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Days turned to years and years to centuries. Wars started and ended only to begin again. And through it all, they began to lose hope. Their eyes faded in color and their emotions seem to fade away like the dying sun.

Every day that came and went had them questioning, why?

Why did they suffer alone?

Why did they live and never die?

Why could they not find that which would complete them?

Why? Why? Why?

The moon shined through the canopy of the trees. Casting shadows here and there. The silence was calming and painful all at the same time. It showed them, no mocked them for what they were and could never have.

"No more." a voice as smooth as chocolate whispered into the still air. A shadow shifted and seemed to fade away like all the others. "I cannot live no more like this." he went on moving forward and letting the moon light highlight his dark features. His deep brown eyes seeming to shine in the night. His dark clothing shining blue with shades of black. Like all the others he wore black jeans fitting his form perfectly and a simple t-shirt representing his life. On his feet he had black boots. A long black trench coat completed the outfit.

"And how do you propose we change this, Shika?" a beautiful silky voice asked moving on his right.

"Marriage." Shika stated and waited for what he knew would come. The silence seemed to erupt as every one of his companion's took a breath out of shock.

"Have you found your woman?" a deeper voice asked finally. It was rare for one of their own to find their other half. For Shika to have found one at all was shocking.

"No Kiba."

"Then a man?" the silky voice of before asked.

"No Sasuke." he answered with amusement..

"Then how can marriage be the answer?" a quiet voice asked.

"Shino, it is simple. I'll marry a woman." another silence passed.

"What!" they all called out as one.

"You would bind yourself to a woman who does not call to your heart? A woman you'll never be able to be free of?" another voice broke the night.

"Neji-" Shika started only to be cut off by another.

"What if she appears?" Kiba asked coming to stand directly in front of Shika. His darker blue and black clothing shimmering like water.

"I have yet to find her. I doubt I ever will."

"Shika-" Sasuke started only to be cut off.

"Enough! I lived, we lived, century after century after another and still we find nothing. I cannot take this anymore. A woman that was meant for me will never be found! I don't want to be alone anymore." he said sinking to his knees. "I already found a replacement. I'll start and finish the bindings on the day we marry." he finished running his hand through the grass. His posture so calm almost as if he wasn't making the biggest mistake of his life.

"We cannot change your mind, can we?" Sasuke asked stepping beneath the rays of the moon. The red in his clothing glowing brightly like the fire he treasured so much.


"Shika, when will you marry this girl?" Shino asked.

"Three days. She has already accepted three days ago."

"So you had this all planned then? Were you just going to forget to mentioned this to us?" Kiba asked angrily.

"I told you now."

"Why? Why did you wait to tell us your plan and how long have you been planning this?"

"I don't know. To both I don't know." Shika said hunching his shoulders.

"Who?" Neji asked breaking the strained silence.


"Gaara's sister?" Kiba asked surprised for the manyith time.


"Does he know? Does he approve?" Shino asked suspiciously.

"He is like you and me. He knows, like us, living forever without an ending is gruesome. He knows what we go through and the likely chance of us finding our hearts are slim to none. He does not wish to lose his sister."

"So he's willing to screw up his sister's life just to keep her breathing?" Kiba asked sitting beside him. Crossing his legs and holding his head up with one hand.

"It is the curse of our females to die if they live a century without a mate. We are already low on females of our kind as it is."

"And our males live until killed by another of their kind." Sasuke finished huffing in annoyance.

"Yes. Gaara doesn't want to lose his only sister. She is already half a century. He feels time is running out. I gave him a choice and we made a deal."

"What is this deal?" Neji asked coming to stand in front of him. His tan clothing contrasting greatly with his long dark hair.

"If one day her mate shall appear, I'll take my life so that he could lay claim to her."

"What!" Sasuke growled. "You'll die for her?"

"If it keeps her alive, yes."

"And what do you get out of this?" he yelled pushing Neji aside so that he could reach down and jerk Shikamaru up by his collar. His glare burning just as much as the hands on his clothes.

"Sasuke you're burning me." Shika calmly stated trying not to start an all out fight with his friend. He knew none would win. The only thing that would happen would be tiring each other out. Making them easy prey for someone else. Though it was possible to be killed by another of their kind, Shika, Sasuke, Neji, Shino, and Kiba had been friends and companions for many long years. They knew each others weaknesses and strengths.

Sasuke's eyes bled red then orange and yellow before they faded into his black gaze. Taking a shallow breath he slowly released his grip. "What do you get?" he asked quietly.

Shika sighed as he ran his hands over his collar fixing the burns and returning his clothes to their original state. "I live a life knowing what if feels like not to be alone."

"Shikamaru." Shino called playing with grain, running it through his fingers over and over again, "Are you sure this is what you want? When this is done, there is no undoing it. And if she dies you risk your life as well."

"I know all of this guys. I know what I am risking. If I cannot have my heart, then I at least want a piece, a sliver, of what it could feel like."

"It is your choice in the end," Neji stated walking away, "If this is what you want, then so be it."

"Thank you." Shika said giving a small smile before standing himself.

"Don't thank me. I am against this."

"Of course."

"I just hope you don't marry this female and find your heart days later." Sasuke added still angry and not willing to agree with this stupid plan. He lived just as long as the others. He felt loneliness and heartbreak over and over again, as every day that passed without his heart. He was willing to wait the rest of his life for his female. And Shika was taking the cowards way.

Shika watched as Sasuke stalked passed him and beyond Neji before stopping.

"What will you do if this happens?" Kiba asked standing and dusting his clothes off. "Say you find her, and then what?'

Shika sighed and gazed at the night sky. How he wished there was something up there besides the moon and the stars. What good where they if they never changed.

Only repeating a cycle. Just like his life. One giant circle. A circle he was going to change from this day forth. "I don't know. Let us hope I never find her then. I cannot start a war with Gaara for killing his only sister and I cant stand by while another claims what is rightfully mine."

"This is the risk you speak of Shika," Sasuke said quietly. The wind bringing his voice to their ears alone, "You risk finding your female and losing her to another. To be claimed by another. To bare a child of another. Forever out of your reach."

"Do you wish to anger me Sasuke?" Shika growled losing his calm fa├žade. All around him the wind picked up in speed.

"No, I want you to see this foolish decision." Sasuke said turning his head to gaze into the now light blue eyes of Shika.

Shika clenched his fist as his jaw tightened before he broke Sasuke's gaze.

"So you will still go through with this?" Shino asked feeling Shika's jealousy fade to a small shimmer.

"Yes." he stated before turning away from the group and walking off to glare at a small stream near by.

"We will meet her tomorrow then." Neji stated looking from Sasuke's furious gaze to Shika's defeated stance. He truly looked like a broken man.

"If you wish." Shika said softly.

"Good, bring her to our home at seven or we go to theres, either will work." Neji said. "Come let us guard our own little paradise." he added before crumbling to dust and fading within the ground.

"Of course." Sasuke said bowing as the others watched him not even bothering to hide his anger. With a flick of his wrist, fire ate at his body until there was nothing there but a singe upon the ground.

"He is just scared for you Shika." Kiba said coming to pat his back, "He is worried of the consequences."

"I know Kiba." he said watching Kiba walk into the stream. Water seemed to rain down his body as he faded and became one with his gift.

When he spoke next it was through the water as his voice floated back to them, "I am happy for you in a way, tempting fate and all, and still I hurt for you because of the reason to why you do this." and then he was gone leaving only two.

"And you Shino, any parting words?"


"No?" Shika asked confused as he watched his friend walk toward him.

"What can I say that would help this situation?" Shino asked fixing his dark glasses upon his face. The color on his clothing similar to Shika's.


"Then I say nothing. Come let us go. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

Shika nodded as a small breeze seemed to form around them moving toward the sky each going opposite directions, leaving no one behind.