4 January 2011

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Warning: This story contains slight description of rape. Rated M for a reason. Also contains lemons and language. Please do not read if under the age of 18.

Chapter One

~Edward Cullen~

I parked in a space outside the bar. I was fortunately lucky enough to get one next to Rosalie's BMW and Alice's Porsche. The bar was the local hangout for the college students to go; it was the best around that provided hot wings, music and cheap beer. This meant, however, that it was normally full of desperate college boys that were looking to get some ass and girls that were definitely willing to give it.

My brother, Emmett and I were brought up to treat women with respect and loyalty. My father always said, 'you should always treat a lady like a princess, just out of respect. Even if they don't carry any respect for themselves.' That was kind of hard advice to follow when there are girls walking around with no decency. The only exceptions were our mother and my sister, Alice. I know what you are probably thinking... What a sleazy bar! But like I said, it has cheep beer.

Emmett had gotten lucky and found himself someone special, Rosalie. Me? No chance! This meant I got the sluts hanging of off my arm, begging to get in my pants. Even Alice got her chance the day the Cullen's met the Hale's. Who would have thought Rosalie's brother, Jasper, would have been 'the one' for Alice? They locked eyes across the room and have practically stayed that way ever since. I'm not bitter, just disappointed and impatient. It got worse when two years later, Rosalie and Jasper moved into the house our parents brought for a graduation present when we moved from Chicago. I didn't hate having the Hale siblings with us but it meant I was constantly around couples.

I have never found anyone who was worth my time and heart. Except maybe Bella Swan. She is a regular at the coffee shop 'Teacakes' I go to and she is the most beautiful person, inside and out. She looks like an angel but every time she shoots me a smile I feel my body connect with my typical male hormones. Definitely not gentlemanly in the presence of a lady. We have spoken a couple of times and I have seen her out and about but never made my move. Until recently, she had a boyfriend. Now, I've had my share of women but none of them were Bella Swan.

I remember her telling me about their break up earlier in the week and I thought it would give me a chance to maybe ask her out.

I walked through the door and noticed it was a busy day today. I looked around for a somewhere to sit considering my usual spot was taken. I scanned the room and my eyes landed on Bella's. I gave her a grin which she returned hesitantly. I frowned thinking that wasn't the normal response I got from Bella. In the past it was a captivating and stunning smile that showed her pearly white teeth. I got my regular order before I made my way over to her.

"Hey, are you okay? You don't look very happy?" I wanted to make sure everything was alright before I jumped into conversation. To be honest, she didn't look in the mood for one.

"Yeah, I'm okay I guess. Just some stuff on my mind, nothing to worry about." She gave a tight lipped smile and I instantly saw through her lie. I raised my eyebrows. She signed dejectedly when she realized I wasn't going to let this go.

"I'm sorry; I didn't mean to be nosy. But if you want to talk, know that I am here, even if you just need a friendly smile." I gave her a big grin to prove my point. She giggled in response which made my smile grow impossibly larger. I loved hearing that sound.

"No its okay. You know how I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend, Jacob? Well I decided to visit him over the weekend as a surprise. However, the surprise was on me when walking into his house I find him screwing my best friend, Leah, from high school. Right there on the couch, didn't even make it to the bedroom." I grimaced. In a way I wish I had never of asked.

"Ouch, are you okay? That must suck." I asked pathetically.

"Yeah I'm fine, honestly. I think I was only with him out of convenience. I mean, my dad and his dad are best friends and they kind of had dreams that we would get married, have kids and grow old together you know? It didn't really seem right with Jacob, he was more of a brother to me." She explained. That's most likely why she didn't look as heartbroken as normal people would in this situation.

"Why didn't you leave him before then?" I asked curiously.

She gave a little shrug, "I hate disappointing people, especially my father."

"Well, believe me when I say he was a fool to let you go. And I'm glad you weren't more attached to him so you aren't more hurt about it all." I bravely said.

She gave a quiet "me too," while looking at me gratefully. I was about to ask her out for dinner that night but my phone rang. I looked down and saw it was Esme. I couldn't really ignore it.

"I have to take this, I'm really sorry." I said sincerely.

"That's okay; I have to get going anyway. Thanks Edward," she smiled at me as she made her way out of the shop, not giving me the opportunity to reply. My mother had the worse timing.

Thinking back, I was glad I didn't get the option to ask Bella out. I knew I liked Bella, perhaps more than a friend and despite how close she was to Jacob, she still loved him. I definitely didn't want to be a rebound. It would have been wrong to ask her on a date the day after they broke off. But as my mum always says 'if it's meant to be, it will be. No point messing with fate.'

Emmett knocked on my window and did a 'come on' motion with his hands. He was a big guy and most people who didn't know him knew not to mess with him or his friends. To his family though, he was a big softy. A giant teddy bear with short, curly, brown hair and grey eyes. They just emitted kindness, as well as Alice's.

He was getting impatient; they had already been waiting a couple of minutes for me as I had work late. I usually did a couple of hours at the hospital doing basic office work when needed. It was some extra cash that I didn't really need but would look great for med school.

I rolled my eyes at him in true Edward fashion and opened my door.

I caught him off guard and got him in the shin. He bent down to grab it while shooting me a dirty look.

"What the hell was that for?" He moaned. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"I didn't realize you were so close. You really should grow some patients." I replied.

"But I'm hungry," he whined. He was seriously like a 5 year old kid. Rosalie came up to us and rolled her eyes. She gave me a small hug and started pulling Emmett away.

"Come on Em, let's go get them wings you like so much," It was like she was talking to a child rather than a 23 year old man. It was actually quite amusing, especially seeing Alice and Jasper standing by the entrance trying to hold in their laughter. I tried not to stare at them as I knew I would lose it.

"Ohh, what about the garlic bread?" He asked bouncing up and down.

"And the garlic bread," She agreed. He let out a girlish scream that surprised us all and ran inside the bar. We all just stood there for a moment before we doubled over in laughter.

"Well, I have always wanted kids." Rosalie said before she followed the man.

As I walked past Alice I gave her a big hug. Even though she was my sister, we didn't argue like most siblings. I loved her pixie little ass at 4ft11, she was my best friend. She was the total opposite to me with short, jet black spiky hair and the same grey eyes as Emmett. I, however, had inherited my mother's green eyes. There was nothing special about them. I had also got her unique colored hair that I have never found a name for. It was usually displayed in an unruly fashion and untamable.

I also gave Jasper a man hug. He became my best friend once he started dating Alice and he had passed the big brother test. He was just like his sister and there was no mistaking they were related. Both had bright blue eyes and wavy blonde hair, Rosalie's long while Jaspers resting just below his ears.

I followed them into the bar and went to our regular table. I noticed that Emmett had already got the first order of wings and beer for tonight.

"Jeez Em, don't waste any time. They may run out of wings if you don't get them fast enough," Jasper said with a chuckle. Emmett's eyes widened at the realization. He had obviously missed the sarcasm.

"He was joking dude." I assured him. However, he still had the look on his face.

"No, he's right. I gotta get em before the others do." He quickly sprinted of to find a waitress.

While he was gone, we all filled our glasses with beer and started up conversation. I asked the girls about their day as mine wasn't at all interesting. Once Alice started talking about her recent shopping trip, I zoned out. I started looking around the club and noticed Bella sitting with her friends across the dance floor.

She looked beautiful with her head thrown back in laughter. It was good to see her relaxed and having fun after a break up. I was thinking of getting up to ask her to dance when I heard it.

"Hi Edward!" I groaned and looked at the others for help. They were just sitting there with amused faces. I hadn't noticed Emmett had returned. I guess Bella caught my attention more than I realized. However that voice definitely brought me out of my daydreams. I turned to my left and saw Jessica Stanley.

I smiled at her politely and gave her a quiet "Hi." I had hoped that would be the end of the conversation but instead it gave her the confidence to continue.

"How are you? I haven't seen you in ages. I've miss you." She ran her finger down my arm and I had to fight the instinct to cringe away. Jessica wasn't overly ugly, she was just desperate. Her normal attire was a short skirt and a low cut top with a pair of death traps attached to her feet. Nothing was different about her tonight; it was same old Jessica Stanley.

"Erm...I'm fine thanks. I've been around, you know." I decided not to ask her questions in return hoping to end the conversation as quick as possible.

"Cool, me too. By the way, you look so cute in them jeans. You could totes be a Calvin Klein model. I'm willing to give some advice if you want to model privately some time." She said in an attempt to be sexy. I looked over again for help to the others and they were practically on the floor. Some friend they were, I thought with a scowl.

I skimmed the room looking for an escape. My eyes were instantly drawn to Bella's dancing figure. Some guy was dancing behind her, whispering in her ear. I started to get jealous before I noticed she looked slightly sick and a little wary. She tried pushing they man away but he continued to grind into her. At that moment, she looked at me and gave me a pleading look. I couldn't deny her anything.

"Excuse me Jess," I said, interrupting what she was just saying. I stood from my seat and stalked toward Bella. I recognized relief spread over her face, turning into shock as I pulled her to me and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Hey baby, sorry I took so long, the queue went on for miles. Why don't you introduce me to your friend?" I simultaneously wrapped my arm around Bella and glared at the blonde bloke. He had a look on his face that I couldn't place before he glared right back, offering his hand.

"I'm James, I was just asking this beauty to dance," he said nodding to Bella with a smile. For some reason, I felt my anger spike. By this point I knew Emmett and Jasper were close by.

"That's nice of you but completely unnecessary. I'll be taking care of my girls needs tonight." I said in a calm but warning tone. Bella tightened her grip on me.

He smirked at me, "She wasn't complaining before. Besides, I think she needs a real man to take care of her needs, don't you sexy?" He asked looking at Bella.

I passed Bella to Jasper who was next to me, not wanting her to get hurt.

"You won't fucking touch her, I will make you regret it if you do." I said in a low, dangerous voice. He looked unfazed by my threat but that weird expression came onto his face,

He didn't answer before he pulled his fist back and punched me right on my jaw. I lost my footing a bit and stumbled, not expecting the blow. I charged at him and landed a blow to his nose. I heard the resounding crack of his bone breaking and it gave me satisfaction.

I could hear Bella shouting my name in the background as we rolled around each other. I was paying attention to no-one but him. How dare he touch her like he did? How dare he even think of her that way? There was no way I was going to let any of that happen in the future. He would have to kill me first.

I felt a small buzz on my shoulder which fazed me for a second. However, it was long enough for James to turn us over so he was straddling me and give a good hit in the ribs.

"I have to get her and no-one has a choice in the matter." He growled in my ear, it was quiet enough so no-one else would hear. It fuelled my anger and I pushed against him. He fell onto his back with a look of surprise crossing his face. I started hitting every piece of skin I could while he tried to protect himself.

I got me a couple of heavy blows before I was pulled away from him by Jasper. He was whispering soothing words into my ear to calm me down. Emmett stood in front of me facing James, who was scrambling to his feet. He had blood all over his face and you could see bruises already forming. He had a crooked nose from my first hit which made me smirk in satisfaction.

"Leave now, before you make it worse for yourself." Emmett warned, glaring at him. James took one look at him and noticed he wasn't to be messed with. He was huge. He shot me another look before he disappeared through the crowd. Emmett turned on me.

"What the hell Edward? You were so stupid starting a fight in here. You were lucky you weren't kicked out! And that Bella wasn't seriously hurt; otherwise I would have done some damage to your ass myself." He said. Wait, he said Bella wasn't seriously hurt...

My head snapped to our table where Bella was sitting holding ice to her wrist. I zoomed across to her and asked what happened even though I think I already knew.

"I was pushed and fell on it. Don't worry about it, I was stupid for thinking a little girl like me could break up a fight." I instantly felt guilty and told her how sorry I was.

"It's fine Edward. I really should be thanking you; you saved my ass out there. I guess I owe you, any ideas?" She asked with that smile I loved so much.

"I might have some idea." I said coyly. She giggled but cut it short. Something wasn't right, I knew something was off.

"Bella? What's wrong?" I asked, concerned.

"Hmmm? Oh, nothing." She tried to give me a reassuring smile. "Actually, I think I'm going to go. My wrist is starting to hurt." I knew there was more to it but didn't push it. I was disappointed she was leaving so early but I only had myself to blame.

"Ok, do you want me to walk you home?"

"No, I'll be fine." I nodded reluctantly, not really feeling comfortable letting her leave by herself.

"Do you mind giving one of us a call once you make it in, just so we don't worry?" She nodded her agreement and quickly said her goodbyes.

It was my fault. I can never control my temper enough. I seriously lack self control and look what's happened. Bella practically ran away from here and I wouldn't be surprised if it's because of my reaction. I looked like some insanely jealous boyfriend. I knew I needed to apologize, God knows what Bella must think of me.

"I can see that look on you face and you need to stop that thought right there." Alice mumbled, leaning over to me.

"Do you blame me Alice? Bella just legged it out of here because of me. I pushed things too far once again." I snapped. I felt guilty for taking my anger out on Alice but couldn't help it, it had to go somewhere.

"It wasn't because of you Edward. Think about it, she had some creep grinding up against her, then she saw one of her friends get his ass kicked and to top it off she got tossed to the other side of the dance floor. She was just a bit shaken up; I would be too in that situation. She will be fine." She explained. Thinking her words over made me feel slightly better but I could still feel the guilt simmering under the surface.

"That may be so but I still need to say sorry. She didn't deserve for me to go off like that. It was practically my fault she got hurt." I knew Alice didn't agree with that last sentence but didn't comment on it. She couldn't say anything that would make me think any differently.

An hour later and I still wasn't having any fun. The others were pretty buzzed and were on and off the dance floor. I just stayed in the same seat, only leaving once for the bathroom. I was twirling my phone on the table in front of me, willing it to ring or make any noise to indicate Bella was home safely. But it didn't, and my tension just grew.

Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I had a nagging feeling at the pit of my stomach telling me something wasn't right. I walked over to Emmett, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm going now. It's late."

"Come on, it isn't that late."

"It is for me and I'm worried. Bella hasn't called or texted or nothing. I'm going to check out her apartment on my way through, just to make sure she's okay." He furrowed his eyebrows at this news.

"Yeah, okay. I will come too." He rounded Rosalie, Jasper and Alice up and told them what was happening. We all said our goodbyes to Angela, Ben and Ashley. I hadn't really spoken to them before tonight but you could tell how much they cared for Bella. In my books, that made them decent people.

We made our way outside and I instantly turned left rather than heading in the direction of the car. Alice and Rose instantly started complaining that their feet were hurting. There was no way I was driving home myself or letting the others with the amount of alcohol we had in our systems. I would rather their feet hurt then all of us end up dead.

We were walking past an alley that was just to the left of the bar. I heard a little noise coming from inside. It sounded like a whimper. I stopped in my place and the others overtook me as I looked down the alley. It was pitch black and couldn't see a thing.

"Ed, come on. The girls are moaning." Emmett shouted. I was about to continue walking, putting the whimpering down to hearing things, when I heard it again.

"What was that?" asked Alice. Okay, so I wasn't hearing things, she did too. I ignored her questions and started to walk further into the entrance. Luckily, my eyes started to adjust to the lack of lighting and Alice lit her phone up behind me. She was the only one that followed.

I kept hearing the noise more and more. I walked in the direction, worried at what I may find. Up against the building wall was a dumpster. The noise seemed to be coming from next to it. I peered in that direction but only noticed rubbish. I started pulling damp cardboard boxes away from the pile to see it I could find anything. As I looked down, I saw a hand. My heart seemed to pound harder in my chest, I was pretty sure it was going to burst from my body soon.

I stretched my hand out to grab the blanket that the arm disappeared under. I felt the scratchy wet touch on it on my fingertips and got hold of a handful. I quickly yanked it off, scared of what we were going to find. I could tell Alice wasn't in a better state than me as I could feel her fingernails digging into my forearms.

I felt the air leave me chest when I looked at the site in front of me. This couldn't be happening. There is no way it's her. The site in front of me was now permanently etched into my mind with no hope of erasing it. Denial shot through me. I couldn't believe it, it wasn't possible. But as Alice shone her phone light in the direction of the noises I felt all hope leave my body. Her gasp behind me just confirmed it even more.

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