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Well, a bit late for Christmas but fine for the New Year.

I have been rather too busy getting to know my Other Self...Who happens to be a Teenage student of sciences.

I rather like this New Me...don't you?

Even if they are rather like the Old Me...

` Oh, and I still slob around in grubby T shirts and sweat pants.

(When I'm not wearing the cape...Haha, a lot of my Anime heroes go for the cape. If you lay your hands upon a pure wool blanket, it is a great prize. It is warm, even if wet, you may dye it which colour you please, to buy or acquire one is cheap (unless you purchase brand new, which then will teach you the `real` value of such an item) it doesn't matter if the dog or cat gets it, you may hide under it. You may hide things under it. I won't go into how usefully concealing a dull colour one is, particularly when you need the woods. They can also be treated with lanolin...Then they are proof against the worst weather. Its particularly nice when the weather is dead cold and everyone is shivering, you are toasty...Underneath is the T shirt and sweat pants as usual. When you get hot you pull it back. and if even hotter you take it off, roll it up and sling it across your back. At night its bedding. Those Scottish guys had the right idea. Linus had the right idea. Happiness is a warm blanket.)

It had, Haruka reflected, been a very good Christmas.

Her father had visited for once; and her mother was in a good, (and better still, a cooking) mood. "Why don't you invite a close friend?" she had suggested.

Haruka had decided not to invite anyone who might be disruptive.

The sort of people who had never heard of baths, teamwork, paradoxes or sanity.

She had warned the Dragon Knights to stay away. Miss Yukie had bought a basket of high Ethanol booze, and left it at the old fortifications as a peace offering.

The black robed nutjobs had taken the advice and now were reputedly at CERN, where there were High Energy Physiking females to impress, exotic particles to eat...And more ethanol.

But someone had molested a cash machine, for in the night a big cardboard box of treats had appeared in Harukas room, without disturbing Baron or Tono.

Oh, and a six pack of beer.

Instead Haruka had invited Noein...With the express warning he was to be very well behaved.

Noein had bathed; he was dressed in a real looking robe, and he had been a very good boy.

He had not caused any Paradoxes, but had kept her father engrossed in conversation on things like the Nature of Reality, Proof of the Existence of the Multiverse and other light matters.

Haruka had been very worried Yu would come around...Putting him in a room with Noein might be as disastrous a thing as putting Karasu in with Yu.

But Yu did not come around. (Haruka went to see him later.)

Noein had brought his Table Top Particle Accelerator with him, and they played with that all afternoon, seeing who could make the smallest and rarest particles.

Dr Mayuzumi rather liked Noein.

"He is one of the few people who understands me; Where did you find him, dearest?"

` "Shangrila?" Haruka replied benignly.

The Knights came in dead drunk; and got soundly whacked.

The Lady Amamiku shook her head sadly as the offenders were dragged off to jail. The Knights were a bundle of trouble.

When The Dragon Knights found out that Noein had been invited to dinner and they had not, they went into a massive snit and refused to Jump to Hakodate for months.

Haruka smiled happily; It was going to be a Good New Year too.