This was probably a bad idea.

In fact, there was no 'probably' about it. The moment Kyon slipped his shoes off at the entrance of Itsuki Koizumi's house, he knew he'd made a mistake.

The mistake had not been entirely obvious at first, though. When Koizumi closed the front door behind them, Kyon had instantly felt trapped; he had known something was wrong.

However, it had been difficult to understand why- at least, at first.

Koizumi had smiled genially as he guided Kyon to the low table in the living room. He had asked him if he would like any tea, and apologised in the most sincere manner than he only brands he had were the cheapest. He had apologised, too, for the 'mess' in his house. Mess? Every inch of Koizumi's house was spotless- it was almost clinical in its cleanliness. The apology could have been a joke; if it had been the old Koizumi, it definitely would've been a lame attempt at humour. Or a considerate attempt to ease the awkward atmosphere. But this Koizumi didn't tack the catch phrase 'just kidding' to the end of his sentence.

For whatever reason, this left Kyon with a sense of foreboding.

Koizumi spoke in the same courteous tones with the same smile that shouldn't have existed anywhere but on the face of a shojo manga hero, but there were slight discrepancies- differences in his behaviour that were barely noticeable, but pronounced enough to put Kyon on edge.

There was a glint of something else in that smile.

Something that made Kyon shudder.

Koizumi's eyes were too cold; he looked even less sincere than usual.

It was almost creepy.

Kyon remembered his earlier exchange with the long-haired Haruhi in the café; "Wow! Aliens and espers? You're serious! That's so cool! And you're saying the 'me' from the other world didn't believe it? Are you sure that was really me and not an extraterrestrial imposter, because my philosophy is you can never be dismissive of data if you want to discover something truly amazing! Well, even if my 'other self' doesn't believe in you I do, whole-heartedly, one hundred percent!"

Haruhi's smile had been as wider than a Halloween pumpkin's. For that moment she had been glowing like a supernova- no, more like an entire galaxy.

That Haruhi had been a comfort. She had been… not exactly the same as her 'real world' counterpart, but similar. She was obviously the same person. A girl who had hoped for aliens and espers all her life, and had grown desperate enough to believe anything- maybe because, in this universe, there was no SOS Brigade to sate her boredom, or to keep her in tune with common sense.

This Haruhi was clutching at straws to fuel her paranormal beliefs; the other Haruhi had perhaps been more sensible. Sensible enough to know, logically, that the paranormal beings she wanted so much couldn't possibly exist in her own Brigade- they really shouldn't have existed on the planet Earth at all.

But she was still, unarguably, the same girl.

The same overly-enthusiastic, irritating, selfish, and yet somehow endearing Haruhi.

She had the same pouting mouth, sharp eyes and cruel tongue- however, she also had the same energy, excitement and that forceful, and infectious, childlike happiness.

"OK!~" Haruhi had said, still smiling. Her new nature at the news of aliens and espers had been so far removed from her previous melancholy it had been almost impossible to believe this Haruhi and that Haruhi were the same person. "We need to infiltrate North High ASAP and meet up with Mikuru and Yuki! Hmn, but…" Haruhi had frowned, her gaze flickering erratically round the café as she thought.

"We can't get in dressed like this." She had gestured to her and Koizumi's Kouyouen Academy uniforms. "What to do, what to do…"

And then she'd snapped her fingers.

"Aha!~" she'd exclaimed, with the air of one who had solved a perplexing math equation. A few people in the café had turned their heads to stare at the strange girl with the loud voice and triumphant expression. "I know! I know some people at North High, I'll just ask to borrow a couple of their uniforms for me and Koizumi."

And by 'borrow', of course, Haruhi had meant 'steal'.

Well, some things never changed, no matter what universe Kyon was in. It seemed parallel universe Haruhi and normal Haruhi had the same penchant for blackmail and theft.

Well, she wouldn't be Haruhi if she had a shred of decency in her.

"You and Koizumi meet me at North High in ten minutes," Haruhi had said, hands on her hips. There was no arguing with that tone of voice- she had stepped into the role of the SOS Brigade chief without a second's thought.

Not that Kyon had wanted to argue with her.

This was exactly what he wanted.

Then Haruhi smiled, swiped Kyon's coffee from the table and downed it, slammed the cup back down with enough force to make the other cups rattle, and marched purposefully out of the door with her face wreathed in a smile that only screamed 'trouble'. Everyone, be it customers or waitresses, who came between Haruhi and the door had scuttled away in fear.

By some stroke of good luck, Koizumi had forgotten his wallet- of course.

Kyon had sighed as he paid for their drinks.

This was another thing that never changed.

Normally, being forced into the role of the SOS Brigade bank filled him with rage (or at least, minor irritation), but this time it only served to make him sigh in relief.

"Ah, excuse me, Kyon," Koizumi had said, smiling, once Haruhi had left. Koizumi had barely touched his own drink; instead, he'd been staring at it, as though attempting to levitate it with his mind. "I hope I do not sound too forward, for it is not my intention to, but I would be appreciative if you would come back to my house for a few minutes."

"Huh?" Kyon had raised a brow.

He didn't trust this Koizumi.

He never trusted Koizumi, but this one… This Koizumi, from the parallel universe, seemed eerily different to the one he knew.

Whereas both Haruhis were almost identical, Koizumi was distinctly different from his real world counterpart, in a way that made Kyon shudder both in the café and, later, at the would-be esper's house.

"It won't take long," Koizumi had promised. "I would hate to interfere with Miss Suzumiya's plans, after all. This is fairly important, though, and I must insist. If you comply now, I won't have to resort to violence."

And Koizumi's smile widened just a little, and he gave a small chuckle.

But he never said 'just kidding'.

He hadn't said it once.

And Kyon was forced to wonder if Koizumi really hadn't been joking at all, because everything else from his mouth- "I love Miss Suzumiya" –had been said bluntly, with nothing in regards to light hearted humour. Even if he had been smiling when he spoke- which, incidentally, hadn't made Kyon feel better.

A Koizumi that took himself seriously was even more disturbing than a human Nagato.

It set Kyon on edge.

Even so, despite his misgivings, Kyon had agreed to go with Koizumi. It would, he reasoned, only be a few minutes- and maybe Koizumi truly did have something important to discus.

Kyon's reluctant acceptance had nothing to do with the fact this Koizumi was rather commanding and that treat of physical violence had sounded far too real to be a joke; no, Kyon thought, it had nothing to do with that.

He wasn't scared of Koizumi.

There was, after all, nothing to be scared of. All he did was smile and offer mysterious advice in such a highly garbled manner it made Kyon want to punch him-

But the Koizumi you know would never punch back. But this one…

Well, would you want to try and find out?

So that was how Kyon found himself sat in Koizumi's house, the imitation of Itsuki Koizumi sat across the table smiling at him.

Kyon didn't want to look at his face.

It was making him feel uneasy.

So Kyon stared resolutely into his cup of cheap tea instead, wishing it had been brewed by Miss Asahina- wishing he was with Miss Asahina and the normal Nagato and normal Koizumi in the SOS Brigade club room.

Not here.

Not here with Koizumi.

"This may seem irrelevant, but I'm curious," said Koizumi, leaning forwards. "Does my house look the same as the house belong to 'me' in your world? Well…" He was still smiling. "Is it?"

Kyon frowned, partly at the question, but mostly at the dangerous expression on Koizumi's face.

'Dangerous', huh…?

Since when was Koizumi ever 'dangerous'?

Kyon ran a list through his head of the numerous other adjectives he'd attached to Koizumi's smiles; sickening, weird, creepy, certainly handsome but far too fake to be endearing.

But not dangerous.

Haruhi had wanted a mysterious transfer student, but this Koizumi- the one who had no cause to act as a character or fulfil a role- was far more 'mysterious' than the Koizumi Kyon knew.

"If it's an irrelevant question you shouldn't ask it," said Kyon.

Koizumi laughed. "Were you always this rude to my other self?"

Kyon began to trace a pattern in the table top, averting his gaze. He turned over possible replies in his head, most of them sarcastic- but he wasn't sure how this Koizumi would react. Kyon hated feeling as though Koizumi had some kind of power over him, but this new person was so far removed from Itsuki Koizumi despite his face and name he was a virtual stranger.

Was this the real Koizumi? Was this how the Itsuki Koizumi from the real world acted behind his mask of false smiles and psychobabble?

"The real me is far less pleasing to the eyes of others."

That was what Koizumi had said once.

Kyon had never given it much thought until now.

In some strange, twisted sense, was this Koizumi more 'real' than the one Kyon knew? But that thought was nothing short of disturbing, like finding out your friendly next door neighbour was actually a serial killer.

"Well, Kyon…"

In one swift move Koizumi was leant across the table, fingers under Kyon's chin, forcing the other to look him in the eye. He was too close. Much too close. Was this another constant that never changed?

But Koizumi had never invaded Kyon's space like this before. Koizumi's bangs were brushing Kyon's face, and their noses were almost bumping.

Kyon felt his heartbeat speed up.

He wanted to push Koizumi away- to get up, to leave…

But he couldn't.

It wasn't that Kyon was frozen in place from fear, or unable to throw a punch. He'd shaken Koizumi off countless times before (although, granted, this Koizumi seemed far more… intent than the real one).

But Kyon knew he couldn't leave. He needed Koizumi. He needed all five SOS Brigade members- he was positive they were the 'keys' Nagato had mentioned in her e-mail.

Gathering them all together in the club room was the only way Kyon could go back home.

But that meant Koizumi held some kind of power over him. And the worst thing was, Kyon was sure Koizumi knew it.

"My other self may have no problem with being completely spineless. I'm not aware of the situation in this 'other world'. For all I know, you could be lying to me- even though Miss Suzumiya is excitable enough to believe anything."

The smirk that spread across Koizumi's lips made Kyon wince; somehow (although it may have been Kyon's imagination) Koizumi didn't look completely sane.

"But the Itsuki Koizumi in this universe- that is to say, myself- does not have a reason to act in such a pathetic manner, so please don't speak to me in such a rude manner again. Manners are a virtue~"

Kyon could only stare at Koizumi, eyes wide; he couldn't move his head. Koizumi still had hold of him- he was still too close.

I always found Koizumi's plastic smiles annoying. I complained about them- told him he should act more like a real human being.

But if this is Itsuki Koizumi being genuine, then… I wish he'd go back to pretending again.

This could be a case of 'be careful what you wish for.'

Either way, I've learnt my lesson. I'd like a refund- I want to take this faulty Itsuki Koizumi back and get his head re-wired! Would that be a problem?

Koizumi laughed softly. His breath fanned across Kyon's face, making him wince, turn his head away.

Still, Koizumi didn't release his grip.

"I suppose, when I asked you to compare my house and the house of the 'Itsuki Koizumi' you knew… Really, I meant this." Koizumi's voice grew softer, quicker, more frenzied. Angry. Thinly veiled anger, masked only by his splintering smile- and, again, Kyon had nagging doubt Koizumi was not right in the head.

"I've lived on this earth for sixteen years. Not even once have I doubted my existence. And then this person who calls himself 'John Smith'- an obvious lie- appears and starts spouting some science fiction bullshit about parallel universes and time travel straight from a pretentious movie. And he says I'm not me. I'm somebody else. Or, rather, I shouldn't exist." Koizumi tilted his head, peering at Kyon from under his lashes. "You can imagine my curiosity at this 'other Itsuki Koizumi', can't you? How do we compare..." His eyes narrowed. "And you can imagine my anger. Denial, maybe. 'I'm the real one. I'm me. Nobody else.' Well… That's what I meant."

Koizumi released Kyon at that. An expression of disgust flitted across his face, which he did not bother to disguise. Koizumi was looking down at his hands as though he'd been handling something dirty- and, once more, Kyon was reminded of Koizumi's too-clean house.

He's not right in the head…

Kyon fell back onto his knees, exhaling heavily. He hadn't even realised he'd been holding his breath. He could still feel the warmth from Koizumi's fingers on his skin, even though he wasn't being held in place anymore.

Kyon felt ill.


This wasn't the Koizumi he knew.

Kyon had made a mistake.

He needed to leave. He needed to get back to North High- to find Haruhi and Nagato and Asahina.

He needed to get back to his own world.

Was Haruhi waiting for them already?


"You say that, but you don't mean it," said Koizumi levelly. A façade of calm. It didn't suit his smiling face. "You're talking about the other one, aren't you? I have to say… That pisses me off."

Koizumi's eyes grew darker. Kyon had seen this happen before on rare occasions- however, closed space and the celestial blue giants had always been involved. Never before had this glare been directed solely at Kyon.

"What to do, what to do…" Koizumi sighed. Folded his arms. "If what you say about this parallel universe is true, then you really are a nuisance." That smirk broke across Koizumi's lips again, split across his handsome face like an ugly wound. "Your presence is disgusting, actually. I can hardly bear to look at you- it's making me feel sick."

Kyon couldn't help but flinch.

He didn't know how to react.

Koizumi's sharp eyes noticed Kyon's discomfort.

"Oh?" he beamed. "You're not used to such harsh words? By my standards, I was being fairly polite. I have a low tolerance for irritating people. Especially those that would do harm to Miss Suzumiya. The 'me' from your universe must have liked you a lot to be so very courteous. How interesting."

"What are you saying?" Kyon asked, slamming his palms on the table. His cup of untouched tea gave a jump of surprise, spilling its contents across the table.

That horrible expression of disgust flickered across Koizumi's face once more.

"If you hate me as much as you say, then that should give you enough initiative to help me! I'll leave your universe- leave Haruhi- and then you can-"

But Kyon never finished.

In one quick movement, hair flying and eyes narrowing and fingers grabbing, gripping, Koizumi had hold of Kyon's tie, pulling him across the table so suddenly Kyon's elbow knocked over Koizumi's cup of tea in the process.

Koizumi was too close again- much, much too close.

"And then what?" Koizumi asked. He was grinning, but his voice was low, almost predatory. "Let's say I believe your delusion. I believe in this parallel world, in aliens and espers, this 'other me' and this other Haruhi Suzumiya. You say your universe is the 'real' universe. What does that make my universe? What does that make me?"

Kyon couldn't breathe. He couldn't move.

His heart was beating faster and faster.

"If this is a parallel world as you say, and you are not merely deluded, then what will happen to it after you leave? Would it continue to exist as normal? Or… Would it cease to exist? What if your absence brought about the destruction of this universe- of over six billion humans beings? We could die if you left. You'd kill us all. And then you'd be nothing more than a murderer. And I don't want to die because of the selfishness of one person. I would much rather be the selfish one in this situation. Ah…" Koizumi grinned. "If it is true, and the 'me' from your universe is protecting the world from Haruhi's powers, in this case the 'me' in this universe is protecting this world from you. Maybe the Itsuki Koizumi in your world is not so different to me."

"The Koizumi I know is nothing like you," Kyon said flatly. His eyes narrowed. "Koizumi would never act like this."

"Then you can't know me very well."

And Kyon was forced to admit this was the truth. He didn't know Koizumi- not at all. The personality he displayed was more similar to Nagato's than anything else; one dimensional, emotionless.

But Kyon knew Koizumi would never act like this- he was friendly, polite.

This Koizumi was a psychopath.

The real Koizumi wasn't like this underneath his false smiles, was he? He couldn't be…

Koizumi chuckled. "Did I hit the nail on the head?"

"Get off me." Kyon's eyes were narrowed, his shoulders shaking. He liked to think his voice was calm, authoritative- try to channel Haruhi's Brigade Leader spirit. Haruhi would never let anyone push her around like this.

Certainly not Koizumi.

Koizumi shook his head, smiling with obvious amusement. "No."


"No," Koizumi repeated, leaning in closer, closer- some horrible parody of a kiss, but their mouths never connected. Instead, Koizumi placed one slender on the other's lips, silencing him. "You're addressing me by that name, but all the while you're thinking of the 'other one'; the Itsuki Koizumi you profess to know. Can you imagine how rude that is? Every word out of your mouth is an insult; I would much rather if you shut up and said nothing at all."

"Y-you bastard!"

And Kyon was trying to break free; somehow, subconsciously, he was trying to smash his fists into Koizumi's handsome smiling hideous face- he wanted to hear the satisfying crack of bones and pain and what was he doing? He needed Koizumi to help him- he was one of the 'keys'- he needed all the SOS Brigade together so he could go home, but-

Kyon gasped as Koizumi threw him to the floor. He landed on his back, sparks of pain flaring up his spine. He could hear the blood pounding in his head; his heart was alternating between beating too fast and not beating at all.

Kyon felt a weight settle upon his chest he gasped again, tried to push himself up, but he couldn't. Koizumi was leaning directly above him, pinning him down. Their faces were inches away again.

Koizumi didn't even have a single mark on his face. The bitter knowledge none of his hits had connected, whilst Koizumi had managed to push Kyon down onto the floor, was just embarrassing; the cherry on the icing of the cake of humiliation.

Kyon tried to squirm, but it was futile; Koizumi was stronger than him, and his useless attempts only made Koizumi's grin more and more disturbed.

Oh God, I hope he isn't getting off on this…

I always knew he was a weirdo, but this is just… Just…

Fuck, this is sick.

In the end, Kyon gave up, hoping to salvage what little of his pride he had left. It was lucky he had never had too much pride to begin with, considering most people at his school saw him as Haruhi's lapdog.

Maybe that was something to thank Haruhi for.

"Now, that wasn't very smart," said Koizumi softly, staring intently into Kyon's eyes. "And I thought you needed my help. I'm not going to help anybody who tries to assault me."

Kyon turned his head away, wincing. "Tch… I thought we were going to meet Haruhi- that was the plan, right?"

It was difficult to remain calm under such circumstances, but- somehow- Kyon managed it. He was inordinately thankful for his inner snark; it had created a wall of cynicsm not even Koizumi's proximity could penetrate.


Given our current positions, that was an unfortunate word to choose.

Koizumi's eyes widened slightly at Kyon's words. His smirk faltered. He looked almost lost… confused.

His expression was softer than before.

So was his voice.

"We… will be meeting Miss Suzumiya. I… can't change that. If she really believes you- if she really wants to find this 'parallel universe'- then I cannot stop her. I wouldn't want to make her unhappy. I… can't. And I don't want to see her looking sad."

Koizumi didn't sound angry anymore. Instead, there was real melancholy in those words- a sense of grief.


"In an extraordinarily short space of time Miss Suzumiya has grown to trust you, whereas it took her weeks to open up to me. And when you were talking to her, she seemed so happy… Ha." Koizumi gave a short, mirthless laugh. "Miss Suzumiya seems to hold ordinary humans in disregard, but when she was with you… She seemed so happy. Maybe this gives your ridiculous 'parallel universe' nonsense some credit; maybe you do know each other in a different universe… John Smith. I'm… jealous. What could she possibly see in somebody like you? I wonder…"

Koizumi had leant in closer to Kyon during his monologue; whispering in his ear as though confessing a sin or secret. Their bodies were pressed together; Kyon shuddered at the contact. This was far too intimate...

Koizumi lifted his head to look into Kyon's eyes, his breath ghosting across the other's face. Kyon's skin prickled at the alien sensation. He tried to turn his head away, but Koizumi's invading fingers forced it in place; Kyon couldn't move.

Again, there was that predatory glint in Koizumi's eyes.

He's not sane.

Would the real Koizumi ever have done something like this?

Images of the Koizumi Kyon knew flickered through his head- his cryptic words; his carefully constructed mask; those brief, almost non-existent fractures in his manufactured personality…

The Haruhi from this universe and the Haruhi Kyon knew were practically identical.

Did that make both Koizumis carbon copies as well?

Could the only real difference between them be that the Koizumi Kyon knew had done a better job of hiding his true personality than this one?

But Kyon didn't want to think about that.

"You've got nothing to say? Well… I have a lot I still need to tell you," said Koizumi softly.

"You always spoke too much."

"Is that so? Well…" Koizumi smiled. "Conversation takes up too much time. An error in translation- a misunderstanding in communication- can happen so easily. It's a shame. But words can only convey so much, so… Heh… Please forgive me."

Koizumi ducked his head gracefully, his bangs falling in front of his eyes. He didn't pause to push them away; instead, his grip on Kyon's arms tightened, so much so it almost hurt- but even if it did, Kyon had too much pride to say.

And then, suddenly, a warm sensation was spreading across Kyon's neck- and Kyon couldn't help but let out a small gasp.

Koizumi was kissing him.

Koizumi was kissing him.


Kyon tried to keep his voice steady.

He failed quite spectacularly at it.

Koizumi drew his head away, smiling. The smile was not at all comforting. His bangs were hanging in front of his eyes; most of his face was cast into shadow. A strand of saliva connected his mouth with Kyon's neck- Kyon winced- but it severed when Koizumi tilted his head.

"Hmn?" Koizumi asked, feigning innocence. "What's wrong?"

It was some time before Kyon replied. It was hard to breathe, and his heart wouldn't stop pounding; he opened his mouth, but the sounds wouldn't come out. He swallowed, but his mouth felt dry, as though it were stuffed with cotton wool.

Kyon didn't want to stutter or sound weak in front of Koizumi, but he knew it was too late; that smirk on Koizumi's face told him as much.

"I thought you liked Haruhi- I-I thought… W-what the fuck is this? Ngh…"

Kyon flinched as Koizumi leant down again, licking his neck experimentally, trying to provoke a reaction- or maybe Koizumi was trying to shut him up.

Koizumi smiled at the breathy moan he'd produced, and made a small, contemplative noise.

"Hmn~" Then, he laughed. "How stupid. You think I'm doing this because I care for you? Rather, I hate you. I don't even want to look at you."

Kyon's skin felt too sensitive all of a sudden. When Koizumi exhaled against it, it was all he could do to suppress himself from reacting; he didn't want to give that smug, smiling bastard the satisfaction. He bit his lower lip, but he couldn't stop himself from twitching slightly.

"T-then… W-why…?"

"Why?" Koizumi surveyed Kyon lazily, that amused expression twisting his handsome face into something more grotesque… Monstrous.


"Well… I have already come to the depressing, yet inevitable, conclusion that I will have to help you, regardless of my feelings. And, let me assure you, I don't want to. But I can't defy Miss Suzumiya. I love her."

Kyon tensed as Koizumi's lips pressed against the exposed skin of his neck once more, leaving a trail of kisses and saliva in a sloppy, lackadaisical way. That bastard didn't much care what he was doing; there was no emotion behind it.

Koizumi was screwing with Kyon's mind for fun, just to prove he was stronger.

To dominate.

Kyon was so used to Koizumi acting as a doormat- Haruhi's personal yes man- that this display of control was making his head spin, his eyelids clamp shut, and he couldn't help the small groan that emitted from his lips.

Fucking bastard…

Koizumi was speaking again, disrupting Kyon's thoughts- none of which were very pleasant.

"I'm going to do what you want~"

"Ngh… I don't fucking want this. G-get off me…"

Koizumi grinned. "I didn't mean this. I was referring to your plan. I'll go along with it- but not for you. For Haruhi. So please don't think for a second that you hold any power over me- because you don't. Our current situation should give you some idea of this."

There was another fumble of motion; lips and skin and slick and wet and- ngh… Kyon tensed with pain. Teeth were as scraping against his neck, creating friction against his damp skin which was already too sensitive and- fuck- Koizumi was biting down, drawing blood- but his tongue was there again, licking at the wound, then biting down again with more pressure, and it hurt- it hurt.

Kyon shuddered as Koizumi's tongue ravaged the open wounds and split skin left behind by his teeth. The esper's hot mouth latched around the abused skin, sucking on it- and Kyon realised, with a horrified gasp, that Koizumi was- effectively- drinking his blood.

"You see," Koizumi explained softly, whispering in Kyon's ear. "I don't much want to die. If my hypothesis is correct, and this world does disappear after you leave, what would happen to me? It is a selfish thought… But I am a selfish person, and I don't want to become a mere memory when you leave. I want to give you a reminder of my existence. Is that really such a bad thing?~"

Koizumi smirked at Kyon's unguarded, terrified expression, and bit down on his ear. There was no reason for it; it was another display of possession. Of power.

He did it because he could.

At the same time, Kyon felt Koizumi's fingers running down his front- they were snaking under his shirt, feeling the exposed skin. Kyon felt the blood freeze in his veins and his heart stop beating as they reached, and then stayed, at his belt.

Kyon's eyes widened; he had been deluding himself that Koizumi would never do that- not even this deranged, laughing, sick bastard was Itsuki Koizumi only in name- but his hopes had been naïve. Too hopeful.

Koizumi fully intended to go through with his threats.

"I am Itsuki Koizumi. I am just as real as the Itsuki Koizumi you know. And I will not become a mere memory so easily."

And Kyon knew he wasn't joking.

He wasn't even smiling- instead, it was a twisted, insane smirk; but Kyon was thankful for that.

He knew that would have made it worse.

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