Slade watched the news on multiple TV monitors showing different points of view as they were going on about Joker's capture and his subsequent escape. Leaning back in his chair, Slade had thought things had gone perfectly as he now had Harley's absolute loyalty…the only down side was that she was still Harley Quinn and he got the feeling that Joker had realized what he had planned, as when the Joker was being taken away his eyes suddenly widened as if he had realized something...before breaking into that insane laugh of his. It matters not now, he had Harley's complete loyalty and no matter what, that would stay that way for a long time...unless her cooking managed to do what countless opponents had tried and failed and kill him.

Slade also knew that he liked both 18 and Harley…he needed to crush these feelings, so he decided he was going to meditate and let them have a girls night out…at least that is what he thought they called it. "Harley, 18 come here!" Slade knew that was not the politest call, but hey, it would get them here quickly. 18 flew in and Harley…rode in on a unicycle followed by her hyenas. Slade did not even want to know where she got the unicycle as he figured that it would not be beneficial to his mental health.

"OH MR. S! WHY DID YOU CALL US?" Harley liked to make an entrance and she always loved her MR. S. As long as that 18 girl stayed away from Mr. S., she liked her too. Harley could see that 18 had a crush on Mr. S and that she had competition, but she also knew that true love would conquer in the end and Mr. S would get married to her. "OH the children will be beautiful!" Harley thought as she pictured a boy in a clown outfit with an eye patch and a girl with blond pigtails and dual swords strapped to her back.

"Yes, Slade. Tell us why you have called?" 18 asked in a bored tone that screamed she had been on the base too long. 18 loved action. She needed to be moving or doing something.

"I am going to meditate for today, so how would you say…oh yes, you two will have a girls night out." Slade had barely finished speaking when Harley let out a squeal of delight as she hugged 18 and ran out of the room with 18 still in her arms. The hyenas, though, looked at Slade with what he perceived as worried expressions. "It can't be that bad. Harley on a girls night out?" Slade asked the hyenas rhetorically.

Bonnie and Claude thought about what the human said and suddenly whimpered in fright and ran behind Slade. "I take it that it is that bad…" Slade said more to himself then the hyenas as he walked to his mediation room with the hyenas following him giggling as the did not have to be there during the girls night out. Slade did not know the horrors he had unleashed.

Harley looked at 18 then to the car that they had…librated from the precious owner. It was a vintage black sports car with a huge engine. Harley was driving and 18, while normally calm and collected, was holding onto her seat for dear life. Her nails were tearing into the leather. "HARLEY LOOK OUT!" 18 shouted for the fifth time in twenty minutes as Harley barely managed to swerve out of the way of a oncoming semi-truck. 18's eyes were wide from fear for the first time since she had became an Android (not counting Cell).

"HEY, WATCH WHERE YOU ARE GOING!" Harley yelled, sticking her head and fist out the window at the fast disappearing semi. 18 now noticed that Harley had let go of the wheel and that it was spinning out of control…so she quickly grabbed it and turned it back onto the road. Harley seemed to realize that she was not driving anymore, so she quickly took the wheel again, chuckling nervously. "Hey, this is fun. Wouldn't you agree?" Harley asked 18 as she swerved out of the path of another car.

"…Just drive…LOOK THERE IS A MALL TURN THERE!" 18 shouted as she liked malls and more importantly, a chance to get out of Harley's car or as she referred to it, DEATH ON WHEELS. 18 knew that Harley was insane, so why did she even let her behind the wheel of a vehicle as she turned it into several hundred pounds of metal speed death.

"Oh…YOU'RE RIGHT!" Harley shouted in excitement as she made several illegal turns and stole a handicap parking spot. Harley opened the car door and stepped out along with 18, well 18 did not step out, she ran out of the car. As they walked to the mall they were drawing a lot of looks as both were in civilian clothes that would make Daisy Duke blush. They first went to the fabric stores as both had costume in need of more material in case of repair and the fact that there was a huge sale did not hurt either.

18 looked to her right and saw what appeared to be an orange girl wearing purple talking to a gray-skinned girl wearing a dark blue outfit. "Hmm…where have I seen them before?" 18 thought to herself as she tried to remember.

"Hey aren't they the girls that are on the Teen Titans?" Harley asked out loud, causing 18 to remember when she had researched the groups in Jump City. 18 and Harley had once went though the newspaper and clips which Slade had gathered about the Teen Titans in case they ever ran into one of them.

"I do believe you are right, Harley." 18 said as she smirked evilly while looking into Harley's face.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Harley asked 18 with an equally evil smirk.

"If you are thinking that we could trick them and have fun messing with them, then yes I am." 18 replied as she looked in the eyes of Harley, only to see that Harley had taken a thinking position.

"OH…I was thinking about what they would look like in a chicken outfit…BUT YOUR IDEA IS WAY BETTER!" Harley exclaimed clapping her hands together as she hopped in place.

"Okay, here is what we do. First, we need to buy orange body paint and then you need to knock out the gray chick as fast as possible." 18 said as the two ran off to the nearest store that sold body paint. 18 grabbed some orange paint and set it on the counter, causing the clerk to look up.

"If you don't mind me asking what do you need the body paint for?" the old clerk asked as he was slightly curious.

"My little sister is a big Starfire fan and wants to go as her to a convention." 18 replied as she noticed Harley going though the cheap novelty/joke section- probably looking for stuff to modify for her 'toys'.

"Is she ahh…" the clerk was indicating Harley as he tried to say something that was not offensive.

"Oh yes, she is…mentally challenged." 18 whispered the last part out while wearing an evil smirk at her way of getting back at Harley.

"Hm… you say something Robo-girl?" Harley asked with the nickname that she made for 18 after finding out that she was an android. After that Harley took to calling her Robo-girl, a name that 18 absolutely hated with a passion.

"Nothing Har…nothing at all." 18 replied somewhat angrily as if she called her out, that would reveal her earlier insult. "How much?" She quickly paid the cashier and walked away from the counter and out of hearing range of the casher while leading Harley to a different part of the mall. "Okay, first I need your help getting this on, after that I will tell you my plan." 18 said to Harley who just nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile at Slade's hideout, Slade himself was getting frustrated as he tried to get the feelings out…it was not working at all. Slade decided to try meditating one last time…if that did not work, well he would have to work out what these feelings entailed. When he heard his phone ring, breaking him out of his meditative state. "Hmmm….a job perhaps?" Slade pondered as he stood up quickly and walked towards it, taking the task of answering it deliberately slow.

"Come on, Harley. Make sure you get every last bit of skin…no smudges." 18 exclaimed while Harley helped her put on the orange body paint.

"Oh come on now. You still haven't told me what we are going to do?" Harley complained in a whiny voice that irritated 18.

"Look. My powers are very similar to her species. If I put on this body paint, I could pass as a visitor and she would accept me with open arms because she is very naïve." 18 carefully explained to Harley as the other girl just bobbed her head up and down.

"OH I GET IT, and while you are off 'showing' Starfire around I introduce Raven and Mr. Nite-Night!" Harley exclaimed as she rested her mallet on her shoulder. 18 and Harley shared a look as they walked back into the dressing room to finished setting things up.
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