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Welcome to the Fortune Cup

-Tsunas Mind & Pov-

W-where am I?


I turned around when I heard a voice say my name. But noone was there. Currently I'm in a field full of flowers of every color and I'm wearing a strapless white knee length dress.


It's that voice again, I turned around this time I saw a man standing there. He had on a white, button-up, short sleeved collared shirt, and black pants, his blonde hair defied gravity, and his eyes were bright orange. But the disturbing thing was that there was a orange flame on his forehead, and it didn't seem to hurt him at all.

"A-are you the one...that's been calling me?" I asked him.

He nodded.

"Does that hurt?"I asked as I pointed to the flame on his forehead.

He shook his head.

"What's your name?"

"Giotto." He said with a smile I blushed for some unknown reason.

'Tsunayoshi. You have one also." He told me, but I just stared at him strangely. He sighed, picked me up, and carried me over to a pond. I saw my reflection, I had the same orange flame on my forehead, only mine's smaller.

I just stared at my reflection blankly.

-End of Tsunas Pov_ Giottos Pov-

I was surprised that Tsunayoshi just had a blank look at her face. She used to be fascinated when she was younger, yes I have watched over Tsunayoshi since she was a baby. Then she began to become transparent. I put a card in her hands and kissed her cheek before saying:

"Good luck" and then she was gone.

-Real World, Tsunas Pov-

I groaned as I opened my eyes, then I remembered Giotto and when he kissed me. I blushed and buried my face in my pillow. Then I felt something in my hands I looked and saw it was a card with Giotto on it, on the card he wore a black suit, a black cape, and he wore metal gloves with a numeral 1 on it. The card is 'Vongola Primo-Giotto'.

"G-Giotto." I stuttered as I stared at the card, the door to my room opened, and Sayer and Akiza walked in.

"Oh Tsunayoshi, your awake." Sayer said, I just nodded.

"Are you alright Tsunayoshi?" Akiza asked, I nodded again.

"What's this, Vongola Primo-Giotto." Sayer said a looked over my shoulder, I didn't even notice him come over to my bed.

"AH w-well it's time to go right? I'm gonna get dressed." I said before I pushed them out of the room. And got dressed into a sleeveless collared white shirt, a orange and white jacket with a black skull on it, black fingerless gloves,(the jacket Tsuna wore version 03 you can find it on ) a green jeans skirt, white knee high socks, and orange shoes. I grabbed my duel disk, and my deck. Then I left to find Akiza and Sayer so we could leave for the Kaiba Dome.

-Fast Forward, Kaiba Dome-

"Duelist young and all alike-" I wish he would shut up so I can duel already. I'm standing next to Akiza with my arms crossed as I tapped my foot on the ground impatiently.

"THE FORTUNE 9!" FINALLY! The ceiling above of us opened up and the floor below us brought us up. Then we were in the crowds sight completely.

"Now let's here it for the always mysterious Shira!

The Great Graiger!

Commander Koda!

The Professor!

The Beautiful Rica

Akiza Izinski!

Tsunayoshi Sawada!

Sir Lancemore!

Miss Luna!

And Yusei Fudo!"

Suddenly some guy in the stands pointed out the mark on Yusei's face and people began to 'boo' him but he just stood his ground, it's like he didn't hear those harsh words they threw at him. I just stood here awed by him, he didn't say a word, but hearing all the things those people said started to anger me. THEY said that just because he's from satellite!

I was about to take a monster card from my pocket. But Graiger took the microphone from the MC and gave a speech about how a duelist shouldn't be judged just because of the place they come from, their family, or how much money they have, but by their spirit and he would have no reason to disrespect them until that duelist gave him a reason to.

Everyone was silent then Mr. Goodwin began to clap and everyone else did the same.

"Thank you for those well chosen and heart felt words. In our world social status and personal wealth draws a line between ourselves and fellow men. But I had a vison of a duel tournament that would, even if only for a fleeting while would remove that line. A tournament separate from the competition of life, where the haves and the have nots could meet each other on a level playing field. And prove themselves to each other and to the world. Fellow duelists welcome to the Fortune Cup!" Goodwin said and cheers were heard all over the stadium.

"And now, to the bracket shuffler and find out who's dueling who in the first match." the Mc said.

Well it looks like I'm going against that Rica lady. I looked over at her, ignoring what 'Luna' was exclaiming. Rica had waist length pink hair, part of it was up in a side ponytail, she had sky blue eyes, and tan skin. She wore a tight yellow shirt that revealed her tummy, a tight white mini skirt, and pink knee high boots with high heels on them. She looked like she was around Akiza's age.

Then we all left and went to another area where we could see the duel on a television. It was Luna against Graiger I leaned against the wall when my opponent suddenly walked over.

"Aw~ you're so adorable~." she cooed at me. What the crap I'm ten, less than half her age!

"But just because you're adorable doesn't mean I'll go easy on you. So you should just run away." she said darkly. Wow, does she have a split personality?

"Heh I was hoping you wouldn't easy anyway. And why would I run away? This is going to be so much fun. Plus I have plans here, so back off pinky, cause I'm going to walk all over you in our duel." I said with a smirk.

"Don't take me so lightly kid." she growled.

"What~ever. You'll see how righteous I am anyway so~ see ya later pinky~." I said, walking away with my arms behind my head. I know I shouldn't act so cocky as Sayer would say. But she started it saying I should run. I will win, no matter what.

-Fast Forward_ Tsuna and Rica's Duel-

"And now, the match between The Adorable, Tsunayoshi, who we also have no record of, is being challenged by The Beautiful, Talented Rica." the MC exclaimed into the microphone. I am not adorable, right?

"Now let the duel begin!" he exclaimed."

Duel Start!


"I'll go first! I summon Dark Tinker and set 1 card! That will end my turn!" she said with a smirk.

Dark Tinker: Atk:1000/Def:1300

"Hey, are you trying to scare me? Cause it's not working. I activate Double Summon! So I'm gonna summon Chosen Warrior and The Hit Woman! Now I set 1 card! And activate Ookazi." I said.

Chosen Warrior: Atk:1100/Def:500

The Hit Woman: Atk:1600/Def:100

"No way! I activate Raigeki Break!"Rica called out.

"I activate my spell Twister to get rid if your Raigeki Break. Now you lose 800 life points."


"O-ow!" Rica shouted.

"It's not over yet, Chosen Warrior attack Dark Tinker!" I Chosen Warrior attacked Rika's monster.


"No! Not Dark Tinker!" Rica yelled.

"The Hit Woman, attack her directly." I said. Then The Hit Woman attacked Rica.


"OW YOU BRAT!" Rica shouted at me.

"I don't appreciate being called a brat. But I'll let it slide, I'm still mad about what you said about someone very important to me and telling me to run. So that's only part of your punishment. Oh and I end my turn." I said with a smile.

"About someone...important to you?" Rica asked.

-Flashback_ Akiza and Lancemore's Duel, Noone's Pov-

"Hmph how dare she even show her face here. Who does that WITCH think she is? Coming here, wanting terrorize the innocent people here! She should just vanish from the of the earth." Rica said in a snobby tone.

-End Flashback_ Still Noone's Pov-

"Ack, you care about that witch? You're no better than her! You deserve to be her-!"

"Watch your mouth Pinky! I can do a lot more damage than what I've already done! Hurry up and finish your turn! I'll win, I'll finish you off, leaving you in the dust! I'm gonna walk all over you like I promised!" Tsunayoshi snapped.

"Grr fine! You'll see how wrong you are!" Rica snapped back.

"I summon Lord of D. in attack mode, now I activate Miniaturize and use on your Hit Woman!"

Lord of D.:Atk:1200/Def:1100

Hit Woman: Atk:800/Def:100

"Lord of D. attack that Mini Witch's Hit Woman!" Rica commanded. Lord of D. destroyed Tsunayoshi's Hit Woman.


Duel End!

"Now that ends my turn." she said with a cocky smirk.

"Whatever. I activate Life from my hand, it allows me to bring a monster back from my graveyard to the field. Now I activate Share, with this Chosen Warrior will have the same amount of attack points as Lord of D.." Tsunayoshi said calmly.

Chosen Warrior: Atk:1200/Def:500

"Chosen Warrior attack Lord of D.!" Tsunayoshi exclaimed, pointing at Lord of D..

Chosen Warrior attacked Lord of D., and both monsters were destroyed.


"Ugh sacrificing your monster like that and nothing happened! Oh well I know the winner of this duel will be me!" Rica shouted but Tsunayoshi just started giggling, then it turned into complete LMFAO laughter.


"UGH YOU MANIACAL LITTLE WITCH SHUT UP!" Rica shouted, a anger vain throbbed on her head. That made Tsunayoshi stop laughing and it was her turn to have a anger vain.

"I'm not a Maniacal Little Witch! Oh well this is over anyway." Tsunayoshi said tilting her head to the side.

"Hit Woman, shoot her down. Attack her directly." Tsunayoshi said, turning away slightly.

Hit Woman pulled a gun from the holder on her waist, pointing at Rica, with a pull of the trigger a loud crack rang through the air.


"Well that's that, I win." Tsunayoshi said as Rica sat on the ground, the heels of her boots broken.

"And 'that' was a nice version of my vow." Tsuna said, smirking.

"SHE'S A MINI WITCH! SHE HAS CONNECTIONS TO THE BLACK ROSE WITCH! SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE ON THIS EARTH!" Rica shouted as Tsunayoshi disappeared left the field. The crowd's shouts were heard, agreeing Tsunayoshi was a 'Mini Witch'.

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