Even though it was a time to be brave, I've never been more scared in my life.

I'm only a 15 year old kid! The least I was supposed to worry about was doing my homework and getting the latest COD game, not murderous newborn vampires! I wasn't supposed to be able to turn into one giant werewolf and have part of the insane burden of protecting a whole tribes worth of people from a group of vampires just down the street!

I mean, the Cullens aren't really our enemies, but they weren't what I would call friends either. Our relationship was fucked. One minute we're helping each other, and the next we could be fighting over stupid shit.

And the worse part is, I'm all alone.

Jacob hangs out with his best friends — that have been pals since like, ever. Jared, Paul and Sam are sort of like the "big guys" that enjoy each other's company, well, unless Jared and Sam ditch Paul for their imprints, which wasn't uncommon. Sometimes I could hear Paul swear under his breath about how much he hated imprinting, and then other times I heard him say he wanted to imprint, but that was extremely rare. No guy would ever admit that they wanted to imprint.

There was also Seth and Leah, who sort of had this brother-sister bond going on. Seth was this overly cheerful dude who got along with everyone, and Leah was the exact opposite. However, Leah was a babe, so all her bitterness I found in myself to ignore. She could be a bitch sometimes, but man was she hot.

And then there was him. Brady. A kid who I have hated all my life.

It kind of sucks that he was my only option for company, seeing as no one really wanted to associate themselves with a pup like me. Maybe they'd talk to me for guidance and whatever, but most of the time when were not in wolf mode, I was left on my own.

But like I said, Brady and I never got along. Ever since kindergarten. Hell, we've fought physically on more than on occasion. And no, it wasn't one of those "manly" things guys like to do — this was full-blown fighting. Like legit.

We hate each other. And it doesn't help that our mothers are like best friends. Ugh. Sometimes, I'd have to see Brady in my house and I didn't like it one bit.

Okay, normally I'm a nice, laid back guy, it takes a lot to piss me off, but just the mention of Brady's name and I want to punch someone. Like, it's happened before. The reason my guitar doesn't work as well is cause of that stupid shit.

Okay, breathe. I bet you're wondering why I hate him so much. I usually don't hate people, but I have several reasons to.

The first time we met, went as early as kindergarten, where our mothers took us to school and tried to get us to be friendly towards one another. I had no problem with creating new friends, but apparently Brady did.

Whenever we did arts and crafts, I'd ask Brady for his crayon after he was finished, and all he would do was stop coloring and stare at me before saying "No"

Okay, I know that's silly, but it's serious! And that's not the only time, I remember vividly in third grade when he pushed me off the monkey bars and I had to get a cast for my broken arm. I had it on for six weeks, and I'm still waiting on that apology!

It wasn't until middle school that I really started to hate him. Things got really bad, because now, I was interested in girls, and so was this jerk, Brady.

In fact, there was this particular girl who I had liked. It was seventh grade, and her name was Macy Stevens. She was the hottest girl in school, and well, I had a crush on her. Like any other healthy male, Brady had a crush on her too.

Okay, so what? Big deal, right? Well I guess. I had no problem with a little competition, but the last thing I tolerate in my book is, sneaky, grimy, cunning cheaters.

I asked Macy to the dance first, and she agreed. Every other guy backed off, it was widely unspoken rule that I— Collin had Macy, and there was no possible way someone could dispute that. I got there first, so she was mine.

Except this ass Brady, didn't think so.

So while we were dancing and having a good time or whatever, this punk Brady just came in and took her away!Yeah, yeah. I know that doesn't sound bad, but it was totally wrong! He broke the honor code. He basically came in and took her away.

So, I'm just standing there like an idiot, watching him spit game in her ear. She'd giggle and gasp and whatever, but they were kissing in no time.

That pissed me off, that was Brady's way of telling the world that he thought highly of himself. I mean, he was basically saying that the rules didn't apply to him. That seriously made me so angry, it was hard for me to contain myself.

That was when things started to get violent. At the time, Brady and I were cool. I mean, sure he broke my arm and refused to give me the red crayon, but hey, let bygones be bygones, right?


Brady and I got into an argument, one that escalated in me punching him in the jaw. He never forgave me for that. Psst, the asshole! He fucking broke my arm and I never even freaked out about that like he did. What a pussy.

Anyway, we decided separating would be the best thing when we reached high school. I got into playing the guitar and listening to classic rock. It was one thing I absolutely loved, and I enjoyed doing it.

Of course, Brady would beg to differ.

One day, my mom was having some sort of stupid dinner party and she of course, invited Brady's mom and dad and a whole shit load of other people, with little annoying kids. I was left entertaining the brats who came into my room and poked at my guitar.

The children — who were all five and below, I should add — would not stop yelling so I played some guitar to shut them up, and of course it worked.

So I'm in the middle of playing an AC/DC cover and this jerk just shows up in my room and says; "You play electric guitar? Oh man, Acoustic is so much better. Classic."

Okay? I found it in myself to ignore his childish claims and continued playing the guitar to the stupid brats. Unfortunately, he took this as welcome to continue walking. In fact, he walked in and eyed my baseball gloves before gloatingly talking again.

"But in the end," He deduced "Hip-Hop is ten times better"

I abstained from commenting. Everyone had their own opinion. Some people like Hip-Hop better than Rock and vice-versa. It didn't bother me that he did, but it annoyed me that he thought I cared. And only continued

"Rock sucks in general," he said "I just hate the sound with electric, it kills the soul of the music"

Okay. I'm not really a close minded person, but this was the last straw. Rock does not suck, okay. It's the best genre there is, and well, I wasn't going to take that from anyone. Let alone Brady.

"Get the fuck out of my room, Brady" I twisted his name into making it sound evil. Some of the kids gasped at my language, but I shrugged them off.

Unfortunately, my mom overheard this as she was walking by and almost killed me. I was stuck with a ten minute lecture about language and being nice to Brady and yada yada yada.

So after this stupid lecture, I was sent back to my room, which was thankfully kid-less. But as I was walking towards the door, stupid Brady was fucking playing with my guitar!

"What the hell man," I whisper-yelled. "Get your hands off my guitar"

But under the crappy plucks of music that Brady was attempting, he didn't hear me. The rage filled me to the top and I seized what was rightfully mine.

I had startled Brady, who initially resisted and held my guitar back, defensively. In the process, a string had popped.

"NO!" I screamed "You dumb fuck! Look what you did to my guitar!"

I hadn't noticed how loud my voice was, but as soon as the first profane word escaped my mouth, my mother walked in and hissed. And even worse, Brady's mom walked in too.

Long story short, Brady's mom and my mom got into an argument that lasted ten minutes. Their friendship was officially over and well, I was kind of glad for that. No more Brady, at least.

Afterwards, my mom grounded me. It didn't surprise me, I knew I had it coming, but what pissed me off the most is that she refused to have my guitar repaired!

To this day, I have to play with a guitar that's missing a string. Do you know how terrible that is? That's one pitch, one note I can't play. How is that real music then!

I try not and bicker about it, but seeing his face everyday just reminds me of everything he did. First the crayon and now this? Now, we're both wolves? Why couldn't have been someone else? Why couldn't Brady be one of my friends? Hell, why did it have to be me in the first place?

Another thing that stresses me, is that I can't even tell my parents! They aren't on the council, and I really don't know how to tell them that I burst into a furry wolf at night. I've been trying to find the right moment, but I just can't get the guts too. I mean, how exactly can you tell your parents you're a werewolf?

Brady didn't have a problem with telling his parents. I mean, they were shocked, but they took it. And he told them the day he found out.

That was another reason why I hated him, he had the courage and guts to do things like that. I lacked his bravery, and it pissed me off to no end.

How the hell am I supposed to be a wolf, if I'm a wimp? Why did the spirits think I was the most fit to be a wolf?

Well, apparently Sam didn't think I was ready either. In fact, the whole pack agreed it was safe to keep Brady, Seth and I behind because we were so young. I wasn't one of the two that argued. Seth and Brady were so upset, they fought their cause viciously. Seth was the only one who went somewhere, because he challenged Sam for letting Leah go as well.

Seth and Leah phased around the same time, so they were relativity the same age in wolf years. I guess that made sense. What made Leah more eligible to fight?

Well, that's when it got awkward. Leah of course, hissed that mom needed at least one kid alive to take care of her after Harry passed.

That scared us all. Was she really planning on taking her life at the newborn battle? Was she really that depressed, thats she was willing to leave the world forever?
No signs of denial were coming from Leah's way and that only pissed Seth off more. He argued that he was going if Leah was going and all this brother protection crap.

Sam was freaking out more than anyone about Leah's threat, he almost ordered her that she couldn't think of such things, but as a human, he had no control over her. Who's to say she won't take her life in another way? Not knowing lead Sam into deep paranoia, one that threatened Leah he'd have her on guard 24/7. Course, Leah just claimed it was a joke, though a poorly tasted one. We could all see her lie when she said that though.

It was the Cullens who gave Seth more freedom to roam as he would be helping with the watching of that girl and her leech boyfriend. I never knew anyone who was more ecstatic with being on baby sitter duty.

At this point Brady quit, he was tired of being mollycoddled, but no one could deny that neither of us were ready for that kind of stuff. We both agreed to run patrol and watch out for La Push, though.

In the end, Leah and Sam got into an argument that resulted into everyone phasing back to avoid the awkward conversation.. I only caught the gist of it, and I still get the shivers when I think about it.

Fuck off, Sam.

Leah tell me you aren't serious,

Sam's voice was pleading, it was so sad to see my Alpha begging. I never heard him like this. I've never seen him this desperate about anything.

You don't care about me, Sam I remember the growl Leah released like I heard it yesterday. It was filled with so much aggression and dominance, but I heard a hint of personal depression and loathing somewhere in the depths. I also remember the way Sam flinched. Go eat some muffins

I phased out by that time. I was unable to listen to the rest of that.

In fact, I was so traumatized by that encounter, I totally forgot that I would be stuck patrolling with Brady all day, the next day.

And when I remembered, my day just got ten times worse.