It's a hot summer day in Verge City. A family is driving down a highway in a SUV, a moving truck following them. These are the Zabinskis. The father of the family, Jeff Cooper, a scrawny man with brown hair, is driving the car. His wife Brenda is sitting in the passengers seat, with her blond hair tied into a ponytail, and wearing sunglasses.. The kids, 13 year old Aaron and 16 year old Gina are sitting in the back seat.

"So, dad, when are we gonna be at the new house?" asks Aaron.

"The GPS says in about 10 minutes." says Jeff.

"I don't even get why we had to move away from our old home. It was better there." says Gina, butting into the conversation.

"Your mom got a job offer here in Sub City, so we had to." Says Jeff

"Besides, it's better than where we used to live." says Brenda. "All there was there was crime and violence. And our house was a hellhole too boot."

"But there's nothing to do here. And I had all my friends down in Edge City." whines Gina.

"All your friends were dorks." says Aaron.

"Shut up. At least my friends weren't a bunch of losers." says Gina.

"Hey, you two. Stop it." says Brenda. "You guys will probably make friends here in Verge City. It's really nice down here, from what I've heard."

"Your mother's right, kids. And there's a lot more here than in Edge City." says Jeff.

10 minutes later, the Zabinskis park their car in the driveway of their new home, a 2 story house. The moving truck stops behind them.

"Here we are!" says Jeff with excitement in his voice.

"I still think Edge City is better." says Gina, with a tone of boredom.

"Come on, it's perfect here." Jeff tells Gina. "It's nice and quiet here. Nothing to bother us."

"I think it's really nice here." says Brenda. "The house looks really pretty, too."

"Yeah, pretty stupid." says Aaron

"Hey, I heard that!" says Jeff with a sharp tone in his voice. "Lets just make the best of it here."

"I agree" says Brenda. "Now let's unpack."

Later that day, after they were done unpacking, the Zabinskis hear the doorbell ring. Brenda answers it. A man with blonde hair in his mid to late 40's and a brown haired woman are standing at the door.

"Hi". says the woman. "We're the Pattersons. I'm Erica and this is John."

"Nice to meet you." says Brenda, shaking Erica's and John's hands. "We're the Zabinskis."

Jeff walks to the into the living room.

"Jeff, come meet the neighbors." says Brenda, motioning for Jeff to come to the door. "And get the kids too."

"Gina, Aaron, come meet our neighbors." yells Jeff.

Aaron and Gina walk downstairs. Jeff is shaking the neighbors hands.

"Nice to meet you all. I'm Jeff and these are our children. Gina is 16 and Aaron is 13.

"Oh, we have a 16 year old. His name is Eric." says John.

"I'm sure Gina would love to meet him" says Brenda.

"Sure, as long if he's cute" says Gina, with a sense of humor in her voice.

"Oh, by the way, we made a pie for you." tells Erica. "You can come over for a little while if you want.

"Oh, that'd be lovely" says Brenda. "Kids, me and your father will be gone for an hour."

"Alright, see you when you get back." says Gina

Brenda and Jeff go across the street to the neighbor's house. Gina confronts Aaron as soon as they walk out the door.

"Ok, I'm in charge." says Gina, with a stern tone in her voice. "Do anything stupid and your dead."

"Fine." says Aaron. "You have my word."

Later, Gina is outside on a lawnchair in a bikini, sunbathing. Aaron is in the backyard, looking around.

"There must be something to do around here." he says to himself.

He keeps walking around until he trips over a hill of dirt.

"Crap! What was that?" he asks himself.

He finds a shovel the previous owners left behind and digs the dirt hill. There is a box with a lock on it hidden in the dirt. The box looks ancient, no older than a few centuries old. Aaron picks the box up and blows the dirt off of it. The key to the box was under the box in the dirt hill. Aaron notices the key is still in the dirt. He picks it up and unlocks the box. In the box is a green wooden mask , also known as The Mask of Loki. Aaron is surprised with what he found.

"Woah. Gina, come check this out!" He calls over to his sister.

"What is it? I'm in the middle of sunbathing." She says, annoyed with Aaron for interrupting her while she was relaxing.

"I found this old mask buried in the dirt." He tells her.

"Woah, freaky." She replies. "Who do you think left it here?" She asks.

"I don't know, but I think we should show Mom and Dad this." He tells her.

Later that night, the Zabinskis are eating dinner. Aaron decides to bring up what he found in the backyard.

"Mom, Dad. There's something me and Gina gotta tell you." Aaron says at the dinner table.

"What is it?" Jeff asks the kids.

"We found something in the backyard. It's a mask." Gina tells her parents.

"A mask? How'd it get there?" asks Brenda.

"That's what we were wondering. But you gotta see it." tells Gina "You guys would love it."

Aaron goes to get the mask from the closet. He takes it out from the top shelf. He hands it to Brenda.

"It looks really nice." says Brenda. "It would make a nice decoration for the house."

Brenda goes to put the mask on the shelf on the bookcase in the living room.

"There. It really fits in." Brenda says.

"I like it." Jeff replies.

The Zabinskis go back to eating their dinner, also admiring the mask Gina and Aaron found.