Hello again, just having a bit more fun at Dean's expense, I guess it's just what I do :) I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear what you think about this little ditty or any of the other chapters. Thanks for having a look! :)

"Another one bites the dust hey Sammy?"

"Yeah, another notch on your belt and another crack in your skull."

"I mean, it's awesome right? Another evil son of a bitch sent back to Hell."

"How's your head?"



"Don't you just love it Sam? The smell of burning bastard bones in the night air?"

"Okay man, time to go, you always get a bit loopy after being smacked around like a ragdoll."

"Yeah. Right. So, uh, which way dude?"

"Are you okay? Your eyes look a little glassy."

"I'm good. I'm good. Just a bit foggy, damn smoke got in my eyes."

"Right, sure Dean, whatever you say. You better just stay close and follow me okay?"

"Sounds good S'my. Lead the way bro."


"Dean? Okay man, better let me help, you are all over the place."

"M'fine Sam, just tripped over a damn root or something."

"Sorry, that is a pretty lame excuse even for you."

"What? I can't be responsible for what happens when the damn vegetation decides to attack me!"

"Okay, whatever, but you need to watch your step. Remember, this guy had a thing for traps."

"Oh, right. Forgot. Thanks Sam, I'll be careful. Um, give me a hand? Can't seem to get up."

"Just lean on me man, we're almost at the car."

"Oh yeah, can't wait to get behind the wheel of my baby and put this pile of shit in the rear view mirror."

"Um, sorry dude but there is no way that you are the one that's driving us out of here."

"Oh yeah, just watch me!"

"Wait! Dean! Stop!"

"Ha! Whoever gets to the car first gets to...ahhhhhhhhhhh!"




"You okay? Are you hurt? Talk to me!"

"Peachy fricken keen!"

"Just. God. Why don't you ever listen to me?"

"Don't feel so good Sammy. Can you get me out now please?"

"Yeah, yeah of course. Be right back."




"Still with me?"


"I'm tossing down the rope to ya now."

"S'my? What happened?"

"You got clocked in the head by Mr. Bones over there..."


"...and then fell into one of his traps, the ones I warned you about."

"But. Why me? We were together right?"

"We were, until you decided that you would sprint to the car and risk life and limb rather than let me drive!"

"Yeah, that sounds like me."

TBC...Thanks as always for having a look!