I know, I know. I probably should be working on my other story, but it's all the plot bunny's fault. It came and gave me the last little plot twist and ran away before I could ask when happened next. Anyways, I was feeling a little angst-y (probably because winter break is almost over) and decided to write this. This probably takes place after the manga, considering Ed and Winry are engaged unofficially or whatever, but I haven't read all of it yet due to lack of money and access to them at the library. So I'll just assume they end up together. No spoilers please!

Also, this is my first FMA fic, so if everyone is OOC I'm sorry!

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** Also, for the purposes of this story, Al's human form has been restored.

A flicker. That was all she needed. For a muscle to twitch at the corner of his mouth, or for his fingers to squeeze into a fist. Something to let her know he was at least alive, though unresponsive. It was irrational, she knew, but she couldn't help but feel betrayed when he wouldn't respond to her voice, her touch. She felt that if he were to wake up for anything, it would be for her or the brother he had struggled to protect knowing it would put him in this exact position: stuck in a white hospital bed, sheets pulled tight across his chest, IV in his arm, heart monitor making Winrys own heart thump each time it took a fraction of a second longer than the last to confirm he was indeed alive.

A hand came to rest on her shoulder, making her startle.

"Winry." Said the voice, "You've been here for a long time. Go home, get some sleep. Brother will still be here in the morning."

Surprised, she looked out the window, and sure enough the streets of Central had taken on an orange hue, signifying the late afternoon hour.

"Yeah." She sighed, standing up and smoothing down her skirt. "I guess my starving won't help him." She smiled weakly at her own lame attempt of lightening the mood.

"He's gonna wake up, y'know. I'm sure of it. This isn't the kind of thing that takes him out. He won't go this easily."

She nodded. "I really, really hope so. I'll see you later." She said, knowing that sleep wouldn't come and she would probably see him when he came back to the little apartment they shared late at night, sitting in that chair by the window, looking outside as she had for the last four days.

Winry paused by the door.

"Oh, and Al?"


"Make sure you get some sleep soon, too."

"Sure thing."

On the surface, Alphonse Elric was very calm and relaxed about his brothers condition. He had to be. He made a promise.


"Al!" He screamed, agony filling his eyes and stretching his mouth into an ugly frown. "Promise... you have to promise."

"Promise what, brother?"

"Promise me you'll make her happy, no matter what happens to me. 'Cause I don't think-" he paused, just long enough to vomit blood onto his brothers lap where he rested. "I don't think I'm gonna make it out of this one."

"Don't say that! You can't die now! It's too early. You and Winry are supposed to get married, and have kids, and then grow old and die together. It not your time!"

"Please, Al. Please..."His eyes were starting to fade, to lose their vibrant golden colour that had so often been Al's comfort when they only had each other.

"...okay, brother. I promise." A smile, so genuine and bright filled his brothers face for a second before he lost consciousness, and Alphonse was left alone to fight the battle that had taken his brother from him.

-End flashback-

The memory sent chills through his bones. He and his brother had been roaming the streets of Central talking about what their next move would be when Scar had come out of nowhere and attacked what seemed to be a totally innocent young girl. They had, of course, jumped in to help her, and had been completely dumbfounded when she turned and started to attack them as well. In the end, an explosion had gone off knocking Ed unconscious and leaving Al to take care of Scar alone. But before he could ask the girl what the hell that was all about she was running off to who knows where, tripping and falling all over the place on the way. He didn't have time to chase her, as much as he would've liked to, because he had to get his brother to the hospital.

Now that they were both safe, Al had some time to think about the earlier event.

Who was that girl? And what did Scar want with her?

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