Chapter 37 Buffet business

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Collin and Brady stood in the street in Port Angeles. The were standing in front of a restaurant that proudly advertised an 'all you can eat buffet'. This was their kind of place. Because boy, could they eat. It was a recommendation.

"It looks open; are you sure this is the place, Brady?"

"Paul told me," he sounded kind of pleased that Paul had taken any interest in him at all.

Regardless of what Paul did now, he had an awesome reputation among the young men of La Push. Collin and Brady might only be 15 but they had grown up on stories about Paul Waggener. He was a legend.

But since they had phased, grown several inches, developed muscles they never thought they would have and looked physically 25 they were having all kinds of fun. They had discovered women and women had discovered them. It was like a fantasy for them. Penthouse letters had nothing on what they were being offered these days.

And they took the offers with both hands. And anything else they needed too.

But today they were intent on feeding their other appetites. Food was on the to-do list today.


Brady had noticed the admiring glances of a group of young women who had just exited a coffee shop further down the street.

"Woo hoo Collin, look… dessert…" He gave them his new smile. Collin had caught him practicing it in front of the mirror last week. He was trying to cultivate a raffish look. A kind of a half smile. However, it was not his normal smile, so he was having to work pretty hard at it.

It still looked kind of odd. But Collin had no doubt he would manage to make it look natural eventually.

Collin felt a prickling sensation at the back of his neck.

"Brady, we're being watched," he hissed at his friend.

"Hell yeah, we are," Brady had not taken his eyes off the girls.

"No… something else is watching us."

Brady rolled his eyes. "'Something?' Jesus Collin! Lighten up! We are not in the forest now." He whacked his friend in the shoulder, "We're in Port Angeles, get over it."

Collin was not so sure.

Collin may have been observant outside the restaurant but it would have served him better to be observing the activity inside the restaurant.

Initially, a staff member had approached the manager with a printed sheet of paper. It looked somewhat like a 'wanted' poster with mug shots on it. The staff member pointed outside the window. The manager and the staff member held up this poster and studied the two boys standing in the street and then they started to panic and run.

It was a scene of panicked alarm in the restaurant as staff ran in all directions. One pulled down the blinds and covered all the windows, another ran out the back, returned with a stout chain, and started winding it around the handles of the front door. Another slid a heavy barricade across the back of both doors. The manager spoke quickly and desperately to the few people who were eating in the restaurant today. Some left out the back entrance, but most started to hide under their tables. The children with them were shushed by their parents as if it was all a game. They enthusiastically joined in the crazy antics of the grown ups. Table cloths were thrown over the remaining meals on tables to cover the plates.

At the last second the manager flipped over the open sign so that it now read 'closed' and the last staff member turned off all the lights.

Their timing was perfect; anyone would think they had done it before.

Brady finally took his eyes off the girls and focused on the restaurant. He frowned.

"That's weird," he said, "Jesus Collin, I thought you said this place was open."

Suddenly they could hear laughter.

They looked across the road to the park, to see Quil rolling on the ground holding his stomach and laughing hysterically, Paul was being high-fived by Jake, and Embry was just looking at them and shaking his head.

"We are so going to get our asses kicked, Brady," said Collin.

"Yep," agreed Brady, "we didn't even know they were following us. Jake is going to tear us a new one."

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