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Prompt: Multimedia Share : Chronicle, hopeful, beginning

It's all about change.

Leaving there.

Arriving here.

Tears exchanged for smiles. Loneliness left behind for hope.

My short life has been nothing to be joyful of.

I'm a shell of a girl. One with a heart that beats, but does not feel. A soul that exists, but never soars.

An empty life.

A girl that wants and wants and wants and never receives.

My dreams are big, my wishes are bigger.

It's possible. Anything's possible. I just have to go after it.

But my dreams and wishes are nothing compared to my fears.

But that's what has brought me here.

I'm finally venturing out to live on my own, conquer my fears, chase my dreams.





No, no - not just a job, a profession.

Those, not in any particular order.

Just... dreams.

Attainable dreams.


One breath, one blink, one move, one step at a time, I'll get there.

Where ever there is - my destination, the one that's written in the stars. I'll find it.

Then I'll claim it and all that's been empty will be filled.

No longer will I be a barren spirit, a vacant being, a lifeless girl.

I'll be... everything. Everything I've ever dreamed.


Once you choose hope, anything's possible. ~Christopher Reeve

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I have a major case of massive writers block so I'm going to try my hand and this prompt thing to hopefully shake me out of it. I'm warning you now, I really have no idea what I'm doing, so if I don't promise you anything, you wont be disappointed in me right? Really, I. Am. Clueless. And I am always game for suggestions...