Angry Bob Gets A Cell Phone

"Angry Bob was angry.

He was angrily looking out his window.

He saw two teenage girls texting across the street.

They were happy.

'I will get a cell phone.' Bob said.

'Than I will be happy.'

So Angry Bob got a cell phone.

Angry Bob texted his friends.

Angry Bob sent his family pictures.

They replied.

Angry Bob was now happy.

Angry Bob could also play games on his phone.

This also made Angry Bob happy.

But than night fell.

People stopped texting Angry Bob.

The games kept saying 'Trial Is Up'.

Angry Bob got angry.

Angry Bob threw his cell phone out the window.

Than Angry Bob crawled into bed and died.

Meanwhile, his cell phone received a new text message as it flew out of the window.

It hit a golfer and he broke his hand."

Rat watched Goat as he read the book.

Goat was surprised. "Usually you have some stupid take on a life lesson in these things. It is still a bad children's book, but at least you didn't mess up a lesson."

Rat checked the screen. "Yes I did. I thought I made it obvious."

Goat reread the horrible children's book. "What is it?"

"Stay away from texts while in drive."

Goat face palmed.