Chapter 2Greg's Pov

"Man, 5 pages on a book" I murmured

I stared at my book as I heard Bobby enter the room I've lived with my brothers so long that I memorized their footsteps. "Hey Greg, What's this?" he asked snatching the paper from me. "Hey! That's for school!" I said Bobby ran out of the room and I charged after him.

We both ran down the stairs. "Hey give me that!" I said "Holt, Holt it you to!" Dad said then Bobby and I stopped dead in our tracks. "Now, What's going on here?" Dad asked.

Then both Bobby and I talked at once. "Holt, Stop, Stop" Dad said "Greg You Go First" Dad ordered. "Ok well I was working on my book report for school its due the day after

Break then Bobby came in and stole it from me-" "I did not!" Bobby said, "Did so!" I said, "Did not!" Bobby said "Did so!" I said becoming impatient with him. "Holt It!" Dad said "Something going on here Mr. Brady?" Alice asked walking in with a load of laundry "Yes These two got into an argument" Dad replied "Well, I hope it works out" Alice said. "Well Anyways so then we came down here" I finished "Oh, Ok" Dad said "Bobby Your next" Dad said "Thanks dad" Bobby said "So my third grade teacher assigned us a book report too and I just happened to think that Gregory, my dear loving brother would let me have his book report then we got into an argument and came down here" Bobby said trying to act mature I just rolled my eyes. "Ok, Bobby but why would you want to steal Greg's report?" dad asked Then Bobby put on his I'm-Guilty-and-I-Know-It Face (He's been using that face since he entered Kindergarten). "I took it so I wouldn't have to do the work" he admitted. "Well, Bobby we will talk about that later but for right now apologize to Greg and give him back his Report" Dad said "I'm sorry Greg will you forgive me?" he asked as he handed me back my report "I guess so" I said then I walked back upstairs to my bedroom.

"Hey, what did I miss?" I heard Peter ask as I walked upstairs. Man, Brothers I thought as I flopped down on my bed and proceeded to read my book.

===Mean while at the girl's house ===

Marcia's POV

"Cindy, Cindy its not funny Open this door right now!" I said Children I thought "No! Marcia I'm brushing my teeth!" Cindy said I moaned sometimes I wished I were an only child. "What's Going on?" Jan asked as she walked up to me. "Cindy locked me out of the bathroom saying that she's brushing her teeth!" I said my voice getting higher. And I need to get ready" I said. "Come On Cindy, We don't have all day!" I said pounding on the door. But She would not open up. "Girl's what's going on?" Mom asked "Cindy locked me out of the bathroom" I said "she been in there for 45 minutes and I need to Get Ready" I said "So do I" Jan chimed in "Cindy Honey, You need to come out" Mom said "Ok Mommy!" Cindy said Then she walked out of the Bathroom "Its all yours" she said then she walked away. And to Think That's all I would have needed to say. Wow

Carol's POV

It took us only a few minutes to get to Mike's house. Apparently it took a few more minutes for the girl's to get ready because of the Controversy with Cindy Locking Jan and Marcia out. But that got solved. "Girl's were here" I said "Ok" They all said Then We all got out.

"Hey Mike" I said greeting him at the door then of course all the kids went inside "Sorry We're late Cindy Locked me and Jan Out of the bathroom" Marcia said to Mike and Greg As she glared at Cindy. "Hey! You said yourself that Us Women need to look pretty!" Cindy protested. "Oh, Don't worry sometimes Bobby does the same thing but differently" Greg said glaring at Bobby "Hey! It was one little Book report!" Bobby protested "Yeah, That counts for 40% of my grade!" Greg said, "Hey would you kids quit arguing" Mike said looking at them "Fine" they all said at once

Then they all went into another room. "So, What happened with Bobby and Greg?" I asked "Well, Apparently Greg has a book report due after break and Bobby Stole it from him to use it as his report because his teacher assigned one for him to." Mike explained, "Oh" I said, "Well, what happened with Cindy and Marcia?" Mike asked, "Well, Apparently Marcia and Jan wanted to get ready and Cindy locked them out" I explained "Oh" Mike said. "Well, Lets go gather the kids for dinner" Mike said.

At dinner the kids didn't talk so much like they did at Thanksgiving. Apparently they hadn't made up yet. "Look, Would you kids just make up?" Mike asked they just grew quieter. After dinner the kids separated I noticed Greg and Marcia walked away together to Greg's room and Peter and Jan and Cindy walked off and Bobby stayed with us adults.

I wonder what their doing.

Marcia's POV

I was In Greg's bedroom we were both extra silent for a minute. "It will be kind of a shame to give up having my own bedroom next year" Greg trailed off. "Yeah, I know" I said. "Well, Anyways I think we should do what your dad said and make up" I said "I mean It just won't be fun if we move in together and we are all made at each other" I said "yeah, Your Right" Greg said "Then lets do it then" It took us a while to gather everyone but we were all eventually inside Greg's Bedroom and sitting on Greg's bed.

"We gathered you all here because Marcia and I have officially decided that we need to make up" I said Everyone looked at each other then just said "ok" After we made up and a little while more of visiting we all went home. It was 10:00 pm by the time we got home so we all went home.

I set my alarm clock to exactly 9:00 am then I went to sleep


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