A/N: A quick sonnet to explain the situation, the real chapters come directly after this! Thank you for taking the time to read.


Song of the Daughter of Evil


Once upon a time in lands so far from here

Princess Rin was a young, selfish ruler.

She led her kingdom through simple, harsh fear

And thereby forced their loyalty to her.


Her loyal servant tended the palace,

Filled through and through with greatest fineries,

While people lived poor with growing malice

Not 'til perfection could Rin live at ease.


The Prince of Blue had caught her dark eye

But refused to be married to evil

So Rin then ordered his lover to die

And sparked a war-bringing upheaval


After the war the dark princess was caught

And brought to the guillotine at teatime.

And all believed what she deserved she got,

Daughter of Evil and princess of crime.


But is there true evil from more than one view?

Much will be told, you'll decide what is true.