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"Sora, you leave me no choice but to punish you."

Letting go of the brunet boy's body, Vanitas stands up, ominous rich dark aura starts dispersing from his body, forming numerous black tentacles that all rush towards the brunet teen. The dark tendrils wrap around Sora's limbs within split second, moving in a way like they are alive. As soon as they touch the wounds on Sora's body, the tentacles immediately twist and drill themselves into Sora's wounds like living worms.

"-Uh, AH!"

Screaming in pain, the brunet boy snaps open his blue eyes, widen his eyes in disbelief, glaring daggers to the black-haired male in front of him. The excruciating pain caused by the darkness that is seeping under his wounded skin brings his hazed mind back to a more clear state of consciousness. The dark tendrils that are wrapping around his limps soon lift his body upward, lifting his arms high up. Vanitas is just standing in front of him, watching the young keyblade hero suffer from the enormous pain with a blank emotionless face.

"What the fuck! What the fucking hell do you want from me!"

Forehead covered with cold sweats, his lung is burning in pain like hell, the brunet boy is panting heavily, trying to breathe as much as possible, but it isn't helping at all to relieve any of the pain he's receiving from the wounds all around his body. The pain itself is not that unbearable, since he's a fighter who has experienced countless life-death battles. To Sora, injuries are common things, pain is something he has long since grown accustomed to. So what is truly unbearable to him, is the humiliation. Being forced into such complete passive and vulnerable state is severely crashing his dignity and pride. He simply cannot allow himself to be dominated and trampled upon like this. The flaming anger towards being oppressed in such a way and the want to fight back against such humiliation start to sober him up, bringing his once blurred mind back to consciousness.

Vanitas places his fingers under Sora's chin, making him look up. Sky-blue eyes glare fiercely back at the golden pair's cold gaze.

"I was thinking to go gentle with you originally, but because of your stupidity, things have become quite bad, it is a great pity that we have no time left."

Vanitas speaks monotonously without showing any emotion in his voice. As soon as he finishes his last word, dark tendrils that are wrapping around Sora's body suddenly tear up all of Sora's clothing, shredding them into thousands pieces of black fragments, flying through the dark space and eventually disappears into void.

Meanwhile, the black-haired male's own black-and-red battle suit also starts to dissolve into dark aura, gradually fading into the air. Both surrounded by dark aura, soon enough, the two boys who have the exact same looking are facing each other completely naked.

Sora gasps at the sight of another male's naked body. It's not like he hasn't seen another man naked before, but the fact that this particular male is like a mirror image of his own makes him feel a weird stirring in his stomach, he feels his heart throbbing strangely in his chest.

However, before he can sort out what kind of feeling is that, suddenly everything is replaced by sharp pain, humiliation immediately replaces whatever he's feeling right back then.

His legs have been spread open. A severe, violent, tearing pain comes from a place where he has never thought possible to receive such pain. His sky-blue eyes widen in disbelief.

The pain of being violated, the pain of being invaded, the pain of being stretched so wide and torn from inside out - this pain has surpassed any other pain, greater than the sum of all his other wounds pain together. Sora's mouth hangs wide open but his scream is stuck in his throat, along with his breathing…

What the FUCK?

So this is what the psycho means by 'making him his'?

Vanitas doesn't give Sora any time to adjust the huge thing shoved into his body. His hands grip firmly on Sora's hips, restraining him from any possible struggle. He pulls out of the boy and slams back in again, making Sora finally cry out -

"Fuck you!"

The tight body was violently forced open. Unable to resist the force driving deeper into his body, Sora feels like his internal organs are being crashed and smashed. He has never felt so weak and vulnerable like now, to let Vanitas violate him, assault him like this!

Despite the pain, his mood suddenly turns furious, his wrath is growing, leading his once almost lost self-consciousness re-gather again. He won't take this! He won't resign himself to be treated like this by another himself!

- You fucking bastard, didn't you say you love me? Is this your so-called love?

- I love you Sora, of course I love you. You are the only one I ever love. My Sora is always mine, forever mine.

- Go to hell…

Teeth grinding together, no longer able to bear the pain, Sora closes his eyes again, hoping for this ridiculous sexual abuse to end soon.

"Sora, don't close your eyes, look at me."

Cold voice commands him. Needle-like stinging punches his mind making him unable to ignore the command.

Blue eyes open again, glaring straight at the man who claims to love him but at the same time continues to violate him harshly. Yet something suddenly comes to Sora's mind, he has realized that Vanitas' golden eyes have been locked on his face all the time, no, to be more precise, it's his eyes. Vanitas never moves his eyes away from his own eyes ever since their conversation has started.

- Why…?

There has been no expression on the black haired male ever since he's started fucking him. Yet upon hearing the question, the golden eyed male's lips curl up into a smirk.

Before Sora is even able to finish his gasp, Vanitas suddenly pounds into him harder and deeper, more pain hitting the brunet's over-saturated nerve system. The golden eyed male's thrusts become more rough and bolder as he ramming into the brunet boy nonstop. Sora can smell the blood, he swears he can even imagine what a bloody mess his insides must look like now…

As the speed of penetration increases, Sora bites on his lips hard, not allowing himself to emit any submissive sounds. He won't cry out anymore, he will never yield to this man, he will never make a voice of weakness in this throat, never, no!

- Almost there, Sora. We're almost there.

Vanitas whispers softly in his ear, unbelievably 'soft'.

With one final thrust, Vanitas comes deep inside of Sora.

Waves and waves of hot shocks hit his inside wall, almost smothering him.

All of sudden, the light fragments that keep bursting up from his Station of Awakening all stop the flying motion in the middle of the air.

Finally realizing what is happening, the brunet key-bearer widens his large eyes.

At that very moment, he sees his own reflection in the golden orbs of the black haired male.

And right there, his reflection is staring back at him with a same pair of golden eyes.

Waving his keyblade in despair, the young blonde teen pants heavily from the fight. The Heartless he is facing no longer hesitates its attack towards him. The blonde boy has already got a few scratches from the black claws of the Heatless after a frenzy of attacks. If he summons his other keyblade, he may be able to defeat this black monster by dual-wielding keyblades. But, but…

That Heartless…that is Sora.

Roxas never dares to think Sora would do something like that for him…that he would sacrifice himself for him, him a Nobody…

The blonde doesn't know what to do. While he is all confused and hesitates to make his next move, the Heartless suddenly stops all its action.

The black aura that used to surround the Heartless' figure starts to fade away, along with the black skin slowly turning back into a tanned color. The glowing golden eyes begin to contract, revealing the white of the eyes again as the gold turning into a circle of iris, eventually forming back into a pair of human being's eyes.

Yet, those eyes are no long in a pure sky-blue, instead, a cold gold is now the color of them.

Sora is stunned, as he watches all the broken pieces of light fragments flying back to the platform of his Station of Awakening like a film being rewound. All the light pieces return to their original position to reform his Awakening portrait. As soon as the Awakening is completed, Vanitas takes back all the dark tendrils that was wrapping around his body.

Exhausted from the physical pain and torment, Sora immediately collapses into the black haired male's arms as the support from the dark tendrils is now lost.

Could this be how it is? The true purpose of what this madman has done to him…

… … … … … …

As the warm darkness embraces his body peacefully, Sora knows he has already found the answer.

- Pervert! Why can't you use other ways to do this?

Yeah, he knows the answer now, but that doesn't mean he would take this violation and humiliation lightly. His anger won't be gone easily. Sora is a grateful person, so he will thank Vanitas for saving him, but at the same time, he isn't going to give up on taking vengeance on that bastard for raping him either.

- Damn you! You just like watching others suffer, watching others in pain, don't you?

You are very right. I very much enjoy it.

- So you don't care for others at all, do you?

Right, I couldn't care less.
All I want is you.
I love watching you suffer for me. I like to see you in pain just for me.

- Liar. You didn't tell the truth.


- You did this to save me.

Did this to get you.

- Whatever. You saved me. For that I thank you.

Then give me your heart in return.

- That I won't do.

Why not?

- My heart belongs to me.

And I, am you.

- Yes, you are me, and I am you.

- Thus, how do I give my heart to myself?

The black haired teen laughs out loud. His psychotic laughter is echoing around the whole dark void space.

He brings the brunet boy in his arms closer, gently planting a kiss on his face, treating the boy like he is his only precious treasure.

"So you better get your asshole washed clean. Just wait till when I get better. I'm gonna make sure to have you know how it feels like to have a pole up your ass." Sora bares his teeth as he hisses towards Vanitas.


A/N again: Confused with what happened? Well, a bit more explanation. According to KH canon, if one turns into Heartless, the person will lose all his/her self-consciousness and memories as his/her heart consumed by 'Absolute Darkness'. In other words, the existence of 'Sora' will be completely gone once his heart submits to the ultimate Darkness. So, both Xion and Vanitas in this story are trying to save him from losing his self-consciousness, or self-identity whichever way you'd like to call. Since Xion is indeed Sora's memory, she tries to use 'memories' to keep 'Sora' stay together as 'himself,' but her power is too weak. That's why Vanitas called her 'useless' and 'there's nothing you can do.' On the other hand, Vanitas is strong. And the Vanitas in this story is not only the dark extraction from Ventus, but he also has already become Sora's own darkness after so many years residing in Sora's heart. Thus he is indeed the dark half of Sora himself. Unlike Xion using memory, Vanitas is using 'darkness' to save Sora. If a person's own darkness is strong enough to surpass the outside darkness, the person will become a Heartless with self-conscious and still keep the human form. A best example we all know is Ansem the Seeker of Darkness. He is a Heartless but still able to maintain his human self. In the end of this story, Sora has become a self-conscious Heartless just like him. Well, as for the rape part…Vani did that as a way to piss Sora so that he'd be so angry that he won't lose his self-conscious to the absolute darkness. XD

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