I thought it was going to be a short little one shot, but writing it was too much fun. Here's chapter two, from Blaine's perspective. (:

Nothing bad could come of it, right? After all, he had known of most of the kids in the McKinley High School Glee club. Knowing Kurt, it would probably have been Finn and Rachel, or Mercedes and her boy toy at the moment. The fact of the manner was Kurt was being annoyingly persistent that Blaine go with him and a few friends to BreadstiX.

"Sure, I'd love to go!" Blaine said after a few seconds of silence. The smile on his face didn't quite reach his eyes, and Blaine was glad Kurt had run off in a fit of joy before he noticed. Blaine was sure it was going to be a double date and he knew that Kurt was trying very hard to make it that way.

"It will just be us and a couple of my friends from school. They're sort of a couple I guess." The end of his sentence trailed off, as if he had said too much. Blaine knew exactly what this meant. Kurt was trying to turn a "friends outing" into a double date.

It's not like he didn't like Kurt. In fact, the boys had gotten really close over the two months that they had known each other. They often spent late nights texting each other and talking about anything that was on their minds. One of Kurt's favorite subjects was the perfect guy, and Kurt's list always seemed to describe Blaine. It was blatantly obvious that Kurt had a crush on the kid, and Blaine thought it was cute- the kind of cute that could also describe a couple of kittens. Or a pink sweater. Or a couple of kittens wearing pink sweaters. In a basket.

While all of the attention really was nice and it was amazing to have someone to just talk to for hours, Blaine's mind always seemed to feel guilty afterwards, for a few reasons. He was leading Kurt on. He was getting too comfortable with a boy he had no intention of being in a relationship with. And he still had feelings for a boy he met at Dalton.

Same Evans had been his roommate before he transferred to another school a few hours away, and Blaine still wasn't sure why. They met while they were freshmen, and Blaine found he was attracted to the guy immediately. His boyish charm. His blonde hair. His smile. All of the geeky things about him, from his secret comic book collection he had been harboring under his bed to the Spider Man pajamas he still wore to bed some nights. Blaine thought it ridiculously cute, and Sam was really a good guy. The two often stayed up at night talking into the morning, and it wasn't far off when Blaine had confessed his feelings for the boy. Blaine knew Sam was admittedly "straight," but he felt like there was something between the two of them. Straight guys wouldn't spend every day with you, and cuddle with you at night. Straight guys wouldn't let you cry on their shoulders. Straight guys wouldn't let you kiss them. And they definitely wouldn't kiss you back.

Blaine thought about Sam often. They had so many memories together and, it all just disappeared. The night that they kissed was one of the last times he had seen him. It was a night just like any other, and they were both busy studying in the dorm, and they somehow managed to get a little closer than they had before. They started wrestling, playfully, on Sam's too-small-for-comfort single bed, and before he had known what happened, Blaine was on top of the blonde, looking right into his amazingly crisp blue eyes. Blaine knew Sam was straight. He also knew he had such strong feelings for this boy, and in the end a rush of hormones overcame rational thought and he kissed him. What could have been a huge disaster ended up being one of the best moments of Blaine's life, until Sam pulled away. Blaine knew automatically that something was wrong.

"I- I'm sorry!" Blaine stammered as Sam pulled open the door and ran out. His mind was working faster than it ever had, and Blaine couldn't think of anything else to do besides try and go to sleep. He ended up lying awake all night, waiting for Sam to come back. He didn't. A week went by and they were sleeping in different rooms. A week went by and they weren't talking. Every time he tried to confront the boy about it, he made an excuse or simply walked away.

It wasn't long after that that Blaine had heard that Sam was transferring out of Dalton. This crushed Blaine. He watched him pack up his things in silence. The Spiderman pajamas, his entire DVD collection, and eventually even the secret-ultra-rare comic books under his bed were packed into boxes. The two didn't speak at all the entire time Blaine watched him pack his things, as he stolidly held back tears.

'I'm sorry, but I can't do this anymore. I don't hate you, but Dalton isn't for me anymore.' For weeks Blaine would cry in his now much emptier dorm room. It was the most vulnerable he had ever felt.

And now, here he was, a year and almost a half later, leading on a boy who wanted to take him out on a double date. Here he was, still thinking of a boy that seemed like a distant memory, while Kurt desperately tried to coax him into furthering their relationship. But now he had a chance to move on and be someone else's saving grace. He decided to put all of the memories Sam behind him.

The night finally came around after a few days of anxiety about it. Blaine picked up Kurt at seven. He, of course, was looking adorable and there was a large grin on his face the entire car ride to Breadsticks. Blaine kept the mood light and airy, and was focused on making this a good night for the both of them, until Kurt introduced his friends.

"Blaine!" Kurt said. "These are my friends."

All of the memories came flooding back to him. The boy who loved Pokémon, comic books, and grilled cheese was standing in front of him. The boy he had watched so many movies with, got into so much trouble with, and had the best times of his life with. The boy he loved for so long was right there. With a girl. And apparently, they were a couple.

'Crap. I made him straight. Well, maybe I didn't. I'm not that bad a kisser, am I?'

Blaine stood in shock, and Kurt moved to diffuse the tension. Or, er, try to at least.

"Hi!" He said in a light voice, taking Sam's hand. It was like electricity. "I'm Blaine." He smiled. "Nice to meet you." The words stung.