Watched the trilogy on Spike last week and so spun a blurb...hope you enjoy it...

Princess Leia Organa glanced around the hut where she and her boyfriend, Han Solo had been slumming in order to recover from both the destruction of the Empire and the two day celebration which followed.

She wasn't sure yet which event would require a longer time to get over

After all the liquor had been flowing as freely at the endless party, as much so as the fireworks had been sparkling overhead to mark the day of independence just as they were throughout the galaxy. Leia hadn't been all that sure why wiping out Dark Vader and a few ships not to mention the Death Star II had ended the crippling hold of the massive Imperial forces throughout such a large expanse of space but somehow, there had been a domino effect on all the worlds that had been enslaved by Vader and his minions and people were celebrating in the streets en masse within hours of the destruction of the latest Death Star.

So she and Solo had celebrated for a while drinking the native brew which had a foul stench to it but once you got past that, it actually slid down the palate stroking the senses with a delicate, airy flavor. Not to mention that it packed quite a wallop as piles of both slumbering rebel soldiers and furry midgets could attest.

Solo had tried his best to get frisky with her when they finally did return to their hut after a final round of singing all 50 verses of the Coruscant national anthem while swigging a fresh brew.

"Not tonight, darling," she whispered while his hands had settled around her waist.

How could Han think about getting into her furry hand woven dress when she had so much to think about now that her inebriation receded in the face of cold, stark reality. Yes, the Empire had finally been defeated, the achievement of a life-long dream that it seemed had been fed and nurtured to her before she had even been lying in a cradle if that made any sense. Who would rule this embryonic coalition so that it could avoid so quickly sowing the seeds of corruption and graft that had led to its crumbling and eventual downfall in the first place? After all, the Empire hadn't conquered the galaxy in a single day or even week. No, it had done so piecemeal winning its most powerful battles earlier on in the morally adrift Senate rather than through unleashing its deadly machines and latest armies of clones onto planets across the galaxy.

They would need an emergency declaration of laws to establish at least a pro tem government with a ruling body and if possible, a charismatic, strong yet pliable individual to lead it through the difficult and dark early days. Leia had thought that her newly discovered twin brother, Luke would be just perfect for the role but he had arrived at the party late after cremating their sorry excuse for a father, Anakin what's his name who later in life had become Darth Vader, Lord of the Sith after apparently murdering their mother. Leave it to her sentimentalist brother who engaged in some rather questionable New Age practices with elderly men and odd looking gnomes, anything to get away from the more pragmatic side of winning a galactic war. Sure, he swooped in usually at the 11th hour and yes, he usually wound up saving the day whether it was blowing up the first Death Star or well, doing…something on the Death Star II before Lando and Wedge had blown it to kingdom come. Something about defeating an Emperor…Palpatine…which was silly because everyone knew the guy had disappeared years ago and hadn't been seen since or at least there hadn't been any reliable sightings.

She could try persuading him to fill the shoes of the leader of the new Alliance which would lead to something more permanent only after years and perhaps even decades of hard work. Leia had already resigned herself to realizing that a trip to Coruscant, a place she loathed for its amorality and tacky architecture design was inevitable. She couldn't think of any other suitable seats for the new Alliance government. After all, Alderaan was clearly out for obvious reasons. All those historic and stately buildings etched as part of the magnificent mountain ranges that defined the planet blown into oblivion by one selfish act of the man who turned out to be her father.

Okay so maybe she did have a lot of decision making in her future and a boyfriend who clearly had his priorities mixed up but maybe she could park them for just a few minutes at least until she could figure out how to persuade Luke to do as she asked. After all, he was a national hero and a Jedi to boot, and members of that long defunct order were now the hottest tickets in the galaxy. Enrollment at a proposed Jedi School had been in huge demand even if there was only one Jedi left in the entire universe to provide instruction. She thought the vows to humility, passive resistance until attacked and the real killer, chastity would dissuade the parents who wanted their kids to be "like Luke" as the motto went on Gala-vision.

Thank the Rebellion and all it stood for that the Ewoks apparently didn't think much of electricity and modern technology so she had been spared exposure to the massive commercialism which had emerged quickly after the last Empire Star Destroyer had been blown up.

So Leia had taken a few days to reflect, totally unheard of for her and had spent time hiking and riding those speeders weaving through the trees that disappeared into the clouds before they topped out. Wicket had become like her tour guide and had shown her most of the forest moon of Endor. The little guys had taken such good care of her since she had first encountered Wicket. Dressing her up in cute little medieval looking dresses and providing her with the best food, okay so she had nearly been served up cuisine looking suspiciously like her friends but the accommodations had been lovely.

The hut she stayed in had been the nicest of those built within the statuesque trees where the population of Ewoks lived quietly under occupation by the Empire's forces until the rebellion interrupted the quiet truce between the residents on the Endor moon.

But Leia found it to be the most peculiar of moons because usually they represented satellites that revolved around a singular planet although if there were a planet that these moons clustered around, it had been rendered invisible at some point. Still if there wasn't an Alliance to build into a viable political and social movement, she could easily think about settling down here.

No, she didnt' but she almost convinced herself of that anyway.

Han Solo looked at his cards, his head still pounding from all the quaff he had imbibed in the past few days. The endless tap had finally been shut off, the music silenced and the skies darkened as everyone finally passed out from exhaustion for several days. He hadn't been tired at all and had been so interested in getting it on with Leia once he discovered that she couldn't get it on with Luke because they were brother and sister. Okay that had been a little weird and Han had been convinced there had been a back story to that relationship but his primary thought was that he finally had the princess to himself since that time they had spent with Luke dodging some slimy creature in the trash compactor inside the first Death Star.

It hadn't been love then, he wasn't all that sure it was now, because war, well it brought out more intense emotions in those who participated and now that peace had developed for the first time in his complicated relationship with Leia, who knew what lay ahead? But damnations, she was incredibly beautiful, her long tresses interwoven with braids and ribbons hung down her back, her face so innocent and yet so knowing at the same time.

Han figured the girl hadn't been around the block too many times so she wouldn't have much to judge him on involving his bedside manner and she looked perfectly willing at the party but since then…the weight of not just one world but that of the entire galaxy appeared to be on her slender shoulders. So she had become so busy talking with Mon Mothma over the tele-link the past day or so doing conference calls with other former Senate leaders who had been exiled or incarcerated on various planets.

Nothing like shacking up with a princess and a politician to boot.

So he and Chewbacca his right hand furry man had taken to playing poker with the grounded pilots awaiting their new assignments to provide security to the more unruly areas of the galaxy so that no man nor alien species could taken advantage of the confusion of conquest and succession for monetary or political gain. Luke was supposed to join them for at least a little while but he had taken off again…quietly without telling anyone. Leia who had this peculiar communication style with him said that he had gone off to the other side of the planet to fast and mediate. Han had just shrugged never being able to figure Luke out since he had discovered religion.

The only religion that Han had ever practiced had to do with money and though his service in the rebellion had softened him up a bit, he still kept his eyes out for the perfect deal and a post-empire world would be filled with them, opportunities to make money…of course a certain percentage…say 10 percent of all gains would go to the cause. But as for the rest, his ship needed repairs because Lando had come close to trashing it on his approach to nuking the Death Star II. Chewbacca had lamented about the hyper drive again, the damn thing always seemed to be on the blink since he hooked up with this bunch and given that the only legitimate market now was the black market, replacements didn't come cheap.

So if he didn't win major earnings in the next couple of hands, Han would have to think of other ways to make money…and that might mean hunting down that business card that a woman back on Coruscant's underworld had given him to do a modeling job for her. She had been putting together a collection of photographs, all taken with an artist's care and vision emphasizing taste over tacky or so she had promised. But the job did involve removing a couple items of clothing….

No, he couldn't do it, no matter how much he needed the money, not if he was hanging with a princess who would have a finger on the pulse of the brand new Alliance. How would it look if photos taken of him when…well it wouldn't look good if days before she hit the stage to deliver a stately address across the galaxy that revealing photos were plastered all over the gala-vision and elsewhere titled, "Princess Consort Has No Clothes".

He ran his hand through his hair, thinking of what he needed to do instead, something that didn't involve stealing, grifting or taking his clothes off or all three at once.


The sound resonated through the crisp, clear air of the far side of the forest moon. The man sat in lotus position dressed in a dark robe that draped over his head, shadowing his face.

Luke Skywalker had joined his friends at the party after entombing his father in flames and scattering the ashes in the winds across the galaxy that he had conquered instead of protecting. The vision that Luke had of Anakin with Yoda and Obi-wan had reassured him that his father's expulsion from the Jedi Order had been in itself revoked by a last ditch good deed by a father to save his son from first his own fate, and then death.

His father, and now a sister, named Leia. The woman he had once fallen in love with and shared a couple of kisses with…but he tried not to think too much about that.

Leia still hadn't forgiven her father and still believed him a loser and that Bail Organa had been her true father and Vader (which she still called him) had wiped out her father when he wiped out Alderaan. Leia would just have to come around but Luke knew she was just stubborn about certain things. A part of him rejoiced that they were members of the same family and had shared a womb together but another part…well had been less than thrilled to find out that the woman he had loved would be out of his reach.

Not that she hadn't found love with Han though he knew the ex-pirate had his work cut out for him because her allegiance would be first to the Alliance and to any man in her life second…but of course she would spend her remaining time with the man who had captured her heart. Would they marry? Probably not because Leia being raised as a princess in name if not by birth had customs that she had to adhere to and that meant she had to marry another member of a royal family out there …if one could be found.

Han would have to face reality when that happened and just enjoy the here and now. In fact, Luke as her brother had received requests for her hand in marriage by a couple men identifying themselves as members of royalty. Of course anyone could say that especially in a galaxy now in complete disarray but he would assign investigative droids to check out their claims before they would even be given permission to meet his sister.

As for himself, as a Jedi he had taken a vow of humility, passivity and chastity and thus couldn't marry or even have a girlfriend really. He didn't know how Yoda, Ben and his father…oh wait his father had screwed up on those vows including the last one and that had been his downfall…as well as the chain of events leading to his and Leia's birth.

The weight of the meaning behind that profound thought hit him and he took a deep breath deciding to meditate on it some more, at least until his mind cleared again.

And in the galaxy somewhere another Jedi struggled to find his way to the master….