Pairing: Kendall and Logan

Summary: Kendall and Logan work out what each kiss in their relationship means.

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Kiss on the shoulder- I want you- Kendall lets Logan know what he wants.

The boys of Big Time Rush were sent home early from rehearsals because Gustavo lost his voice, due to his constant and unnecessary shouting. It didn't bother the four boys and they wasted no time in planning a movie night; having just got some new films.

By the time the four boys had arrived home, Mama Knight and Katie had gone out; a note on the table along with twenty dollars for pizza. Racing to their bedrooms; the boys quickly changed into their pyjamas, before returning to the living room to each pick a film from their extensive DVD collection. It was obvious which film belonged to whom. Carlos' was Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief, James' was Superbad, Logan's was Sherlock Holmes and Kendall's was Paranormal Activity.

Logan's eyes had bugged out of his head when he saw Kendall put down his DVD. The blonde knew the smart boy had a problem with horror films; turning into a cowering wreck within the first thirty minutes and that's exactly why he had chosen it. Kendall loved the idea of Logan cuddling into him; imagining himself wrapping an arm around the pale boys' back, stroking the skin just above the waistband of his pyjama bottoms, loving the way the smart boy cuddled into him even more. Maybe it would turn into something more, well that's what Kendall hoped.

Kendall had agreed to wait as long as possible for Logan to be ready but it didn't mean he couldn't hope. See Kendall was hornier than he had ever been in his life, each night a new vivid fantasy clouding over the blondes' mind until he woke; usually in cum stained boxers. It had been this way for nearly a week now, the blonde gingerly untangling his limbs from Logan's as he climbed out of bed; cringing as the soiled fabric of his boxers brushed against his skin. Slipping the underwear down his legs, Kendall would pull a clean pair on; unsure of what to tell his mother about the growing pile of laundry, before slipping back into bed next to his still sleeping boyfriend.

His problem also started to appear during the day, the tall boy ducking into secluded corners to jack off, pretending it was Logan's small hand wrapped around his cock. Imagining what he would do with the brunette brought Kendall to his release quicker, his fist working slowly over his erupting cock careful not to cover his clothes in the thick liquid. A blush would always appear across his cheeks when he returned to the others'; Carlos and James shooting him knowing looks.

Kendall had already decided things were going to change tonight, and when James' had suggested a movie night, the blonde could have kissed his friend. It was the perfect way to get Logan close to him, especially if he slipped a horror movie into the pile.

Having finally decided on what pizzas to get, Kendall walked into the kitchen to order them; smiling as he spotted Logan filling bowls with popcorn. The smile dropped when he noticed Logan's hunched shoulders. Placing his phone on the counter, the blonde snuck up behind him, snaking his arms around the small boys' waist. The brunette let out a girly scream; spilling the popcorn everywhere as his body jolted forward.

"Hey," Kendall said, trying to hold back his laughter

"Don't do that," Logan replied turning slightly in the blondes' arms to glare at his boyfriend. The tall boy chuckled as he pressed a chaste kiss to Logan's lips.

"Sorry but you seemed tense. It wouldn't have something to do with a certain movie in the pile would it?" Kendall teased resting his head on the smart boys' shoulder; knowing he was right.

"It's...," Logan started, tilting his head up to look at Kendall, "You know I don't like horror films."

The blonde chuckled as he pulled away; leaving a confused Logan stood at the counter. The brunette looked back and saw him dialling the number for pizza, back turned to the smart boy. Logan was just about to creep up behind the blonde when Carlos and James bounded into the kitchen, each grabbing a bowl of popcorn before heading back to the living room. Sighing to himself, the pale boy pulled two more bowls from the cupboard for him and Kendall; filling them to the brim with popcorn.

Holding on tightly to the bowls, Logan made his way to the living room. Carlos and James had already taken their places on the couch, the pretty boy resting his feet on the coffee table while Carlos lay on his stomach along the orange material. Walking towards the couch, Logan was just about to take a seat next to James when Kendall's voice rang out.

"Move over Carlitos, me and Logie need somewhere to sit." Logan blushed at his nickname but the tan boy frowned at his, standing up and throwing himself next to James.

Laying his legs along the space that Carlos had previously occupied, the blonde patted the space next to him invitingly, smiling when Logan made his way over.

"So what we watching first?" James asked, leaning forward to sift through their movies.

"Percy Jackson," Carlos shouted, his hand reaching for the DVD.

The other three didn't bother arguing with the small boy, knowing he would either use his puppy dog face to win them over or pout if they decided to watch something else. The Latino was all smiles as he bounced over to the DVD player, popping the disc in.

As the previews began to roll, Kendall brought his arm to rest along the back of the sofa, his hand slowly brushing Logan's shoulder. The smart boy turned to him with a raised eyebrow. The blonde smirked as he brought his arm down to wrap around his boyfriend's shoulder, pulling the small boy closer to him.

"Smooth," Logan said, his eyes not leaving the screen.

"Don't you know it." Kendall replied, placing a kiss to the brunette's cheek. Logan smiled softly his attention never leaving the screen.

The movie had only really just begun when there was a knock on the door.

"Pizza's here," James announced earning him a 'shush' from Carlos.

Being closest to the door, James made his way over, grabbing the money from the counter. Opening the door, the pretty boy quickly exchanged the money for two large pizza boxes, the aroma wafting through the apartment. Collecting the change, James used his foot to close the door, walking quickly to the coffee table to deposit the hot boxes.

Not taking his eyes off the screen Carlos leant forward and opened the first box, grabbing a slice of pepperoni before settling back against the cushions. Logan and Kendall were more patient, allowing James to open the second box before grabbing slices. You would have thought that the boys' hadn't been fed by the way they wolfed down the pizza even though Mama Knight had cooked them all a large breakfast that morning.

Logan was the first to stop guzzling the food, his stomach feeling full and bloated. Peering at the boy next to him, the brunette wasn't surprised to see Kendall on his fifth slice of pizza. The blonde could almost eat as much as Carlos, probably more if Mama Knight didn't stop him.

A smudge of tomato sauce could be seen on the tall boys' bottom lip and before he knew what he was doing, the smart boy leant forward and kissed the spot, his tongue flicking out to lick away the smudge. When he pulled away, he was greeted by Kendall's famous smirk; blushing when he realised that Carlos and James were sat next to him. It was soon clear that James had seen what Logan had done; the pretty boy making kissing noises at the pair, earning him a glare from Carlos.

The rest of the movie flew past, Carlos shushing the other three every now and again; the Latino really got into films and hated being interrupted. When the end credits started to roll, the tan boy jumped up, collecting the disc from the TV before flopping back on the couch; grabbing another slice of pizza as he went. Looking over at the pizza boxes, Logan wasn't surprised to find them near empty.

James was next to put his film in, the other three moaning as the menu for Superbad appeared on the screen. It wasn't that they didn't like the film but every time they had a movie night, the pretty boy would rent it out and they would have to watch it. It had now come to the point that Kendall, Logan and Carlos knew most if not all of the words.

It was the pretty boys turn to shush the others as he laughed at the same jokes; having become unfunny to the other three by the fourth time they had watched it. Carlos was still shovelling food into his mouth, with no signs of stopping; the popcorn bowl now resting against his chest. Logan smiled at the sight of his friend, knowing the small boy would regret eating so much later.

It didn't take long for Kendall to get bored of the movie; turning his attention to the small boy beside him. Logan's eyes were glued to the screen in front of him, cheeks soft and rosy, and lips forming his adorable half smile when there was a mildly funny moment. Moving his hand that was resting against the smart boys' shoulder, the blonde began to run his fingers through the raven locks, smiling as Logan leant into the touch.

Continuing to run his fingers through the smart boys' short locks, Kendall leant forward and pressed a kiss to the pale boys' temple. When Logan didn't react, the tall boy kissed down past the small boys' eye to his cheek, the warmth from Logan's silky smooth skin spreading through his own body. It was then that Logan turned towards him with questioning eyes.

"What are you doing?" Logan asked, his eyebrow rising slightly.


The look on Logan's face showed that he didn't believe the blonde who was now stroking his cheek. Kendall couldn't help but smile as he watched the smart boys' cheek turn an even deeper shade of red. Using his free hand to stroke the pale boys' cheek, the tall boy leant down and captured Logan's lips in a kiss. It was only supposed to be a small peck on the lips but as soon as he felt the small boys' smooth lips against his own, Kendall couldn't pull away.

His free hand continued to cup the pale boys' cheek as he licked along Logan's plump bottom lip. The genius easily parted his lips, allowing the blonde to slip his tongue forward; mapping out each one of the small boys' sensitive spots. A small moan left Logan's mouth, Kendall swallowing it as he continued to move his lips against Logan's.

Their tongues battled for dominance, the blonde winning until the smart boy brought his tongue forward flicking the tip against Kendall's. The pair continued like this for a while, Kendall craning Logan's head back to deepen the kiss further.

A small cough broke the pair out of their own little world, pulling apart. The pair turned to look at their friends, Kendall smirking while Logan smiled sheepishly; his cheeks burning with embarrassment.

"When you've quite finished," James said, flicking his bangs away from his eyes before turning back to the movie.

Carlos chuckled as he turned back towards the screen, leaning forward to grab yet another bowl of popcorn. Kendall raised an eyebrow at his tan friend, did that boy ever stop eating.

The others soon got their answer when the small boy lurched from his seat towards the bathroom, both hands covering his mouth. Retching could be heard from the bathroom, drowning out the sound of the TV. James sighed and shook his head, it was about time the Latino learnt not to eat too much, especially before bed. The toilet flushed and the sound of a tap running could be heard before Carlos emerged from the bathroom, his face clammy and paler than usual.

James shifted along the couch until he was sat next to Logan, Carlos gently perching on the end, ready to run if necessary. Everyone turned their attention back to the movie only to find the end credits rolling down the screen. The pretty boy slowly raised himself off the couch, leaning down to grab Logan's choice before heading over to the TV.

He dropped the DVD's onto the coffee table before heading towards the bathroom, his face wrinkling as he thought about what Carlos had done in the room earlier. After relieving himself, James quickly made his way back towards the living room, not wanting to miss a moment of the film; mainly because it featured Rachel McAdams, one of his favourite actresses and crushes.

Stepping over the Latino, James grabbed one of the remaining slices of now cold pizza before settling back against the orange cushions. Carlos grimaced as he watched his friend eat the pizza, his stomach churning as a sliver of cheese connected from the pizza to the pretty boys' lips.

Holding a hand to his mouth, Carlos rushed back towards the bathroom, only just making it to the toilet.

Logan looked over at the bathroom, worried for his best friend. However his worry disappeared when Carlos appeared in the bathroom door, smiling softly when he spotted Logan watching him.

Now knowing that the tan boy was relatively okay, Logan turned his attention back to the film, smiling his usual lopsided smile at the funny parts. It was the first time he had watched this film and was pleased to find that it wasn't as bad as the various reviews he had read said it was.

Kendall looked down at his boyfriend. The smart boys' eyes were glued to the screen, cheeks still tinted pink from the kiss they shared earlier, lips red and kiss swollen. The blonde smiled every time he saw Logan smile, the antics on the screen proving to be quite amusing to the tall boy as well.

The four boys didn't speak, eyes fixed on the movie playing in front of them. Occasional coughs and a very girly sounding sneeze from James were the only things to break the silence.

Carlos was the first to feel the effects of the day, a deep sleepy feeling running through his bones. It was obvious that his trips to the bathroom were part of the reason he suddenly felt so tired. The Latino's eyes began to droop before sleep fully encompassed him; mouth hanging open slightly. The tan boy's head drooped to the side until it rested against James' shoulder. The pretty boy felt the sudden weight on his shoulder but was too caught up in the film to investigate.

Soft snores began to emit from the sleeping boy, alerting James to the head resting against his shoulder. Looking down, the pretty boy smiled when he saw Carlos asleep, mouth ajar; a small sliver of saliva slipping out of the tan boys' mouth.

Using his free arm to nudge Logan, the tall boy indicated their sleeping friend. The smart boy smiled softly at the sight of Carlos sleeping, head resting against James' shoulder. Leaning over the tall boy, Logan gently shook Carlos awake, smiling when the Latino blearily opened his eyes.

"I think it's time you went to bed," Logan stated, he knew that if Carlos didn't get enough sleep, the tan boy would be a cranky mess the next day.

"No, no I'm fine," Carlos mumbled rubbing his eyes.

"I think you should go to bed," James piped up, his eyes moving from the screen to the small boy resting against him.

The caramel coloured boy didn't answer, instead heaving his weary body off the sofa; slowly making his way to the room he shared with James.

"I think you should go as well," Logan said, his eyes meeting James'.

The pretty boys' eyes were heavy with sleep and he struggled to suppress the yawn that threatened to escape. Just as he was about to argue, he let out a long yawn, ignoring Logan's 'I told you so' smile.

"Alright," James said, his legs pushing his tall body off the brightly coloured furniture, "I get it, I'm ruining your moment."

Logan couldn't stop the blush that spread across his cheeks. He wasn't telling the pretty boy to go to bed so that him and Kendall could have a 'moment' as James so eloquently put it. He was generally just looking out for his friends, knowing that if neither of them got enough sleep then they could be the scariest people they knew.

Kendall smiled at James' comment, wrapping an arm around Logan's shoulder, pulling the smart boy back against him. Waving to the pretty boy, the couple watched as James made his way to bed. This left the pair alone now and Kendall couldn't help but silently thank his friends for heading to bed. Logan's film was coming to an end and it only meant one thing. Time for Kendall's.

The end credits appeared on the screen and the blonde couldn't stop the smirk that appeared on his lips when the smart boy gingerly rose from his seat to remove the DVD. Noticing that Logan's hands were shaking slightly as he placed the case back on table, Kendall felt himself compelled to ask.

"Do you want to go to bed?"

Even though he really wanted to say yes and curl up under the covers with his tall boyfriend, Logan thought it would be unfair if they watched everyone else's films and not Kendall's. Shaking his head, the pale boy went to tentatively grab the case containing Kendall's film when a hand wrapped around his wrist.

"Go sit down, I'll do this," Kendall said smiling down at his boyfriend.

Logan let out the breath he had been holding, quickly making his way back to the inviting cushions of the couch.

The blonde smiled softly at his boyfriend as he made his way back to him. He knew that Logan wasn't going to like this film but the blonde would be there to comfort him if necessary.

"Are you sure you want to watch this?" Kendall asked again, his arm wrapping around Logan's shoulder.

"Yes, it wouldn't be fair if we watched everyone else's films and not yours," Logan replied, resting his head against the tall boys' shoulders.

"Are you sure you're not using this as an excuse to cuddle with me."

The smart boy bit back the chuckle that threatened to spill past his lips. That may have been the reason the blonde had chosen the film in the first place but it was definitely not why Logan had agreed to watch it.

Kendall pressed play when the main menu appeared, the arm wrapped around Logan, tightening slightly; pulling the genius closer to him. The pale boy didn't complain, resting his head against Kendall's broad chest.

The film wasn't as bad as the smart boy had imagined it to be and he slowly started to relax, his grip on Kendall's shirt loosening slightly. That was until the bedroom door slammed not only scaring the couple in the film but effectively making Logan squeal like a girl. He buried his head in Kendall's chest, hands gripping the blondes' shirt tightly.

"You alright Logie?" Kendall asked, his hand running through the genius's raven locks.

The small boy nodded, his face nuzzling against the tall boys' chest. Kendall smiled, his plan had worked perfectly, and Logan was close to being exactly where he wanted him to be.

Each time Logan jumped; which was quite a lot, Kendall would slide his hand further down the smart boys' back, gently easing it under the pale boys' shirt until it rested gently against the small of his back. He eased his thumb along the smooth expanse of skin, and when he didn't get any complaints from Logan, the blonde began to slip his thumb under the waistband of the small boys' pyjamas, teasingly rubbing the skin there before pulling back out.

It seemed to be calming the short boy down and his breathing seemed to grow heavier suggesting to the blonde that his boyfriend had fallen asleep. That was until, the young women was dragged out of her bed and down the hallway all while she screamed her head off.

The brunette let out a shriek and buried his head further into Kendall's chest; eyes scrunching closed wishing the screaming would stop. Kendall chuckled at his boyfriend and reached for the remote; pausing the film before turning towards his boyfriend.

"You want me to turn it off?" The blonde asked, using a finger to tilt Logan's face towards him.

The brunette paused for a few moments, before shaking his head. He didn't want the tall boy to think he was a coward.

"I won't think you're a wimp if we turn it off," Kendall said as if he had read Logan's thoughts.

Logan looked up in shock, eyes' widening slightly. Kendall's gaze was fixed entirely on his face, eyes conveying nothing but love for the small boy next to him. Leaning up, the pale boy pressed a chaste kiss to Kendall's lips before resting his head against the blondes' shoulder.

"Why don't you come sit here," Kendall said, spreading his legs and patting the space in-between them invitingly. Logan blushed but none the less moved carefully until he was situated between his boyfriend's legs.

The pale boy couldn't help but feel a sense of security flood through his body when his pressed his back against Kendall's chest. But then again he always got that feeling when Kendall touched him. Tilting his head to the side, the short boy pressed a kiss to the blonde's neck, smiling against the skin when the tall boys' laugh vibrated against his lips.

A hand came up to tilt Logan's head up and as soon as he could, the blonde sealed their lips together, one hand cupping Logan's cheek while the other hand down the length of his body. The tall boy licked at Logan's bottom lip, practically begging for access, smiling into the kiss when the pale boy gave in and allowed him access.

Their tongues fought for dominance, Logan giving up when he felt the tall boys' hand run along his side, pressing gently against the small boys ribs. Logan broke the kiss when he felt Kendall's fingertips graze over his nipple, head resting against the blondes' shoulder as he panted for breath.

That didn't stop Kendall and began to press kisses against Logan's creamy skin, unable to resist the urge to bite down and mark Logan for all to see. Sucking the pale skin between his teeth, the blonde nibbled and sucked until a purple bruise marred Logan's paler skin. Pulling away the tall boy admired his work before lapping at it with tongue, loving the feel of Logan shivering against him.

Continuing his way down the smart boys' neck, Kendall gently moved Logan's shirt away to reveal his shoulder. Once he finished kissing his neck, Kendall moved onto the short boys' shoulder, nibbling on the succulent skin, before kissing it gently.

"I want you," Kendall murmured, his voice lower than Logan had ever heard it before.

Instead of answering, the brunette gasped as he felt Kendall's hand slip back down his body, pressing harder against his nipples than before. His hand paused at the waistband of the small boys' pyjama bottoms, thumb pressing lightly against the material. The hand that had been cupping Logan's cheek ran down the other side of his body, the short boy biting back the moan that threatened to spill forward.

Logan could feel his length hardening as Kendall continued to play with his waistband; thumb dipping below the material to run over his hipbone before pulling away, hand moving back to its' original place.

The blonde could see the tent appearing in Logan's bottoms and decided to help him out with it. Removing his thumbs from under the brunette's waistband, the tall boy let his fingertips graze the small boys' thighs before moving towards his crotch.

Logan moaned low in his throat and arched his back away from the blondes' chest as he felt a warm hand press against his growing erection. The short boy moaned again as Kendall rubbed him through his bottoms, hips swivelling in broken circles. It didn't take long to get Logan fully hard, his cock pressing painfully against the material restraints.

"K...K...Kendall," Logan moaned, his back arching against the blonde as a hand wrapped around his cloth covered cock.

"You want more?" Kendall asked, his breath teasing Logan's ear.

"More, please more," The blonde couldn't help but smirk, he never thought that he would be able to make Logan beg for it.

Complying with his boyfriends' needs, the tall boy curled his fingers around the waistband of the brunette's pyjamas, pulling them down until the small boys' leaking cock was freed from its confines.

Kendall's breath hitched in the back of his throat when he saw Logan's cock. The hard column of flesh arched out of from the small boys' body, copious amounts of pre cum gathered in the slit. Kendall watched as a drop of pre cum slid down the side of Logan's shaft, following the prominent vein on the side. The blonde lost sight of the bead of liquid when it reached the base of the brunette's dick, signalling it was time for Kendall to get started.

Wrapping his fingers around the hard length, Kendall began to slowly pump his fist, listening to every moan and gasp that left Logan's mouth. The short boys' hips began to buck up into his touch, gasping as he felt Kendall's own bulge pressing against the seat of his pants.

The blonde began to pump faster, his wrist flicking on every upstroke; thumb smearing the pre cum that had gathered in the slit.

"Fuck Kendall," Logan gasped out, his ass grinding against the blondes' erection while simultaneously thrusting forward into the tall boys' fist.

The small boy never swore unless he was really angry, Kendall having learnt this first hand, so hearing him curse in the throes of passion turned the blonde on even more. Logan's head fell back against the tall boys' shoulder, panting heavily in Kendall's ear as he felt himself getting closer to the edge.

"K...K...Kendall, I'm close," Logan moaned his eyes falling closed as the feeling in the bottom of his stomach becoming too much for him.

Gripping the head of Logan's cock, Kendall felt his own length twitch as the small boy finally let go. Logan moaned loudly, mindlessly humping the blondes' fist; working him through his orgasm as spurt after spurt of white liquid shot from his cock, some of it landing on the orange material in front of him.

Both boys' were breathing heavy as Logan came down from his high, face buried firmly in Kendall's neck. It was only then that Logan remembered that Kendall was just as hard as the smart boy had been.

Turning to face his boyfriend, the brunette faced the blonde boy, his eyes quickly dropping to the bulge pressing against Kendall's pyjamas then back to his eyes.

"Do you want me to." Logan inquired, a blush spreading across his cheeks.

The tall boy was shocked by what his boyfriend was asking but was quick to agree. This night had definitely gone the way Kendall wanted it to, his fantasy of Logan's hand wrapped around his leaking cock finally about to come true. Taking Kendall's silence as an answer, Logan turned around fully, sitting on his knees; oblivious to the fact that his now soft cock was still out on show.

Curling his fingers around the waistband of Kendall's bottoms, the brunette bit his lip as he pulled them down enough to free Kendall's aching member. The sight he was greeted with made the smart boys' mouth open in shock.

The blonde had to be around eight inches long and thicker than Logan expected; the brunette unsure if he could fit his hand around it. Veins pressed prominently against the engorged flesh, twitching as the cooler air met heated flesh. The slit was covered in more pre cum than Logan had ever seen; threatening to over spill at any moment.

Tentatively wrapping his hand around the heated organ, Logan smiled when he felt his fingers meet. He gave an experimental squeeze to the rigid column, eyes fluttering closed at the moan that Kendall let out. Pumping his hand along the blondes' cock, Logan couldn't help but love the feel of the heated flesh twitching within his grasp.

"Logie, ngh." Kendall moaned his head falling back; eyes tightly closed.

Taking this as an opportunity to get Kendall back for earlier, the smart boy leant forward; eyes focused on the blonde's Adam's apple as he swallowed. His hand moved faster, squeezing the head on each upstroke as he began to suck on Kendall's neck, hoping to leave a matching mark to his.

"LOGAN" Kendall shouted.

Glob after glob spurted from Kendall's cock, covering Logan's fist; moving slowly as he worked the blonde through his orgasm.

The tall boys' body slumped back against the couch cushions, one long breath escaping his parted lips.

Looking down Logan blushed when he saw the blondes' essence covering his hand. Whether he was still on a high on his orgasm or he was just feeling daring, Logan didn't know as he brought the hand up, licking at the white substance covering it.

Hearing a moan Kendall wearily opened his eyes, mouth dropping open in shock when he spotted Logan licking away his cum. Catching his boyfriends' eye, the smart boy smiled, not stopping his actions.

Kendall could have sworn he just fell in love with the brunette even more. It didn't matter how long he had to wait for Logan to be ready for the whole package but he would willingly do it because he knew that when it happened it would be nothing short of perfect and there seemed to be a whole other side to Logan that he couldn't wait to see.

"I love you," Kendall said, placing a quick kiss to Logan's lips.

"I love you too," Logan replied, smiling coyly at his boyfriend.

Grabbing his boyfriends' hand, Kendall led the brunette to their bedroom, snuggling together under the covers before falling into the land of dreams.

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