A/N: So, this is the sequel to Unversed (/s/6006568/1/Unversed). I'm sorry that I know this one may disappoint some of you who're looking forward to the sequel, since unlike Unversed this sequel is actually yaoi, Vanitas x Sora. I understand some of you don't like yaoi and this may not meet your expectation. Sorry for that, but I decide to keep the way it is. So please, if you don't like yaoi, don't read this one.

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Pairing: Vanitas x Sora, partially Sora x Roxas. Rated M for some…violence later xD.



Floating in the void of darkness alone, he knew soon he'd be completely erased from existence. He was disappearing. His Light rejected him, killed him, destroyed every bit of purpose he had lived for. Like the shattered X-blade, his void existence was shattered, so as his heart, their heart.

He wondered why he hadn't completely disappeared yet. He wondered why the darkness felt so warm instead of cold as it should be. Until he heard a voice.

"Hey, can you hear me?"

A young voice. Warm and nostalgic. Nostalgic? Now that's new to him. He wanted to laugh though he couldn't anymore.

"Are you feeling sad too?"

It's him, the kid. Now he knew why it felt so warm here. This was his heart. Ventus returned to his heart. But why am I here too?

Warm…nostalgic…comfort. Was this supposed to be a joke? How was it even possible for him, the Negativity, to have such positive feelings?

"So, you are like the other guy, right? Do you want to stay here with me too?"

The child's heart was shining with warm light, but this warm and comforting feeling, it confused him.

"…You want to keep me?"

"Yup, if it'll make you feel better too!"

Now he indeed laughed, not any of those maniac ones, he felt himself smiled. What an unexpected ending for him. Rejected by his own Light, but accepted unconditionally by this kid, his heir.

- We truly meet again, Sora, my good boy.

- If it is you, if it is your heart, then…why not?

Before he lost the last grip of his own consciousness, he felt himself being drawn into the soft, warm "light".

For now, he must go back to sleep, but some day, he would wake up again.

One day, in the future, he would want to use the "darkness" to tarnish this pure, kind heart of "light" with his own hands.

Some day, in that future, he would want to make this child, this light, this heart completely belong to him, only to him.

A/N again: now great, Vani is not only a psycho but also a pedo, way to go Vani! No, just kidding. Sora will be grown up in the next chapter so don't worry about the pedo stuff xD. To those who have played BbS, you probably have recognized the scene in this chapter, i always think since Ven went back to Sora's heart in the end of BbS, why not Vani too? Even if Vani is a psycho, little Sora would sure accept him as well, because kiddo Sora is just tooooooooo cute! wwww

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