I feel like SUCH a bad person! So I won't feel bad if any of you hate me, go ahead. So I know I totally just put two stories up for adoption, then ADOPTED another one, but hear me out. I just couldn't get back into y groove with those, and this, I just saw it and all the potential, and I'm just kind of acted. Like a shopaholic, but I'm a Jaspaholic which is totally okay! So let's get rolling! Welcome readers of angelheartsonfire. She is amazing, I hope you enjoy my weird quirk and writing.

On to other business I recently got this message, and it worried me. Copying is NOT okay! So please check this out. It's legit, I've checked publication dates, and saw for myself. The story being copied was Immortal Sins by jaspersluv1863. The copy: Shadow Sins by DimitrilovesRoselovesdimitri it's a Demitri story, I understand many may not like that pair, but just go to the copy and report it. I would be deeply hurt if I were copied! So… if you could act! Thanks Moonlight Isabella Silverstein for the memo!

Now to the story. (I know longest AN from me ever!) so I'm going to be changing up the original just a bit, nothing to intense, just y vision. Hope you don't hate it!

My name is Isabella Sawn. I am eighteen years old. I'm from Dallas, Texas. The only thing that's different about me is I'll always be frozen at eighteen. My mama used to say that when a woman became eighteen she would never grow older then eighteen. She was right in my case, but not in my sister. She didn't live to be older then five. That's my fault.

I should tell you my story. I don't remember much about my human life but who does?

Maria said my human life was miserable. She chose those who were suffering the most, I'd seen some pretty strange characters so must be right. She was the one who changed me. The only thing I remember about my human life was a boy named Jasper Whitlock. He was my sweetheart, the absolute love of my life, after y change I had to disappear I couldn't risk him. We were planning to elope before I changed, too excited to wait the proper time of our courting. Love was love, it couldn't wait, it could survive anything, it lasted forever. I'd like to believe that, but being brought to the world of vampirism, I know it's impossible for us to be together. Maria tells me not to think of him, she says he was going behind my back, that he already had another girl. I didn't know, but something from my hazy memories, and a feeling within me, said that wasn't true. We were each others love.

My change was painful the only thing I felt was fire. It was like being thrown into a boiling pan of acid. When I woke up Maria helped me learn her ways. She said she wanted to save me from my horrible life. She felt pity for me, and offered an out. Very humanitarian of her, doom us all, and for her war. She'd managed to trick everyone so well, but what was I to do. The good ones 'lived' longer, I followed orders, learned to fight, survived. War was my existence now, and I'd say I was pretty good.

Changes here and there, just adding some things to fill in some blanks and stuff! Send some love!