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Here the Emperor visits Naboo and takes part in an engineering project many of you might recognize.

EDIT: 11/15/2012. I decided to rewrite the first scene. The scene was Jar-Jar was funny, but I felt I overdid it and it was not entirely appropriate for the narrative. Instead replaced it with something far more relevant to the plot. The Jar-Jar scene is still included as an Omake at the end though.

The planet Naboo was a surprisingly beautiful place in the Emperor's opinion. He had seen many worlds across the galaxy in his long life, conquered most of them in fact. But few worlds held to the beauty of this place. It almost reminded him of the Eldar maiden worlds.

He had seen crystal-clear lakes and emerald forests across the realm, unspoiled by the oppression of industry. The architecture here was elegant yet simple and the people here were content and happy with each other.

This was the place his ''predecessor'' had come from all those decades ago as a young politician ready to make his mark on the galaxy. Of course Palpatine had darker ambitions than that and had cared little for that little green world. There had been one other being from Naboo that had caught the Emperor's interest however. Padme Amidala. She had been the former teenage Queen of this world when the Trade Federation had invaded and fought them off successfully.

Then she had become Naboo's senator to the Galactic Republic and one of the leading opponents of Palpatine's slow rise to absolute authority. She had also been the lover of Anakin Skywalker, now Lord Vader.

Oh, Palpatine had kept secret files on his observation of young Anakin and Amidala. It had been a key part of his plan to turn Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force by manipulating the emotions and love he had held for the young Senator.

Forbidden love, the Emperor had heard that trope countless times in his long existence. He had seen many doomed relationships over the millennia and already had a good idea of how that would have ended even before he finished reading the information.

The old Jedi order refused to allow emotions or attachments for their Knights. The Emperor could easily see why that would be a bad idea when dealing with an emotionally troubled and very powerful young man in love. Things came to a head and Palpatine planted the seeds of betrayal and Anakin and nutured them. Anakin was forced to choose between his duty or his love and in the end chose his lover over the Jedi order.

Of course, the Dark Side is ever corrupting. Anakin ended up killing her and his unborn child. That had probably been the final event that drove Anakin utterly into the Dark Side before the Emperor had come here.

It had all started as an curiosity really. He had wondered if Palpatine might have had something deliberately to do with her death. Something that he might have not mentioned in his private files. Thus had had secretly had an autopsy done on the body.

Then he found some very interesting things. Her child was not with her, apparently the child had been removed. It wasn't by the Naboo, whose traditions didn't allow that. It would not have been Vader, who refused to step on that planet or be reminded or her death in any way.

The whole thing heightened the Emperor's suspicions. He had a search to conduct.

Then his comlink beeped.

''My lord?'' one of his bodyguards asked.

''Is Lemelisk and Tarkin in range yet?''

''Yes my lord.''

''Excellent. I shall be up on the Malcador soon.''

The Malcador was the first in the line of expanded Super Star Destroyers, each a vessel designed and improved on by the Emperor, a hybrid of technology from his universe and the ones here. They had replaced the scrapped Executor class designs and were expected to form the main ships of the line.

The Malcador has been named after his dead Sigilite, who quite possibly was the only genuine friend he had. It was a nice little gesture in memory of the man who had sacrificed himself on the Golden Throne to light it long enough for the Emperor to fight Horus. After the Malcador the Sanguinius, the Guilliman, the Corax and many others would follow.

The Emperor stood in the middle of a private communications room on the Malcador. He currently occupied the Admiral's quarters on the ship. Ghostly lights played out from the transmitters, conveying an FTL two-way conversation in real time across half the Galaxy.

''Our progress is pushing along at 59%, although construction had been slightly halted due to renovations,'' Tarkin mentioned, his holographic form mentioned to another holographic object, a spherical cut-section of the Aquila Astra.

Tarkin was like Curze, the Emperor decided. No, scratch that, Tarkin was like the junior mortal officer who wished he could be like Curze when he grew up. Tarkin shared the same belief as Curze with the need to pacify the galaxy with fear. Unfortunately for him he wasn't half as creative as the Primarch of the VIII Legion.

He was one of Palpatine's men though and the Emperor found himself ''inheriting'' his services. He was certainly useful enough, and has sufficient political clout to help things along with the Emperor's reorganization of the military. The red tape had been difficult to cut through as he began his organizational efforts.

He would have given his left arm to have Guilliman here. His talent in organization and logistics would have certainly helped with the bureaucracy.

In addition to Tarkin, the Aquila Astra project had also fallen into the Emperor's lap. It was a planet-sized battlestation inventively called the ''Death Star''. The Emperor had then proceeded to replace it with the slightly more Imperial designation of Aquila Astra.

He had not been sure of approving it, until Tarkin had gathered a group of scientists, including Bevel Lemelisk, and had gone over it again, trying to iron out many of the technical problems the station had, including the planet destroying super laser. The Emperor had finally been convinced when he travelled to the Maw Cluster to view a prototype that had been built there. After seeing the prototype and inspecting it, he had finally given the go ahead for final production of the actual battlestation.

There had been planet-sized battlestations before in the Emperor's galaxy, although most of them had been destroyed during the Dark Age of Technology. Other races used similar craft, such as the gargantuan Craftworlds used by the Eldar or some of the larger Space Hulks.

The Aquila Astra was supposed to be one of the bulwarks of Imperial defense, intended to be part of the defenses around Coruscant if need be. It carried thousands of turbolasers across its grey surface and said planet destroying super laser.

''Now what of the super laser technology?'' the Emperor asked.

''We've made sufficient breakthroughs with it,'' Lemelisk reported, he was a grey-haired corpulent man who had done work on the first Victory-class Star Destroyer series.

The Emperor idly brought up some of the classified schematics, noting the various readouts of the super laser. It surely was an impressive piece of equipment, if they could ever truly get it to work. Such a construct would make an excellent Anti-Space Hulk weapon in his universe.

''I see, I see you've moved it to the dorsal hemisphere,'' The Emperor commented.

''Correct, we thought the power transfer would be more efficient there,'' Lemelisk nodded.

The Emperor paused to look over the redesigned schematics of the Aquila Astra, going over each level with the practiced eye of a man who had seen countless weapons of warfare over the long millennia of his life. He compared it mentally to the various prototype designs he had seen.

Then he stopped. The other holographic images paused in trepidation. What had the Emperor spotted in the designs? What was he going to say next?

''This exhaust port seems rather risky,'' The Emperor commented.

''Risky?'' Lemelisk asked.

''A single proton torpedo could theoretically blow up the whole station,'' The Emperor pointed out.

''A single proton torpedo? That seems rather unlikely my lord,'' Lemelisk pointed out doubtfully.

''I find your lack of faith in my judgment rather disturbing Lemelisk,'' The Emperor pointed out.

''I meant no offense my lord,'' Lemelisk stuttered out hurriedly.

''None taken. We all want to create the most efficient station for the Empire,'' The Emperor soothed him over. ''Having an Achilles Heel like this could bring down the whole station.''

''Achilles?'' an officer curiously asked.

''Nothing. Just an obscure figure I read about,'' The Emperor brushed it off, forcing back his own memories of the actual Trojan War. That had been a mess. ''The point is that this exhaust port is a ripe target for sabotage, or perhaps for a single bomber to slip behind the surface to air defenses while a fleet engages the rest of the Aquila Astra.'' The Emperor pointed out.

''I want that redesigned and more efficient protection for the power core provided. Is that within our budget?'' the Emperor asked.

''It should be,'' One of the officers paused to look over at a computer terminal, checking the costs.'' It might set construction back a bit.''

''Do it, I'm in no hurry,'' The Emperor nodded. ''Now as for our next subject on the Aquila Astra, I want more safety railings in the generator shafts…''

Author's Notes: Now, as I mentioned here is the original Jar-Jar scene below. Consider it an Omake. Considering the size of the chapter it's rather big, but I felt I stripped it down ao an acceptable level.


The Emperor blinked as he took in the features of the being before him. He had certainly not expected to meet this strange creature on Naboo. He was traveled to the planet on a state visit. If he had known he could encounter this creature he would have never had done it. After he had already toured the central Judicial hallways and the traditional Royal Palace, he had been set upon by this being.

''I have fought the Gods of Chaos and stared deep into the madness of the warp. I have defeated and bound the Void Dragon of the C'tan. I have traveled the galaxy and commanded demigods of war in my armies, but I have never seen anything like you. Tell me, what unholy abomination are you?'' the Emperor asked.

''Mesa Jar-Jar Binks!'' the alien told him a little too happily. The Emperor looked at him and suddenly knew what he had to do.

He drove a psychic blast of fire into the alien. In an instant the being was simple gone, mind body and soul utterly obliterated by the Emperor's soulfire. It was an absolute judgment, the same kind that had destroyed Horus so utterly. Not even ash was left.

For a moment everything was silent. Then behind him, one of his gold-robed bodyguards coughed.

''Um…my Lord?''


''Wasn't that overkill?'' the bodyguard question.

''I prefer to be safe rather than sorry,'' The Emperor turned to face him. ''If anyone cares to ask, Representative Binks decided to take a long vacation somewhere in the Outer Rim.''

''Of course sir,'' The bodyguard nodded.