Author: mrstrentreznor

Title: Who's your daddy?

Rating: NC-17 for sex, language and themes

Fandom: Twilight, AU

Pairing: mostly Embry, bits of Quil and the rest of the pack

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Author's Notes: follows the previous three stories, in this series

Disclaimer: the characters and all recognisable situations belong to Stephenie Meyer- this is a work of fan fiction, except for the legends and histories of the Quileute that, of course, belong to them. I pay my respects to their gods.

Thanks to BanSidhe for betaing

Summary: Embry is unsettled; everyone else in the pack has his or her life in order and he does not even know who his father is. He and Quil decide to try to find out.

AN: this has become a series of stories. Read them in this order:

1. What was she doing?

2. What was he thinking?

3. Where's my happy ever after?

4. Who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy?

The wolfy boys

Embry Call and Quil Ateara IV lay on the lounge playing X-box. Quil was winning again.

"I am whooping your ass because I am naturally better at indoor activities," Quil argued. He stressed the word 'indoor'.

Embry rolled his eyes. "Fairly conservative to limit yourself to indoors, doncha reckon Quil? I mean Jake and Leah just clearly spent days in indoor 'activities' outdoors and she couldn't walk and Jake could barely stand."

They had all seen that image in Paul's head. They were sure Bella was going to whack him upside the head one day when his eyes got that glazed look. She had to know what he was thinking about; she did not need a mind link for that.

"Oh yeah," Quil breathed, as his eyes glazed over. Embry would not have been surprised to see drool at the corner of his mouth. Regardless, his distraction worked and he leapt ahead in the cart race.

"Wha…?" Quil shook his head and got himself together but Embry was too far ahead, crossing the finish line first now. "You are a sneaky fucker you know that Call." He threw down his controller in disgust.

"Maybe I take after my father," Embry suggested.

Quil gave him a look. It wasn't like Embry to bring up his absent father. Absent? Maybe not… completely unknown might be a more accurate description.

Maybe he wanted to talk about it.

"Did you want to talk about it?"

Embry gave him a look. "That was such a girl question, Quil."

He just shrugged and waited for Embry to actually answer.

They sat there for a couple of minutes staring at the screen.

"It's all right for you, I mean you are Quil Ateara the fourth… you've got roots… you know."

Quil nodded. He did know. His family was all about history. His grandfather Quil Ateara II was the teller of tall tales and keeper of Quileute living history.

He was actually alive when the wolf pack had signed the treaty with the Cullens in 1936; sure he was 10 but he had a fabulous memory and that was something so freaky weird it had stuck clearly in his mind even now. Lucky for Sam Uley.

After he had phased and become an official wolf pack member, his grandfather had told him how he had realised what had happened to Sam when he was 'lost' for two weeks. His then, fiancée Leah Clearwater and her family desperately searching for him everywhere; they thought he had had some kind of accident in the forest. Truth, stranger than fiction and all that.

The old guy was actually standing in the early dark, close to the forest, calling out to a freakishly huge wolf with a plate of food in one hand and a pair of shorts in the other. He coached Sam through how to become human again. Sam respected him; big time. It was Sam's secret nightmare that he would have been trapped like that forever; losing his humanity with each passing day. Hanging at the edges of the community that no longer recognised him.

After that, Old Quil had made sure he had laid hands on every young man in the tribe. Not in a creepy way, he was keeping a check on their body temperature and warning the existing wolves if someone else was close to phasing. He could pass it off beautifully as a brittle and frail old man just leaning on you for a second. He was anything but frail; he might look it, but at his age, he still visited others and gave them his quiet strength and support when they needed it. Sue could not have got through Harry's death without him.

Part of the reason why Quil had been so overjoyed to finally phase was that he was rejoining his closest friends, Jake and Embry. But, phasing also meant a lot to him, because he knew his grandfather desperately wanted him to be a part of the wolf pack. not that he could tell him the secret, just in case. So rather than being horrified when it finally happened, his family was ecstatic. He was supported the whole way and it made all the difference to Quil's mindset about being a wolf.

He looked at his best friend.

Embry, on the other hand, still kept it a secret from his own mother. The pack had lobbied Sam when he was the Alpha to tell her, but the one person, who had argued against it, to the surprise of them all, was Embry. He said it was too big of a secret for that. [Breaking Dawn chapter8]

He started almost every single day of his life with his mother shouting at him for sneaking out during the night. He was doing his patrol, but he would not tell her that.

Quil didn't know much about relationships… he even thought the word with a sneer… but that shit could not be healthy for any relationship.

History… yeah he had it in spades and Embry had… what?

Quil had an idea. Jake would have said it was dangerous for Quil to get ideas… but still…

"We have spent heaps of time watching C.S.I. and detective mysteries. We can solve the big mystery," Quil was enthusiastic.

"Which is?"

"Your parentage, dude!"

Embry was staring at him.

"Things are pretty quiet now. Jake, Leah and Paul can cover it themselves. We can ask for a break… a what do they call it?"

"Leave of absence?" suggested Embry.

"Yeah, that's it! We will be like Watson and Holmes. Everyone else has a girl and they are all busy and we can make this our quest." He said quest like Gandalf in the lord of the rings; it was in caps, "Our Quest."

"More like Yogi and Boo-boo," Embry snorted.

Quil was confused, "They're not detectives."

"My point exactly. But they do get severely distracted by picnic baskets."

"Make some notes," ordered Quil.

"Why do I have to be the secretary?"

"You're Watson."

"What? No way! I have the brains in this pairing, I'm Holmes, and you're Watson," Embry argued.

Quil was unsinkable. "Okay then, we can be like those detective brothers … what was their name… Hardy?"

"The Hardy Boys?"

"Yeah! Which was which?"

"Fucked if I know! They had boring names like Ron or Kevin or something."

"No I think it was Frank and Joe. Crap! Now I am seriously weirding myself out. Why the fuck do I remember that?"

Quil stood and started pacing with his hands behind his back; tapping one hand on top of the other. He looked as if he was trying to channel Sherlock Holmes and failing badly.

"What do we know?" he asked ponderously.

"Okay, I'll play." It was almost impossible to get Quil off something once he got like this anyway.

Embry thought about what they did know.

"It has to be a wolf guy right?" said Quil.

"Well it has to be a guy," Embry was sarcastic.

Quil gave him a look. "You shifted early, so it has to be someone who is as close a wolf descendant as the others who phased early."

He paced back and forth a bit more. "Take this down…"

"Seriously?" interrupted Embry.

"Yeah… come on… you have to do it properly," Quil whined.

"Okay, okay." Embry resigned himself to finding a pen and pad of paper to take Quil's sacred notes.

"Possible candidates?"


"Whatever. Joshua Uley, Billy Black, Quil Ateara III," Quil stated.

Embry just looked at him. Shit, he was serious. He started to write.

"Maybe so," argued Embry, "but Paul and Jared phased before I did so you have to count their fathers too."

"Fine, add Noah Waggener [Paul's dad] and William Hudson [Jared's dad] (AN: W. published the Quileute Chieftain/Independent newspaper in 1908 and argued for the education of their children – it's a good name.)

"Jeez Quil, add Harry Clearwater and that is all of the pack fathers."

They looked at each other. "Fuck no, Sue would have castrated him. Leah's bitch side comes from somewhere you know," Quil was vehement.

"Fine," agreed Embry, "no Harry."

Quil stalked back and forth a little more. "Okay; known behaviour of suspects."

"Two serious womanisers."

"Agreed; Waggener and Uley."

"Location and alibis for the time in question?"

"Fuck's sake Quil… how can we do that?"

"Well, let's work it out… we're smart… remember?"

Embry just rolled his eyes.

"Sam is four years older than us. His father left when he was a baby, so…"

"…Joshua was gone before the date." Embry interrupted.

"No wait," added Quil, "Did your mum get pregnant here or on the Makah rez?"

Embry thought about it. That was actually a good question. "As far as I know, she came here when she was already pregnant."

"Ho ho," crowed Quil, "the mystery deepens." He rubbed his hands with glee.

"But that would fit then," Embry realised. "If Joshua had already left La Push, then he could have been on the Makah rez at the right time."

"Quite so, Watson. Well reasoned."

"I thought we were the Hardy Boys?" Embry queried.

"More like the Wolfy Boys," chuckled Quil.

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