Aranya and Kaitaru

From the Village hidden in the Flames for as long as they can remember in their fourteen years, they have had to fight for their village in the Great War between the Village hidden in the Sound, and their own small, already weakened village hidden in the Flames. But now they have made allies with the leaf village, so they're getting help. However, that help has sent them to Konoha, so they can actually get a decent 'education' and make 'social skills' and all that.

They are distant cousins, both having the special kekke genkai that runs in the two separate branches of one original clan – the Fenikkusu clan, and the Serasi clan. The two clans originated when 2 brothers developed the kekke genkai, which was a special fire type. It basically means, when activated, fire (from anywhere) mixes with the chakra in the chakra network, giving the user control of any fire around them, and, if their chakra is so strong it is visible (like Chidori), then not only will they harm their opponent, they will severely burn them as well. Originally, the kekke genkai was only going to be in one clan that summoned dragons and had the kekke genkai, but the younger of the brothers was the first person to find the existence of the phoenix and because he hadn't signed a contract to summon the dragons of the Serasi's yet, he created a pact with the phoenix, that in return for him keeping them a secret and not exploiting them to the world, they would allow him and anyone in his future family to be able to summon the phoenix after they sign a contract. So the two brothers decided to both have the kekke genkai, but have different names and have different clans – The Serasi clan, and the Fenikkusu (phoenix) clan.




Dark Violet (almost black) knee length hair

Purple/dark turquoise eyes (often change)

Long (floor length) dark Indigo/Violet (almost – but not quite - black) cloak – almost always has the hood up

Always wears the same necklace – a metallic silver swirl on some black string, more patterns on the metal swirl.

Underneath, wears a short deep red skirt, held up by a ring of gold metal, around her waist. She can keep senbon in the metal, and she has leaf shaped gold pockets (not metal, but quite stiff) that hang off the ring, where she keeps her kunai – preference is the senbon. She wears shorts underneath the skirt. Her Headband is tied around her upper arm. She also wears a one shouldered top that stops just above her waist – she has so many scars on her back, that having fabric scratching against it all 24/7 can really hurt.

She doesn't make friends easily, or give out trust and love willy-nilly, but when she makes friends, she gives it all she's got – likewise with relationships. Sadly, however, she hates this because this is one of the reasons for her biggest downfall. So now, it takes more for her to trust people. She'll have fun and all, but she won't truly be herself and relax unless she feels like she can trust people with ANYTHING, but she makes sure people know that they can trust her with whatever they need to say.



Average height

Dark blue (almost black) knee length hair

Deep red/brown eyes (mostly red)

Long (floor length) dark Indigo/Violet (almost – but not quite - black) cloak – almost always has the hood up

Underneath, wears long black trousers, and a sleeveless blue halter neck that ties up at the back. She also has a piece of blue and gold patterned fabric tied around her waist, where she can store her weapons. Her Headband is on a piece of fabric with the same pattern on it as the piece around her waist, and is tied loosely around her neck.

She can be quite open sometimes, but it may take a few pushes to get her to tell you what's on her mind. A lot of the time, she'll say things in riddles to keep you guessing, and things are rarely straightforward with her. When she makes friends, she can be what they need her to be, within reason. She'll listen to them and give advice (although it may be quite confusing), and she won't push if they have things they don't want to say.

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