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He… had fallen. Failed, but yet… he felt prouder than ever, lying on that stone floor, in the arms of a bangaa, solid and strong. One young ninja had saved Marche's life, in spite of his own. And now, he lay in the arms of his best friend, and close clan mate, Elmon. In his final dying moments, one would have another chance, but the time was yet to come.

As he lay in the ghost town of Jagd Dorsa, his spirits were gone as the last of his life dissipates and the legacy of the only Ninja with the skill of Blue Magi remains on the breath of the wind, and no longer would he be fighting against the evils of this land known as Ivalice, but resting in the afterlife with his parents.

But the best had yet come.

A legacy of one, shall end unfinished
Life forms in a new time, a new place
But one shall claim a legacy remembered
and once again, shall Ultima be remembered.

Thy shall face, friends, enemies and those in between
As a journey evolves throughout more
Friends shall be encountered, enemies vanquished
Once more shall they reign.

But a threat yields sleeping, rest undisturbed
That Grimore shall be the key
In saving this land from miserie
And once more, shall there be peace.

As this young hero, finds friends and love
Never forget will they, and all will remember
When they traveled throughout worlds
To find salvation between.