots of fingers."

"No Dean, look at me."


"Can you see me?"


"Dean, still me me bro?"

"Yeah, with you... and you... and you... how are you doing that?"

"It's not me man, it's you."

"Me? No, there are definitely a whole lotta you's going on."

"Listen to me."

"Hey, there's a song like that right? Whole Lotta Sammy's Going On?"


"You're famous dude! Someone wrote a song about you."

"Listen to me."



"Which one?"

"Which one what?"

"Which one of you should I listen to?"


"Dean, you hit your head."

"Really? Me? Well, that doesn't sound like something that would happen to me." (chuckle) "Are you sure?"

"Yup, pretty sure man."

"Maybe you hit your head?"



"You have a concussion."

"You are shittin' me!"


"Oh. Again?"







"Of course."

"Yeah, that sounds like me."