Blood Plus: Second Stage

Episode One: Nankurunaisa

"Kai," Kanade whined. "Pick me up."

"Kai," Hibiki argued. "Piggyback ride."

"You know girls," Kai joked. "I think maybe it's time you call me dad."

"Ok," Hibiki assured and smiled.

"Ok Kai," Kanade said, completely ignoring everything. "Pick me up."

"You two little crazy kids," Kai laughed and looked at them and proceeded toward the crypt. There the kids fooled around as Kai looked around out of curiosity. Then he noticed a red rose with a blue ribbon tied to it.

"Looks like," Kai muttered and smiled. "He's been here."

"This flower has a ribbon on it," Kanade said.

"Don't touch it, girls," Kai warned. "That's your aunties."

"Now let's eat our lunch."

"Okay," the twins said. "Yay, lunch time."

Kai opened the lunch box and gave them their respective lunches before taking out his own.

"Well you people eat a lot of meat," Kai replied. "Like your auntie."

"It tastes good," Hibiki replied. Kanade agreed with no doubt. The three ate peacefully when Kai's phone suddenly rang and he took it out. It was from David.

"Hello David," Kai answered. "What's up?"

"Been a long time," David replied. "How are the girls doing?"

"Fine," Kai assured. "Why are you calling me?"

"Meet us at the hospital," David replied. "Everyone is waiting."

"What do you mean 'us'?" Kai asked.

"Everyone is here," David said. "Oh, and bring Kanade and Hibiki with you."

"C'mon girls," Kai yelled out. "It's time to move!"


"Wow," Kai said. He was astonished by the mass amount of his friends here.

"So," Kai asked. "What are we here for?"

"Julia is in that room," David pointed. "We know what she's doing."

Kai entered into the room. He saw Julia sitting there, waiting for him.

"What is going on, Julia?" Kai asked.

"I have news that could surprise you," Julia assured.

"Like what?" Kai asked.

"I think I have a way to revive Saya," Julia replied. That surprised Kai greatly.

"Really?" Kai yelled. "Wow!"

"However, dangerous procedures must be taken," Julia replied. "We will wake her up by feeding her blood."

"Woah, woah, woah," Kai warned. "Wouldn't that make her go beserk?"

"That's what we want," Julia assured. "Once she wakes up we will knock her out using a special drug."

"What exactly is this drug?" Kai asked.

Julia responded by taking out a small needle filled with a white-blue liquid.

"Red shield and I spent a while working on this," she said. "We managed to perfect it after serveral flaws on test subjects."

"T-t-t-test s-subjects?" Kai stuttered.

"Relax, sleeping chiropterans," Julia assured, which made Kai sigh.

"But," he asked. "What happens if this doesn't work?"

"It will work," Julia assured. "Everything is planned out."

"How will we bring Saya here?" Kai asked. "Maybe you should've aksed me to c-"

"And let the girls see your naked 'sister'?" Julia replied, cutting Kai off. "Not a good idea. Red Shield agents have been sent to retrieve her."

"Okay," Kai said.

An hour later...

"Sir," a figure said to David. "We've got her."

"Bring her to the medical room," David ordered. "Now."

The figure obidiently listened and told his followers to enter the room. Then they gave an OK signal to enter the room. Everybody went in and respectfully greeted the sleeping Saya.

"Kai," Kanade asked. "What are they doing to auntie?"

"Relax," Kai assured. "They will simply just wake her up."

"I'm scared," Hibiki shrugged. Kai comforted them and said that everything will be just fine. The surgeons entered the room and began to operate. They asked Julia for a blood needle and she handed it over. With care, they slowly fiddled it into Saya's skin. As everyone watched the the red liquid go in her veins, the surgeons slowly removed the needle.

"Julia," a surgeon said. "I don't think it's working. Nothing is happening to her."

"Maybe it will kick in later," Julia replied. "It doesn't have to be instant."

They waited for a few minutes, but nothing happened. Then, Saya's fingers began to twitch.

"She's gonna wake up!" David exclaimed. "Strap those restraint belts around her arms!"

"Yikes!" Okamura commented. "I don't think I can watch!"

Suddenly, Saya's eyes opened and she reacted violently, attempting to break free.

"JULIA!" David yelled. "THE NEEDLE!"

Julia took out the needle with the white-blue liquid. She and David exchanged frantic nods and she rushed in. However, Saya's constant movements are making Julia have a hard time trying to inject it. Eventually, she was kicked away.

"It's no good," she replied.

"Julia, give me the needle!" Kai said. Julia handed it over and Kai quickly snatched it. He managed to push away Saya's arms and feet.

"SAYA!" Kai yelled. "WAKE UP!"

And he stabbed the needle into her arm. Saya began to feel weary and eventually passed out.

"Doctors!" David yelled. "Run a test on her!"