What a kiss means

Pairing: Logan and Kendall

Summary: Kendall and Logan work out what each kiss in their relationship means

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Author's note: I got this idea after I saw 'What a kiss means' on somebody's profile. I thought it would be great for Kogan. Hope you enjoy. :)

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Kiss on the cheek- We're friends - When Logan wins first place in a science fair, he thanks Kendall for his help

Logan was excited, not because the weekend was coming up, or the fact that he was going to play hockey with his three best friends on Saturday. No Logan Mitchell was excited for the science fair on Friday, eager to show off his project which he had spent the last four weeks working on it. The smart boy often stayed up late into the night, checking and rechecking his plans for the project, sometimes dozing off halfway through.

The other students didn't know what to make of Logan. Too some he was a nerd, always raising his hand in class, participating in every discussion, homework handed in every time and always a straight A student. Too others he was just a normal guy who likes to hang out with his best friends, Kendall Knight, Carlos Garcia and James Diamond and play hockey with said friends. People didn't just think of him as a nerd because of his extraordinary smarts, they also assumed their perception of him from the way he dressed. Ironed sweater vests and button-up collar shirts in a series of dark blues and blacks, with the sleeves folded neatly to his elbows was Logan's daily uniform as well as he perfectly spiked hair which never seemed out of place.

When it comes to the opposite sex, he blushes and stammers every time someone brings it up and swiftly changes the subject. People put this down to the boy being shy and not having much experience with girls but in reality it is because he isn't interested in them at all. That's right Logan Mitchell is gay, and crushing on one of his closest friends, Kendall Knight.

With his shaggy blonde hair, slightly over sized nose, full lips, and dimpled cheeks and slim but muscular physique, Kendall was the epitome of perfect in Logan's eyes. The pair had been best friends since kindergarten and at first Logan put his feelings for Kendall down to admiration, wishing he had the tall boys' confidence and charisma but over the years he realised he had fallen in love with the boy.

It was late Thursday afternoon and Logan was walking home after staying behind for mathletes. He had taken his project to school with him, hidden under a cloth so that he could work some more on it during his free periods. The smart boy had managed to finally finish the project to his own standard of perfection with nobody seeing it. Now he was walking home, project held out in front of him as his eyes watched the ground while he walked.

Concentrating too hard on the concrete and not on what was in front of him, Logan soon found himself walking into a solid object. Raising his eyes from the ground he suppressed a shudder when he realised that he had walked right into the back of Mark Tanner the school bully. The burly boy turned around his eyes set into a thin line, trouble sparkling through them when spotted Logan.

"Well look who it is" Mark sneered, his cronies turning around to glare at Logan.

"S...S...Sorry Mark, I wasn't watching where I was going." Logan stuttered moving his project away from the bully.

"You will be," one of the burly boys' cronies spat, his eyes darting to Logan's project.

Before the smart boy knew what was happening, the cloth covering his project was being whipped away revealing Logan's work to the three boys'. A series of sniggers and chuckles came from their mouths as they observed the small boys' work. The brunette held his model of the planets closer to his body, turning it slightly so it didn't stick out near the bullies. The three boys' scanned over the tray in Logan's hands, noticing the battery, the light bulb, the wire prongs and the small plastic models of the planets that Logan had hand painted.

"What have we got here then?" Mark said stepping closer to Logan. The smart boy held his model closer.

"Let. Me. Look." The burly boy said coming closer with every word. Logan stepped back but immediately bumped into one of Mark's cronies.

Logan swallowed hard as the tray was taken from his hands. The boys sniggered and the smart boy stood forward attempting to grab his model. Mark smirked at the small boy before letting go of the tray. A gasp left Logan's mouth as he watched it fall to the ground the planets and light bulb smashing as soon as they made contact with the concrete. Tears shone in the brunette's eyes as he surveyed his hard work smashed on the ground.

"Oops, look what you made me do," Mark sneered observing the mess in front of him.

"Ahh, look nerd's gonna cry," One of Marks' cronies taunted leaning down into Logan's face. The smart boy balled his fists up, fighting the urge to lash out.

The group kept laughing and pointing at his ruined model until something snapped inside the small boy. Not thinking about his actions, Logan swung one of his fists out, hitting Mark square in the jaw. The larger boy recoiled slightly but managed to stay on his feet, he was surprised the nerd had it in him. Logan swallowed as he felt two pairs of hands grab him. Mark rubbed his jaw as he stepped forward.

"Didn't know you had it in you nerd," He said before pulling his fist back and punching Logan in the face. The smaller boy fell to the floor, one hand coming up to hold his injured cheek. The others laughed as they saw a tear stream down the smart boys' face. Standing shakily on his feet, Logan glared at Mark before lashing out again, his fist connecting with the taller boys' eye. The bully hissed, that was it, Logan was a goner now.

Hands grabbed roughly at the small boy as Mark stepped forward, his fist connecting with Logan's face before he had chance to realise what was going on. Logan's head lolled back at the force, coming forward again just in time to see Marks' fist head towards his stomach. All the air left Logan's lungs as the bully punched him repeatedly in the ribs. Just as the boys' holding his arms let go, dropping him to the floor, so Mark could use his foot instead a voice rang out down the street.

"Get away from him," The voice shouted and Logan immediately recognised it as Kendall's. Logan couldn't help but whimper as he turned slightly to watch the blonde run towards him.

"You gonna make me Knight." Mark said stepping closer to Kendall. The blonde smirked as he raised his hockey stick.

"Yeah, I am." And with that he brought the stick down into Mark's stomach, the larger boy crumpling in half.

Raising his stick again, Kendall raised an eyebrow at the other boys', who took hold of their leaders arms and headed off in the opposite direction. Kendall looked down to see Logan holding the broken pieces of his project. The blonde knew that Logan had spent every day for three weeks working on it, only taking a break when it came to hockey practice. Kneeling down in front of the boy, the tall boy took the pieces out of Logan's hands and placed them back on the tray before looking over his friends' bruised face. Looking into Logan's eyes, Kendall noticed the tears swimming in his eyes.

"It's okay, we can make it again." The blonde said patting Logan on the shoulder.

"It can't be done again, I spent three weeks doing it and the fair is tomorrow." Logan replied tears streaming down his pale cheeks.

Kendall sighed, he knew Logan was right but wasn't ready to admit defeat yet. He smiled as an idea popped into his head. Reaching past the small boy to grab the tray, Kendall stood up.

"You still got everything you need to make it?" He asked looking down at his friend. Logan nodded, the tears coming to a stop.

Offering his hand to Logan, Kendall helped his friend up, wincing slightly as Logan let out a gasp as pain flitted through him. Handing his hockey stick to the small boy, Kendall held onto the tray with one hand while the other gripped Logan's arm gently guiding the smart boy back to his house. The walk was silent, the blonde watching Logan carefully, checking to see if his friend was okay.

Arriving at the Mitchell's house, Logan let out a sigh of relief; his parent's weren't home, so he didn't have to explain what happened just yet. Removing his arm from Kendall's grasp to retrieve his key from his pocket and open the front door. Stepping into the foyer, the brunette dropped his bag and Kendall's hockey stick to the ground before heading towards the stairs leading to his room.

Kendall followed Logan's example and placed his bag next to the smart boys' following his friend up the stairs. Entering Logan's room, Kendall watched as the small boy removed his jacket wincing slightly. Logan moved towards the bathroom joined to his room to inspect the damage. One eye was swollen shut, a dark purple bruise outlining his brown orb, the other red and bloodshot from crying. His cheeks were red and tear stained, a red hand print visible against his pale skin, his lip was spilt, dried blood clinging to the plump skin, a line of dried blood running down his chin.

Shakily removing his shirt, biting his tongue through the pain, Logan let out a shaky gasp when he saw the multitude of bruises that were littering his sides. Another gasp was heard and Logan turned to see Kendall stood at the door. The blondes' eyes were wide; his face shocked, he knew that Mark had hit Logan but he didn't know it was so many times.

"I can't believe he did that to you," Kendall said walking into the bathroom as Logan began to gently press against his sides.

"Lucky for me, he didn't break anything," Logan smiled slightly as he turned back towards the bedroom.

Rummaging through his drawers, Logan found another shirt and quickly pulled it over his head, hissing when he bruises protested the movement. The blonde was by Logan's side in an instance, a gentle hand resting on the pale boys' shoulder. Turning towards the smart boy's desk, Kendall's eyes surveyed the damage done to the model. Logan was right it couldn't be fixed in one night, but he was Kendall Knight and he would be damned if he gave up so quickly.

"Where are the bits you used to make this?" Kendall asked walking over to Logan's desk.

"Some of it's in the bottom drawer and the rest is in the garage." Logan replied sitting gingerly on his bed.

Kendall jumped up from Logan's desk chair and clapped his hands, "Let's get to work."

Walking out of Logan's room, Kendall headed towards the Mitchell's garage to collect his supplies. Spotting a box full of paint cans in a cardboard box with the words Logan's science project printed in Logan's messy scrawl. Picking up the box, the blonde peered inside, spotting the wires he needed. Heading back to the small boys' bedroom, Kendall smiled. They were going to do this.

"Got what I need." Kendall sing songed as he entered Logan's bedroom. The smaller boy was still sat on the end of his bed.

Placing a hand on Logan's shoulder, Kendall looked down into the one open eye of his friend.

"Come on Logie, you... we can do this," Kendall said giving the pale boy his best smile. Sighing to himself, Logan stood up and walked towards his desk knowing Kendall wouldn't give up otherwise.

Opening the bottom draw of his desk, Logan pulled out the rest of the materials he used to make the model, glad that he had brought two of everything. Passing the tray with the broken model to Kendall, the smart boy pulled out the designs he had drawn for the model and laid them across the top of his desk, eyes scanning the paper.

"Can you empty the tray for me?" Logan asked the blonde who headed off to the kitchen.

Once Kendall returned with the empty tray and had placed it on the edge of the desk, Logan got to work. Luckily for him there had been no damage to the battery when Mark dropped it so he didn't have to worry about finding a new one. Placing it on the tray, Logan reached down into his bottom draw to retrieve his spare bulb but quickly recoiled when pain ran along his side.

"You okay?" Kendall asked worriedly, hurrying to his friend's side.

"Yeah, just moved too quickly," Logan replied brushing Kendall's hand off his shoulder.

The blonde stayed crouched by his friends' side watching as the smart boy worked quietly on his model. Logan was right; it was going to take a long time. Kendall soon found himself hungry as the small boy connected all the wires from the bulb to the battery. The pale boy smiled when he heard Kendall's stomach rumble.

"Go find something to eat," Logan said not removing his eyes from his project.

Kendall smiled and gently patted Logan on the shoulder before heading off to the kitchen. Helping himself to what was in the fridge, Kendall made himself a sandwich, turning back just as he was about to leave and making Logan one as well. The blonde grabbed a few cans of energy drink, knowing that Logan was going to need it.

Walking back into the brunette's bedroom, Kendall noticed that Logan had managed to get all the wires joined up. Placing his sandwich on the pale boys' bed, Kendall tapped Logan on the shoulder, effectively making him jump.

"Don't do that," Logan scolded turning to face the smiling blonde.

"Sorry, I thought you might want something to eat," Kendall replied holding out the plate. Logan smiled as he took the plate.

The pair ate in silence until Logan noticed the energy drinks.

"What are they for?" He asked Kendall, nodding his head towards the cans.

"They're for you, don't want to crashing halfway through," Kendall said, finishing his sandwich.

Once Logan had finished eating he passed his plate to Kendall and swung back round to his desk where he worked on his project. Two hours had passed and Logan was still working on his model, Kendall taking this time to do the massive amount of homework their teachers had given them. The pair hadn't spoken to each other and Kendall didn't mind that until he heard soft snores coming from the small boy at the desk.

"Logan," Kendall whispered walking over to his smart friend. There was no response.

Swivelling the chair around, the tall boy was greeted by the sight of Logan asleep, his head lolling forward onto his chest, lips parted slightly. Smiling to himself, Kendall lifted the small boy out of his chair and carried him towards his bed. Removing Logan's shoes and socks, the tall boy pulled the covers over Logan and turned back towards the desk.

Plonking himself down into the chair, Kendall's eyes scanned over the plans on the top of the desk. To him they seemed pretty straight forward but once he started working he was proved wrong. Painting each plastic ball to match Logan's plans was hard work and Kendall found himself starting over several times on each planet.

Securing each planet to the wires was another hard job and Kendall felt it had taken forever before he had managed to secure each one. Scanning over Logan's plans once more, the blonde let out a sigh when he realised he had finished. Rolling Logan's plans back up, Kendall placed the tray in the middle of the desk, gently laying the cover over it to hide it from the smart boy.

Looking over at the clock, Kendall was shocked when he saw the red digits screaming 2:00 am at him. Finding a place on Logan's floor, Kendall used his backpack as a pillow as he fell into the most uncomfortable slumber he had ever had.

Logan woke up bright and early at 6:30 even though he hadn't set his alarm. The first thing he noticed was the tall blonde boy sleeping on his floor. Creeping out of bed, Logan spotted a covered object on his desk. Tip toeing over, the small boy removed the cover and had to cover his mouth to quieten the gasp he nearly let out. In front of him was his project, each planet individually painted and positioned in the right place.

The small boy couldn't help the smile that came to his face when he heard a groan leave Kendall's mouth. Moving his desk chair out of the way, Logan watched as Kendall stretched, groaning as his remembered where he was.

"Morning," Logan sing songed, hugging Kendall gently as the blonde stood.

"Morning to you too Logie, what was that for." Kendall replied referring to the embrace the pale boy quickly broke.

"You made my model when I fell asleep."

"It's the least I could do,"

The smile never leaving his face, Logan headed towards his bathroom. That smile dropped quickly when he looked into the mirror and saw his face. His face looked worse than yesterday but he couldn't care less. It was the day of the science fair, his project was complete and his crush had helped him do it. Taking a quick shower and brushing his teeth, Logan left the bathroom free for Kendall, dressing quickly while Kendall showered.

The blonde came out of the bathroom, grumbling to himself about having to wear the same clothes he wore yesterday. Logan smiled to himself as Kendall walked down the stairs, the smart boys' project balanced in his hands. The walk to school was slow and careful, the pair only arriving a few minutes before the bell signalling school started rang.

It was finally last period and Logan was shaking with nerves. His project sat on a table, the light bulb glowing and the planets orbiting the fake sun. Kendall was stood beside him, just as nervous as the smart boy, watching their teacher walk up and down in front of the various projects. When it came to Logan's the teacher bent down slightly and examined the model in more detail, making a note before standing back up and moving on.

Finally it came to the time when the winner was announced. Logan began to shake even more as he waited for the teacher to speak.

"In third place is, Debbie Barton." A small blonde girl walked up to the teacher to collect her rosette, blushing profusely as she walked back to her friends.

"In second place is, Keri Vincent." A tall brunette walked towards the front of the room, her held high.

"And finally in first place is, Logan Mitchell." Logan couldn't help but let his mouth fall open when he recognised his name.

The smart boy was in shock, he had actually won. He felt a hand in the small of his back and looked to his side, Kendall signalling for him to go and collect his rosette. Walking on shaky legs towards his teacher, Logan could feel his hand shaking as he took the ribbon and shook hands with his teacher. Now everyone had watched the winners' collect their rosettes' they began to chat aimlessly among themselves.

Logan walked quickly over to Kendall, who was beaming from ear to ear.

"I won," He said staring down at the ribbon in his hands.

"You did," Kendall said, the smile never leaving his face.

"Thank you, you helped me do the impossible," Logan said, his eyes sparkling.

Before the blonde knew what was happening the smart boy had wrapped his arms around Kendall's waist. Returning the hug, Kendall was shocked again when the pale boy stood up on his tip toes and pressed a kiss to the blonde boys' tanned cheek. Realising what he had done, Logan quickly stepped back, breaking the embrace, a blush spreading across his cheeks. The floor suddenly became very interesting for the smart boy but if he had looked up he would have noticed the large smile of Kendall's face and his hand touching the place where Logan had kissed.

Author's note: Wow this is longer than I thought. I promise you it will get better as it goes on. Hope you enjoy :D