The girl smiled, curled up innocently in her mother's lap like a 5 year old, though she had just celebrated her 17th a few weeks ago. An excited smile graced her lips as her slender fingers poked and prodded at an odd machine; watching as with each slight noise, or light that suddenly blinked, her eyes glowed with wonder.

Suddenly, it shut off. The small contraption turning off every button, light, and noise that it had been emitting earlier. She frowned and poked at it again, turning to her mom who just looked at her with mild confusion.

Then, as quickly as it had turned off, everything flipped back on. It began whirling and lights flickered. The young woman gave a little yelp when it burned her arm, and tossed it on the hardwood floor of their living room.

Every light in the house turned off, leaving the family in darkness. Her father yelling for them over the increasing sound. She screamed when the blue light filled the room, burying her face in her mother's shoulder and clawing at her father's arm as he stood in front of his wife and child.

The lights turned on. The handheld stopped. Everything was back to normal. Except one thing.

There were two teenagers standing in the middle of a small crater in the middle of their living room. Their bodies still smoking from the transport. The female smiled, putting an arm on the Male's shoulder.

"We are back,"

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