Episode Six: Operations

Saya struggled to get herself on her feet. At this rate, she won't be able to defend from this chiropteran and that creature was approaching fast. It was only a matter of time. Saya grunted and handed Haji her sword, but not before coating it in blood. She said to her faithful chevalier, "Haji, I need you to fight that thing for me...again."

"Saya..." Haji murmured.

"I can't battle against something in this condition," Saya replied. "Until I get better. Can you please do this?"

Haji nodded. He couldn't refuse his beloved queen and focused on the door before exiting. Saya slumped onto the floor. "Thank you, Haji."

The chevalier searched around, relying on the chiropteran's moans to navigate through the ship. He clearly heard it growing louder. "It must be close by..."

Haji hid behind a wall and peeked out, discovering the chiropteran chewing and mutilating a corpse of a Red Shield agent. It then picked up Saya's smell, which was coming from the sword. AS he heard the chiropteran moving closer, he lunged forward, catching the bloodsucking monster in the chest. Unfortunately, due to its hard hide, the sword slipped and the chiropteran pierced its claws into Haji's abdomen. He backed away to prevent the claws from sinking deeper. He charged forward, going sideways to confuse the chiropteran before make a diagonal slash at its head. The attack failed, the hide protecting the body from the blade. Haji moved back before dashing forward again, this time going up and down, left and right. He then lunged, the blade finally breaking the hard skin and into the flesh. He then dove it deeper, hoping it would kill the monster faster. He watched the wound, but much to his surprise and shock, the wound didn't crystallize.

'The time of the blood must've worn out...' Haji thought and took the blade out of the chiropteran, before retreating back. He eventually arrived back in Saya's room. The queen asked. "Did you defeat it?"

Her answer was a moan coming from outside. "What happened?"

"The blood on your sword lost its potency after a while," Haji replied and gave Saya back her sword, in which the queen re-covered it back in blood. "There."

Haji retook the sword and exited the room again. As soon as he did, he was face-to-face with the chiropteran. Knowing that that creature already had an open wound and is now easier to stab and kill, he took the opportunity for it. Regardless of the chiropteran's arm swings, Haji reached through and plunged the sword into the wound. He removed the sword and took a few steps backward and watched the chiropteran crystallize. It tried to reach the chevalier, since the crystallization process was rather slow, but Haji merely took more steps back until the chiropteran was dead. Due to the noise, the others woke up and arrived at the scene.

"That chiropteran," Kai muttered in surprise. "Managed to get out?"

After cleaning up the mess...

"Saya still has recovered back to full strength yet?" Joel asked Haji, who only nodded in return. Joel then turned to the others. "I've like to make an announcement. Due to a miscalculation, arriving to America might take longer than expected. Nevertheless, it should only take a few more days at the speed we're going."

Everyone was a bit disappointed, but they had no choice but to accept it. Haji returned the sword back to Saya and everyone took their rest. The Queen thought about what happened. She's going to have to force herself up. She can't always rely on Haji doing the work what was meant to be hers. Her last thoughts before going to sleep was about the first time she encountered a chiropteran for the first time...

...back at the high school in Okinawa.

As Joel's ship continues onward to New York, their activity has been picked up by a larger battleship out of their view...

Three figures walked across the hallways in the exterior of the ship, discussing something.

One figure had a greenish military camouflage uniform. He had a black kevlar vest, a gray cap, and dark brown boots. He looked like he was in his early fifties and had dark brownish hair. On his shoulder was a flag isignia of the United Kingdom. Another figure was similarly dressed, though his camouflage and equipment are all in a blueish greenish color. He had dark blonde hair and a serious face. He appears to be fourty. On his shoulder was the German flag insignia. The last figure appeared to be in his late teens, seventeen to be approximate. He had a hanged-down, smooth, yet slightly messy dark brown hair along with dark-grayish eyes. He wore a black hoodie, with a urban-camoed cargo pants along with dark boots. On his left side was a black koshirae holstering a katana and on his right side was a Five-seveN pistol and like the katana, was also holstered.

After their discussion, the European officer gave the young man a folder labelled 'CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION'. "Look at it wisely. Remember, no one else must see it, not even our fellow troops. Is that understood, Seth?"

"Yes, sir," Seth replied. He took it and walked off, entering in a room and closing the door behind him. He placed the folder on a table and sat down on a chair nearby. He opened it and examined the paper contents inside. The information mainly talked about the Red Shield and Cinq Fleches and their various involvement with the chiropteran conflict. One thing that caught his eyes were biological information about two females. One was named Saya while the other was named Diva. He took great interest in reading them. "Sisters..."

As he read on, something dissapointed him. Diva's status was...deceased, her remains found in the destroyed section of New York City. He then looked at Saya's profile. She was still living, but presumed to be asleep. Her whereabouts is most likely in Okinawa. Seth merely sighed at all this. "Why did you do it? Why did you kill Diva? was it absolutely necessary, Saya?"

He closed the folder when a knocking came from the door. Seth placed the the folder inside the drawer and opened the door, which revealed the German officer. "Oh it's you, Ritcofen sir."

"Yes, junge..." Ritcofen said. "You better come with us. Our radars have detected some sort ship wandering in the ozean."

"So?" Seth replied. "It's just a ship...or-"

"A special ship," the officer replied. "Our UAVs confirmed it to be the property of the Red Shield..."

Seth raised an eyebrow. "Red Shield? Isn't...uh...that an organization dedicated to protect Saya?"

"Yes," Ritcofen confirmed. "Doesn't it seem seltsam to you that Red Shield would be floating around in some panzerschiff instead of staying home?"

"Yeah, it does seem strange," Seth asked. "Then again, chiropterans has been appearing again lately. What else did the UAV find?"

"The UAV is armed with a special warme-vision feature," Ritcofen replied. "When we used it, not only did we find people on board, but chiropterans in the lower levels of the ship..."

Seth's eyes widened by the news. "Wait, what? Chiropterans? You sure?"

"I can tell what's man and what's monstrum, boy." Ritcofen said. "Ich bin sicher, es."

'What are those guys up to...' Seth wondered. "I thought Red Shield destroys chiropterans, not ship them. Where are they heading?"

"Can't tell right now," Ritcofen said. "Since chiropterans are on board, we are setting a course to follow them."

"One quick question," Seth asked. "Is that girl Saya on board?"

"Your schwester, lad?" Ritcofen replied. "Don't be silly. She's still in the middle of her thirty year sleep. Besides, even if she somehow awake, it would be impossible to tell with the UAV heat-vision. Anyways, take a rest. We're going at full speed to intercept that ship. Also, keep that file we gave you safe."

He said his goodbyes and left the room. Seth closed the door behind him and sat back down. 'So, the Red Shield are resuming their operations. I don't believe that have the power to kill those freaks. Maybe Saya is on that ship. But how did she wake up? Or is Red Shield continuing their journey without the queen?'

Seth wasn't convinced at Ritcofen's statement. He took back out the folder and glanced at Saya's profile once more. 'Regardless of your desire to protect, the killing of Diva is unacceptable.'

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