A/N: Enjolras, as always, is played by Ramin Karimloo and Eponine, as always, is played by Samantha Barks. This is set a few weeks before Marius and Cosette meet, this is when they're flirting from a far.


"Her hair is like rays of golden sunshine, her smile... Oh it's like a breath of fresh air." Marius rambled, looking as though he was caught in a dream.

Éponine glared at him briefly, before fixing her gaze on an empty table across the Cafe. She was trying her best not to look too bothered by his romantic talk of the girl from the park.

"Éponine I am certain you will be the best of friends with her."

"Why?" She snapped a little, taking a long sip of her drink.

"Well, simply." Marius thought for a second, forming the answer, "You are my closest friend, 'Ponine, and I should like you and her to be friends when she is my wife someday."

Éponine choked on her drink, fighting back the rush of sadness that coursed through her body. "Of course." She lied through her teeth, focusing her attentions on the empty table to fight the urge to cry.

Enjolras stepped into view, "Marius, I need you to take this across the city to Desiderio. Come, come. Make haste. Stop with your childish poetry."

"But, Enjolras-"

"No buts, just go." Enjolras shot a glance at Éponine, giving her a little smile that she hastily returned.

"I will return soon, Enjolras." Marius tucked the note into his breast-pocket before darting out the door.

"Don't return to hastily." Enjolras jeered under his breath after his young friend had gone. He turned his attentions back to Éponine who sat at the table, still, staring into her cup.

"Éponine, you know the cup will not refill itself." He chuckled as he sat down at the table in front of her.

She looked up, smiling softly, "Did you say something?"

"Nothing that I think will cure your pitiful disposition."

"Is it that noticeable?" Éponine questioned sincerely, biting her lip.

"Only if you watch you carefully. You held yourself well with his last hour of mooning after the blond girl."

"No, no. Her hair isn't just blond it's 'like rays of golden sunshine'." Éponine snapped, rolling her eyes and resting her elbow on the table, leaning her cheek against her fist. A dark lock of her hair fell over her face, and she blew on it trying to push it back.

"Here," Enjolras said, brushing the hair back behind her ear. His fingers lingered a few seconds longer than they had needed to.

Éponine smiled, blushing red. "Thanks."

"I made you smile, my mission's accomplished." Enjolras laughed, admiring Éponine. "Would you like to go on a walk with me?"

"Sure." She said quickly, sitting up straighter in the chair. "I need to get out of here for a little bit."


"I usually walk this way; it takes me down by the river."

"You take walks a lot?" Enjolras asked, walking along side her.

"When you while away the late nights with your studying, I am usually daydreaming through the city."

"My closest friends are my books. They never talk back and they always fulfil my cravings."

"Daydreams are the easiest way of living, they never betray you. You can always control them."

Enjolras stopped suddenly, Éponine turning back to look at him, "We both live in fantasies."

"Your fantasies are more realistic. You yearn to learn from your books, I just learn to hurt from my dreams."

"Oh Éponine." He took a hold of her arms, giving her a kind smile. "You need to stop living in your dreams and take the world in your hands."

"Enjolras I don't understand," She shook her head, looking startled.

"If Marius is as blind as he is with you then he does not deserve you." His voice was firm but gentle, his hands finding hers. "You do not deserve a life, wasting away hoping for him to notice you."

"What are you saying Enjolras?" Her voice trembled, "You do not mean this."

"I do." He protested, staring down at her face illuminated by the pale moonlight. "I just don't want to be alone anymore. Just me and my books. It's a pleasant life, but only just."

"I know what you mean," She looked away sadly, "Alone. All one. One person all alone. A loner. Walking all night, pretending that she has someone to talk to, to hold on to, to kiss and to love."

"You don't have to pretend any longer, you can have someone beside you." Enjolras looked down at her, met with a smile, he laughed, "Well, what do you say? A smile is not an answer."

"Yes. Sure. I.. I want to be alone with you."

Enjolras tilted her chin up, kissing her softly. He had to admit this is what it he always imagined it would feel like. Sure, he'd been with a few women here and there to pass the cold nights by, but it had never felt monumental. Kissing Éponine felt like how it was supposed to feel.

Éponine had never been kissed, no matter how many filthy men her father had thrown her way after their monetary downfall, she had never been touched like that. He wasn't Marius, no one would ever be Marius. But she knew Enjolras could fill that void she felt as she walked around the city alone. He was far more of a man than Marius was, and she always felt that if Marius could just be a man and not a pup then he would be everything she needed.

Enjolras pulled away, stroking his fingers through her hair. He wrapped his arm around her waist, holding her close to him. "If this isn't what you want, just say no."

"No." Éponine chuckled, wrapping her hands behind his head and tugging him down for a greedier kiss.

"Shall we continue walking?" Enjolras questioned breathlessly as she broke the kiss after a few moments.

"I'm looking forward to many more walks with you." Éponine chuckled, entwining their hands as they walked. "Tomorrow night bring a book, and read to me by the river."