A/N: Yeah, I know. Bad title, bad summary. I wrote this on the fly.

"Spike, you could have given me over to The Scavengers, but you didn't. Why is that?"

Spike stared at him. "I don't know Scooter." He turned to the pot cooking on the stove. Without asking permission, he stuck his nose inside. "What's for dinner?"

"You don't have a lot of friends, do you Spike?"

"Are you kidding Sinclair? I have lots of friends."

"Oh yeah? Like who?" Robbie looked at him expectantly.

"Well…" Spike lifted his head out of the pot, stew dripping off his chin. "The Scavengers. You know. They're my family."

"Hmph. Some family. They tried to eat me. Even when they thought I was dead."

"The law of the gang Scooter. Besides, they're called The Scavengers for a reason."

"Just because they're called Scavengers doesn't mean they have to act like them." Spike looked at him blankly. "Come on Spike. You told me you have lots of friends. Who are they?"

He shuffled his feet, looking at the floor. "Truth is Scooter, I don't really have friends."

"You don't?"

"No. I don't. It's better that way anyway. Nobody to worry about. Nobody telling me what to do."

"Friends don't tell you what to do. They help you if you're in trouble, or laugh with you at silly jokes. They even help you get girls." Robbie walked over to the table, playfully punching Spike in the shoulder. "Not that you're any help." He smiled.

"Hey, I can get any girl I want. You're the one who has trouble."

"Oh yeah? You were the one who told me to mark my territory outside Caroline Foxworth's house."

Spike laughed. "And you fell for it too. You Scooter, are very gullible."

Robbie raised an eyebrow, deciding to let the topic of Caroline Foxworth drop. He held out his hand. "Friends?"

Spike smirked. "I don't know Sinclair. Hanging with you might ruin my image."

"You get free food."

"Friends it is." Spike shook Robbie's hand. He smiled. "You know Scooter, for a dinosaur, you're alright."