The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife. Sophia cleared her throat and looked down at the table, dragging her spoon across the bottom of her bowl, pushing her oatmeal around in an attempt to distract herself.

Seth's nose had finally stopped bleeding, and the bloody tampon had been removed. The only sign that their fight had ever occurred was Sophia's bloody lip, the blood on Seth's cheek, and her mom's glare directed at Sophia every five minutes.

"I've had enough; I'm going to go practice my cello." Sophia sighed, pushing her bowl away and standing up. "And please don't bother me."

Sophia walked down the hall, ignoring her mother's sickly apologetic voice and her father's eyes following her. Why should she care? Those two aliens would be gone within the next week- she had the rest of her life to think about. She was going to college at the end of the year, she would be away from all this madness and she could finally run her life the way she wanted- without the moving, the long nights, and sighs of disapproval from her parents.

She closed the doors to her music room, her emotions running wild as she unzipped her cello case. Sophia needed to get away from it all, she needed to forget and shove her true feelings deeper down. Hide her thoughts and put a smile on until the aliens left and never came back.

After Sophia had finished setting up, she sat down in the only chair and began to warm up- soon slipping into the familiar song of Prelude, all her emotions running free as her fingers moved across the neck of her instrument; the deep notes seemed to express her most sincere regrets and sorrows in life while the lighter, happier notes forced her to smile at the thought of the much more optimistic future laid ahead of her.

A future free of extraterrestrial beings.

Especially cute extraterrestrial beings that made Sophia angry.

Or in other words, Seth.

Sophia was ashamed to say that the boy did intrigue her. Seth was handsome as well as mysterious; and she was drawn like a moth to a flame. Like a moth to freaking flame.

The brunette shook her head, whispering softly to herself, "Play with fire and you'll get burned."

"Not always, kid." A deep voice came from the door. Sophia turned around, her eyes falling on her father's open arms and warm, forgiving eyes. Suddenly, all the emotions that she had been hiding rushed forward. The fear, the anger at herself and her parents, the desperate need for her parents to stay home. Tears began to fill in her eyes- silently falling down her cheeks as she raced into her dad's embrace.

Sophia may have appeared to favor her mother- both had light skin, dark brown hair, and the same figure. But, to anyone who knew the family, it was obvious that the teenager was most like her father. Warm, protective, stubborn, and hotheaded the two were two peas in a pod. Jack Bruno had a way of knowing what his daughter felt, even when she didn't know herself.

Right now Sophia gave the appearance of indifference, anger, and rejection. But on the inside Jack knew she was dying and trying to distract them with acts.

"Daddy, please don't go!" Sophia pleaded, her face buried in her father's strong chest.

Jack gently stroked his only child's hair, wrapping his arms around her. He had never been good at this kind of stuff, and in the beginning, it had been horrid. Girls tended to be much more... emotional than Jack was used to handling. Whenever he had been sad in his youth, his parents had ignored him. He'd found that drugs and alcohol had been a more effective way to deal with his problems short-term... Luckily Sophia was smarter than him.

"Shhh... We'll be all right. It's only going to be for a couple of days, sweetie. I promise; we'll be fine." He comforted softly, his heart breaking as she began to sob.

"Please, I've been quiet for the long trips, for the moves, for everything else- just don't go!"

"I know, baby. I know. You're such a little trooper, your mother and I are so proud. Don't you ever think we aren't," Jack murmured. "And we are beyond proud of everything you've done. I mean," He pulled back to look in his daughter's eyes, "You're beautiful, kind, intelligent, and you made it into Yale!"

Sophia stiffened, her eyes searching her dad's face. "You knew?"

Jack gently smiled, "Of course we did. Do you realize how loud your mom screamed when she saw the letter? I was worried the neighbors would think something was going on over here!"

The brunette let out a shaky laugh, quickly wiping away the tears before hugging her dad again. "I love you,"

"I love you too, Soph."

"I'm sorry for punching Alien in the face,"

Jack laughed, squeezing his daughter and ruffling her hair affectionately. "It's okay, I think you just made your mom real mad. You know how she gets,"

Sophia smiled and giggled, "When momma's mad—"

"—Nobody's happy." He finished, grinning. "Now come on, I'll make some crescent rolls."

The teenager made a face, "You better let me; you burn water."

"Touché, kid. Touché,"

The two began to put away Sophia's music, packing away her cello and stand together; laughing and smiling, trying to savor their moment together without any disturbances.

They began to leave, joking about something on the news, when Sophia noticed the leg disappearing into the wall from behind them. He was listening... She thought silently to herself, a grin beginning to form on her face. "Hey, Alien? I know you're in the wall. I'm feeling generous right now and I just wanted to apologize, okay?"

No reply.

What did she expect? For him to come out with an apology of his own, roses in hand, and kiss her?

Sophia sometimes disgusted herself... But, she was a teenager girl and she liked cute guys.

And Seth was a cute guy.

A very cute guy.

Stupid mind.

But why did she even care? He would be gone in a few days and she'd never see him again. Ever.

She sighed and tossed her dad the rolls from the fridge, trying to ignore the thoughts that began creeping into the back of her head. Focusing on the task at hand: laughing with her dad and Sara (who had popped up once things settled down), and cooking lunch.

But no matter how hard she tried; Sophia could not stop the feelings that were beginning to form for the blond alien who was just in the other room.

Sophia groaned and set down her cup a little too hard on the table- her drink spilling over the lip of the glass and into her lap.

Sometimes life was just way too complicated for her tastes.

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