Author's Note: If Harry Potter were one big huge Disney would be complete.

Song: Beauty and the Beast - "Belle"

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Today was Saturday, the day of a Quidditch game, but Lily Evans found herself sleeping in after an uncomfortably long date with her Ancient Runes textbook and a quill the night previously. Someone had drawn back her curtains, probably hours ago, but she had just snuggled herself closer to her pillow and remained in her dream.

When she opened her eyes and rubbed the sleep out of them, she threw back her crimson covers and sat up, yawning. She brushed her teeth, pulled on her robes, and instead of heading to the Great Hall for a delicious lunch, she took a book in hand and marched straight towards the library.

Somewhere on the sixth floor, she stopped at a window and breathed in the fresh spring air. As she began to walk again, brushed her red hair out of her eyes and sang softly.

"Little school, such a quiet castle, every day like the one before," she sang softly to herself. "Little school, full of little people, waking up to say..."

Students burst out of doors to unused classrooms and secret passages on both sides of her.



"Wait, why are you speaking French?"

"There goes that smart kid with his bag like always," Lily sang with her green eyes on one small, stressed-looking Ravenclaw boy, "The same old books and scrolls to read. Every morning just the same since the morning that I came to this huge wizarding castle..."

"Morning, Lily!" Slughorn boomed merrily from a few feet away. She could only imagine why he had come up to the fifth or sixth floor of the castle.

"Morning, Professor."

"Were are you off to?"

"The library," Lily said with a smile. "I just finished the most wonderful story about a beanstalk, and an ogre, and –"

"That's nice, m'girl." Slughorn looked off in another direction, and Lily looked and saw that no one was there. "MARIE! THE BAGUETTES! HURRY UP!" He bounced off towards this unseen woman and Lily just shrugged with the same patient smile.

She didn't notice that a few students were crowded around behind her. "Look there she goes that girl who's strange no question, dazed and distracted can't you tell?" they all sang in perfect harmony.

"Never part of any crowd," a shrill voice crooned.

"Since her head's up on some cloud," agreed a baritone.

They all chanted on cue, "No denying she's a funny girl, Lily."

"Bonjour!" a student yelled.

"Good day!"

"How is your family?"


"Good day!"

"How is your wife?"

"I need six eggs!"

"That's too expensive!"

"Wait, why are all these kids talking in French? How does that kid have a wife?"

Lily sang, "There must be more than this provincial life!"

"Good morning Lily," Madam Pince said from the door of the library. The hawk-like woman had grown fond of the always-library-visiting Lily.

"Good morning! I've come to return the book I borrowed."

"Finished already?"

"Oh, I couldn't put it down," Lily said genuinely. "Have you gotten anything new?"

"Not since yesterday," Madam Pince chortled.

"That's all right. I'll borrow...this one!"

"That one? But you've read it twice!"

"Oh, it's my favorite! Far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells, a prince in disguise!"

Madam Pince smiled. "Well, if you like it all that much, it's yours."

Lily gasped. "But Madam!"

"I insist!"

"Well..thank you! Thank you very much!"

Lily left the library and plunged straight into a crowd of students, oblivious when they all chorused, "Look there she goes that girl who's so peculiar, I wonder if she's feeling well!"

The girls sang, "With a dreamy far-off look –"

The boys, "With her nose stuck in a book –"

"What a puzzle to the rest of us, Lily!"

"Ah," Lily sang, leaning casually against a window with the newly borrowed book on her lap, her voice melodious and rich. "Isn't this amazing? It's my favorite part because – you'll see," she sang as a large barn owl landed in the windowsill beside her. "Here's where she meets Prince Charming, but she won't discover that it's him 'til chapter three..."

Somewhere in her mind's eye she tried to picture what her own Prince Charming would look like...

Hazel eyes...dark hair that maybe was even a little bit messy.

Wait, how did that image get to be her Prince Charming?

A female student in a large purple hat sang as she passed, "Now it's no wonder that her name's a flower, her looks have got no parallel!"

"But behind that fair facade, I'm afraid she's rather odd," said a Hufflepuff. "Very different from the rest of us."

"She's nothing like the rest of us, she's different from the rest of us, Lily!"

Unknown to Lily, a group of four Gryffindor boys were coming in from the direction of the Quidditch pitch. Upon seeing Lily, James pushed them all back so he could spy at a distance.

Peter was still amazed about how well Gryffindor Quidditch practice had gone. "Wow, you didn't miss a goal, Prongs! You're the greatest Chaser in the whole world!"

"I know," said James distractedly.

Sirius snickered from his side. "No beast alive stands a chance against you," he said, and proceeded to cough something that sounded suspiciously like Moony.

Peter said, "No girl for that matter!"

James was brought back to reality. "It's true, Wormy. And I've got my sights set on that one!"

Peter gasped and said, "Lily Evans?" at the same time as Sirius said, "Uh, yeah, we know? Lily this, Lily that, Lily blah blah –"

"She's the one!" James proclaimed. "The lucky girl I'm going to marry!"


"The most beautiful girl in the castle!"

"Do I smell chocolate?" Remus said.

"She's the best! And don't I deserve the best?"

Sirius snorted, "You're an idiot."

"And from the moment when I met her, saw her, I said she's gorgeous and I fell –"

"Oh no," Remus groaned, "I hate it when you two sing..."

James ignored them and continued, "In this school there's only she who is as beautiful as me –" ("Pfft," said Sirius.) "–so I'm making plans to woo and marry Belle."



"James, who is Belle?"

"Did I say Belle?"


"Er...Lily. Marry Lily. Yeah."

"...Who is Belle?"

Around the corner, a group of giggling girls were standing peering and singing not at Lily as everyone else was, but at James.

"Look there, he goes," they cooed, "isn't he dreamy? Monsieur Potter, oh he's so cute! Be still, my heart, I'm hardly breathing! He's such a tall dark strong and handsome –"

In the back of her mind, somewhere, Lily was aware of the annoying rabble in the background, but she kept her nose buried in chapter four of her book as she walked down the marble steps to the Great Hall.


"Good day!"

"You call this bacon?"

"Hey, let me through!"


"Good day!"

"This bread is stale."

"Hey, wait – EVANS!"

Lily did a magnificent twirl. "There must be more than this provincial life!"

"Just watch, I'm going to make Evans my wife!" James told his friends from in the crowd.

This time, the faculty members joined the students in chorus. "Look there she goes that girl that's strange but special, a most peculiar mademoiselle, it's a pity and a sin, she doesn't quite fit in, but she really is a funny girl – a beauty but a funny girl – she really is a funny girl –




"Seriously, what's with all this French?"



"BONJOUR!" shouted Sirius.