The Boys Will Be Out For A Fight

Summery: Elena still struggles with the her affections regarding the brothers, but as it turns out its not her choice to make... it's Damon's- set a few weeks after founders day

This is just a one-shot I've been thinking about, after watching a re-run of Founders Day. Hope you guys enjoy.

One Week After The Events Of Founders Day –General POV

It turns out that kissing Katherine did not deter Damon from his pursuing Elena as one might think; in fact he's more determined than ever. He's constantly pursuing her tiring at every opportunity to prove he's worthier then his brother. Flirting at an given opportunity, playing her knight in shining armor and even trying to get in good it her friends – causing Bonnie to set his jacket on fire.

Three weeks later

Bonnie's POV

Tossing in my bed praying for sleep that just wouldn't come, thinking over what's keeping me awake at night, I've been really worried about the developing relationship between Elena and Damon lately, it's getting to the point where I can feel the sexual tension between them, it makes me want to vomit. Apparently I'm not the only one.

A few hours ago

I was reading over Emily's grimwar perfecting spells, I had been doing that a lot lately I would need everything I had to stand a chance against Katherine. Brought out of my studies by harsh banging on my front door. Groaning I stood up from where I was sat on my bedroom floor, and made my way downstairs, to yell at whoever was banging at my door at eleven o'clock at night.

I swung open the door, not even bothering to check who it was I was so angry. But all that anger was lost when I seen the person standing in front of me, Stefan. He looked frantic, his hair dishevelled and dark circles under his eyes. He looked pitiful.

"Stefan" I asked, more of a question then a statement still reeling from the sight in front of me. Stefan and I had formed a friendship again over the time Katherine had returned as we had saved each other's life's on occasion, plus I knew how had these past few weeks had been on him, from Katherine returning to his brother trying to steal Elena.

He just looked up at me eyes wide, but the bright greeny-blues he once held there had become dark and hollow. I let out a soft sigh before putting a hand on his fore-arm and dragging him in, up to my room. Luckily for me, my dad was always away on business, as Stefan's late night visits have become quite frequent. Although he usually uses the window, not noticing the crow perched on the tree outside, his visits have become quite as frequent as Stefan's too, but Damon's smart enough to try and stay un-noticed in his crow form, it's like he forgets I'm a witch and can sense him. Fortunately the crow had not appeared tonight.

I pulled Stefan down sitting him next to me on the bed waiting until he was ready to speak. He took a deep breath before letting out in almost a sigh "I just can't do it anymore Bonnie" I was about to open my mouth to ask, before he answered by himself "Any of it, I'm fed up of having to fight Damon for Elena, I tried of having to prove myself, I love her shouldn't that be enough?" he began to get angrier as he went along I decided to just stay to just stay quiet and let him vent, knowing was the only one he had to talk to about these things . "Why does Damon do this, make my life miserable at every possible chance, taking the things that I care about. Does he hate me that much?"

I was honestly stuck, god only knows why Damon does what he does, well the devil only knows in Damon's case. I knew he was becoming a better person partly because of Elena, and partly because I had threatened to take him down if he so much as spilled one drop of innocent blood. But I still had no idea why Damon hurt Stefan so much, the only person who could answer that was Damon and I don't think even he had an answer. "Stefan" I said grabbing his face between my hands so that he would look me in the eye "Damon doesn't hate you, in fact he still loves you, I can see that, you are still his little brother." I reassured him "But" I continued an weird feeling twisting in the pit of my stomach "He thinks he loves Elena, she's the only other person apart from you" 'and me' I thought bitterly "That's shown genuine concern for him in over 165 years so he's taken that affection and turned it into some kind of synthetic feelings for her. He has to figure this out on his own, all you can do is make sure you don't lose Elena while he figures this stuff out" I huffed I figured out that Damon's feeling for Elena where not real a long time ago, but I couldn't explain it to him, if he was going to become a better man he had to figure this out on his own.

Stefan nodded solemnly knowing where I was coming from, as much as he cared for Elena he needed to have his brother at his side, therefore he had to let him figure it own because telling him would only bring him more pain and split the brothers further apart "Thank you Bonnie" he said hugging me.

I smiled back at him "Hey what are friends for, so are you okay now" I asked still concerned. He sighed but nodded he knew he was just going to have to let Damon be Damon for now.

"Good" I added simply. "There was actually, erm something I wanted to talk to you about" I started nervously knowing Stefan was not going to like this. Not one bit.

Okay I'm going to end it here I know it's sort of a semi-cliffy but I wanted to get some feedback on whether or not I should go with this story, it's something I've had sitting here for a while and it thought 'what the hell' and posted it, so what did you think? Did you like it, it may seem a little angsty right now but it will get better and it's a little slow, but I needed to introduce the plot. Please tell me what you think all reviews welcome.