Slade's single blue eye opens to reveal a dark room filled with what appeared to be giant gears. Slade sighed deeply as he threw off his dark covers and casually walked over to his dark steel closet, his hands behind his back- a little habit that he had picked up. Slade saw a metal mask hanging there. The mask's right side had a copper collar with an eye hole that curled up to a point. The mask's left side had no eye hole at all, but was completely black. The mask had four breather holes over the mouth, but one could not see the mouth itself. Under the mask was a black body suit that had dull gray armor placed strategically on it. Slade let a small smile grace his normally grim lips as he took out his signature suit. He glanced at the cabinet again to where he had a clear view to his old dark blue and orange suit and he knew that under that was his sage cloak with a scratched head band. Slade shook his head to rid himself of those pesky memories.

Slade was about to walk out of his room when he heard a small pop echo though the space. He quickly slammed his right foot against a floor panel to trigger a pressure sensor, causing a long sword to shoot out of the ground and into Slade's waiting hands as he turned quickly. There was a small robot with eight spider-like legs and what appeared to be a video camera for a head. Slade quickly cut off it's legs before picking it up and looking directly into the camera. He breathed deeply, then calmly started speaking in a emotionless tone. "Whoever you are know this…..I will track you down for a nice….chat." Slade then crushed the device in his hand being careful to save enough to get tracking data.

Gizmo gulped along with the rest of the Hive group. "Did we accidentally send a spy drone into SLADE'S BEDROOM?" The rest of the group dumbly nodded.

"Well, maybe there is something on the tape that will save our skins." Jinx said in a hurry (she was desperate).

"Yeah….that is a great idea….or we could just make him more angry." Mammoth said as he nervously debated on whether or not to watch.

"Look let's just run it though again." Gizmo returned the tape to the beginning and ran it in slow motion.

Jinx was watching it with a renewed vigor, she just saw what everyone else saw at first- nothing but…wait! "Go back and go even slower. I think I saw something." Jinx all but yelled as Gizmo backed it up slowly. What the group saw made their jaws drop. It was….part of Slade's unmasked face! The face or what could be seen, was spiked blonde hair and three distinct slash marks on his cheek. But what really shocked them was that he could only be five years older than them at the most- that smooth skin gave him away.

"Guys, we are other saved or more dead." Gizmo said so blankly that all the others could do was nod.

Slade was not having a good day. He was wearing his armor, but over that he was wearing a brown trench coat with very high collar and a brown fedora hat. He made sure to keep his head low when he heard a scream. Slade casually turned his head towards a building that was ablaze. Slade would normally not care, but for the small figure in the window. The figure was about five years old. She had brown hair, but Slade saw a little girl with dark purple hair. "Ayane" Slade whispered the name as if just saying it would smite him then and there. Slade took off before he could think straight and broke though the buildings burning door. Slade quickly glanced around the place. It appeared to be an apartment complex. The fire growled angrily at him as he saw the reddish orange flame trying to surround him…it brought back memories that he wanted left buried. Slade also consciously realized that the girl could not be his sister Ayane, but…he was already in the building so why not help, he rationalized. Slade quickly leapt up the stars making sure he landed in a headstand and pushed off with his arms. While he was in the air he kicked the door open to see the little girl clutching a teddy bear while huddling in the corner.

"Come here, if you want to get out." the scary man spoke as his coat whipped around him. The small girl stood up shakily and made her way to the man. The man calmly picked her up and started to head down the stars while covering her head.

"Are you Robin?" the little girl Slade had just picked up asked as he skillfully made it down a burning staircase.

Slade looked at the girl before replying in a cautious tone "No." just as he walked out of the building. Slade watched as a women came running up to him. He assumed she was the girl's mother. Slade handed over the girl while making sure his mask was not visible. He then quickly left the mother's presence and saw what made him swear lightly- a line of police, firefighters, ambulances, and finally the Teen Titians. Slade quickly walked away so as to get away from the group, but alas it was not to be.

"Hey, I want to talk to you." Robin's voice called out to Slade. Slade slightly moved his hand into his coat pocket and made a hand sign to put a small illusion over his mask. Slade so loved to imitate a hero after all. "You should really leave hero business to heroes….wait, Question is that you? What are you doing in Jump City?" the poor teen asked Slade. It was true as Slade had made his mask to look like the Question's.

"Well you see Robin…" Slade reached into his pocket for…well anything and pulled out a stick of gum….he could work with this. "You see, this gum here…has ties to the Illuminati." Robin stared at Slade with a quizzical look.

"How did you come to such a crazy conclusion?" Robin asked only to think for a moment. "You know, don't say anything as I know that you somehow will turn my brain into a yarn ball." Robin then turned and started to walk way, Slade did the same in the opposite direction.

Robin looked back at 'Question's' back before thinking "That is not the Question I remember. He told me that the Illuminati were just a cover up…so who are you?" Robin looked thoughtful before turning back to stare at the dying remains of the fire. Robin sighed before using his emergency Justice League communicator. "Hey! This is Robin, I think there is a new player in Jump, but he seemed kinda familiar."

John was surprised at Robin's words…but looked though the data file. "Sorry Robin. I can't find anyone who could do that….not behind bars."

Robin cursed as that meant that this was either a new unknown player or an old one with new powers. Personally he hoped it was a new player…I mean, could he imagine Slade with superpowers- scary thought.

Slade was, well amused. He knew that this was the perfect time to try something, but that whole 'Ayane' incident had caused him a lot of…stress. Yes that was the word for it- stress. Slade sighed deeply. He hated the way things were going. He just had to find those that dared to place a spy drone on him…but would a small break hurt? His instincts were yelling at him to track them down and do…unpleasant things to them, but his mind was saying that he had to lose some stress if he were to think clearly…so he could do even more unpleasant things to them.

"Buy your tickets here to the greatest show in Jump, with the Teen Titans doing some charity work." Slade turned to see a man wearing a red and white checkered vest standing behind a impromptu counter. Slade had an amusing idea as he walked over to the man while placing a small illusion over his face so that he looked like an older man with white hair and a full beard.

"I would like to buy a ticket." Slade's voice sounded old as well from years of experience pretending to be someone else.

"Well then, here is your ticket sir as soon as you hand over twenty dollars." Slade pulled out a one dollar bill and quickly put a small illusion on it to make it appear to be a twenty. He calmly handed the changed bill over as he received his ticket. Slade looked over his shoulder to see that a line was forming, so he quickly made his way out of the area towards the direction of the Carnival.

The Carnival looked normal in every regard, except that there were posters of the Teen Titans everywhere. Slade ignored everyone as he walked up to the stand. He watched as the Teen Titans waved and signed autographs. He turned and saw a man in a purple trench coat with a women wearing the same kind, but green one. Slade narrowed his eyes as he walked over to the pair. "I'm telling ya Har, that this will help set up our Arkham plan." The man in the purple coat stated to the girl in green.

"But pudden," she whined. "Why do we need bird brain anyway?"

Slade made his way behind the two before speaking using his real voice "What are you two clowns doing in MY city." Slade demanded in a pleasant tone...well pleasant in an "I am currently threatening you're life" kind of way. The two turned to face the masked man.

The one in purple (better known as the Joker) smiled as he looked at Slade's mask. "Well, if it isn't old Deathstroke. How's it been?" Joker asked Slade with a smile.

Harley Quinn looked surprised at first, before a grin broke out on her face. "HI YA, CANDY CORN FACE!" Luckily the crowd was two whipped up by the Titans to notice Harley's yell.

Slade quickly covered their mouths with his hands. "Let's discuss this in a more private area, shall we?" he reprimanded them.

Well What do you think?