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All events occur in March of 2013.

"We were always going to end up here." Light sighed and rose from the couch, hands going into his pockets.

"I suppose you're right." Ryuk stared back at him as seriously as he could. Light felt a twitching rise up through his chest, responding to a rhythm set by the turning fan and clock singing together. "That doesn't make it more tasteful." There was another sound chiming into the percussion, a sort of buzzing behind Light's ears that made him turn his head slightly, even though he knew the sound was coming from inside.

"Tasteful, Light?" Light shrugged and met eyes with the white chair next to Ryuk. It had had leather covered claw feet- an unusual touch of excess. Light liked the chair very much.

"Simple would have been more appropriate." Ryuk sat down in the chair and Light's gaze, crossing extended limbs in a jester's imitation of manners.

"Nothing worth having is ever simple." Light smiled a bit.

"That's a misquote." Ryuk grinned up at Light, still sprawling out of the white fabric, like a spider creeping out a nest but uglier somehow.

"I think it's more true." Light glanced upwards, now meeting eyes with his ceiling light. It burned his eyes slightly, like any bright light does.


"I'm not fucking with you." L laughed and stared at Light so incredulously that Light had a sudden urge to hit him.

"Yes you are, you pretentious asshole. No one genuinely likes opera. Not even opera singers." Light rolled away from L, reaching out for his boxers stashed somewhere near the foot of the bed. "Oh come on luv, you can't run away every time I call you on your shit or we'd never do anything but have sex. Although now that I think of it…" Light rolled back on top of L and kissed him deepy, sliding fingers into dark hair and biting a now pink lip as he pulled away.

"I'm not running away, I'm getting ready for the opera. And I do like it. Genuinely. It's an excessive, self-indulgent art form that masturbates itself in front of an audience that oftentimes doesn't understand it just because they've already decided that the money they're spending on tickets is a fair price to pretend to be cultured and they're determined for it to be below their understanding threshold. Plus there's a lot of shitty puns in opera and you know I'm a fan of those." L pulled Light back in by grabbing the of his neck and pulling hard so that Light fell into the next kiss.

"I cannot believe you just gave an impressively pause less soliloquy on opera. You ass." Light just made sure to give L a long, lingering look before getting up.

"Fuck you." L laughed hard.

"Light Yagami, you are a beautiful person. Truly." Light just grinned at him, before sliding into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and sat on the side of the tub, meeting eyes with himself in the mirror as the steam slowly rose and clouded his face. Light was hit by a moment of philosophic enlightenment at the back of his mind. There was a deep significance in watching his face disappear into steam, clarity about the slow fade away into nothingness that reminded Light of the story Ryuk had once told him about a place beyond even the Shinigami's reach. The moment passed, like they usually did, and soon Light was rinsing his hair while contemplating tie choices.

"Light? Near and Mello are going to be joining us tonight. For some reason, Mello's come down all cultured and wants to see the opera. I've allowed it because it may increase the chance that you won't be annoyed by my eating cake the whole damn time. Now come out, you're clean enough." Light felt a tingle at the word Mello. He'd only known the man for a few days and yet Light felt he knew him more intimately than anyone else he'd ever known. Near, less so. Near was for later. He finished toweling his hair and came out with a smile.

"Sounds great. Now help me pick a tie."

Despite the protests and sexual favor offers during the ride over, L was side by side with Light as they slipped into the theatre, silently sailing their way through plush carpets that told a million stories in the intricate designs placed so unfortunately under their feet. He was quiet now, glancing around at the other patrons quickly as Light led the way to their private box.

"Hey boys." Mello was sitting in their box, reclining in the large chair with a glass of wine already in hand and with Near sitting next to him. Near was dressed the same as Light had ever seen him, Mello in a dark blue suit. It was a good suit for the night, not too formal. Mello had never seemed to be very formal. Light nodded at them both as Ryuk flew in behind him, settling down in the corner where the curtain to box seemed to wrap around him and pull him into shadowy places a little too far outside of Light's grasp. L sat down and Light sat down next to him.

"Hello Mello." He smiled at Light, corner of mouth pulling up at the English.

"You still liking that it rhymes then?" Light just smirked back and they settled into their seats, Light's sucking him in almost too much. The opera was a non-consequential one, the seats were half filled because it was a Thursday night and anyone worth thinking about in Light's immediate and not-as-immediate circles was down in the bars, having a final kick back for the week before the photographed events that often went on Friday and Saturday nights. Light enjoyed the music and L's fingers tracing along his wrist. Every time he glanced out the corner of his eye at the hand, he was struck with a half-memory of watching snow fall and the cold feeling was a good one so he meditated on it as he passively watched.

The humming began after the intermission. It was a soft humming, but it came from the air itself and was impossible for Light to ignore. It rose up and down with Light's breath and he strained to hear the opera over the humming as it grew louder and louder.

It stopped with a gasp.

Light glanced to his right to see Near's face cut into geometric shapes by the shadows. He turned a bit more and saw Mello's shaking body, twitching softly and jerking out in time with the music. Then the aria ended, and so did Mello. There was a moment of pause and then a baritone boomed out and L shot from his seat to Mello and words were being whispered urgently and L was shaking his head and Near's jaw was tight.

Ryuk crawled from the shadows to Light's side.

"Simple enough?"

"His medicine was wrong. His fucking medicine was fucking wrong!" L was pink with anger below his neck and Light tried to feel anything other than numb in response to him. Near, the partner apparent to the corpse formerly known as Mello, was sitting in a side chair silently, much the way he had all week since arriving. "How could this have happened? How the fuck? We shipped it in ourselves from bloody England and it's still managed to be tampered with? Why? Who the…." L stopped suddenly and lunged forward in a jerking motion towards his laptop, pulling it out smoothly and typing onto it furiously. "Pharmacists everywhere in Kira. Mello and Near stayed in a hotel before arriving here, there could have been a bell boy…How did they know who they were?" L's murmurs to himself grew quieter and then silent as his typing became more furious. Near was still curled up in the chair, dead eyes gazing out into the room.

Light just sank his teeth into an apple, trying to soften the crunch by slowly pressing into the fruit. It was almost like a kiss. Light looked for Ryuk to maybe share a laugh over how stupid he must look, but then remembered that the Shinigami had left a while ago in search of apples for himself. Light would have liked to leave to find food himself, but he was meant to be shocked and traumatized along with the rest of them. Apparently that left people without appetites.

"Go over it again." L said suddenly. Light knew it wasn't his question, but Near didn't answer. "Near."

"We arrived. We booked a hotel for two days per instruction. Mello spent most of the time watching whatever kind of free porn was on TV. I worked. Hotel staff came in two times a day for delivery of towels and for the serving of dinner. There were several opportunities to tamper with his medicine if they knew it existed or spied it out on a visit. There was no way to know who we were or our purpose, so motivation is an issue. That's it." Light was rather impressed with the flatness of Near's voice.

"So he was off his medication for five days at most, if they switched it on the first day during the dinner delivery…" L bit his thumb hard and Light felt a tightening in his pants. Though it was hardly the appropriate reaction, Light forgave himself for it. His body knew only sex and food past 3am.

"Is that long enough for his seizures to trigger, L? It seems so short." L glanced over at Light, and Light saw his face soften slightly.

"According to several websites I've just had to search, it is possible- though very unlikely. Mello hasn't had an episode since early adolescence, but he was hardly at the age to have outgrown them. Bastards." The last word was spat out slightly faster than the rest, and Light looked appropriately sympathetic.

"Is it possible whatever they put into his medicine could cause a seizure?" L shrugged and pulled a knee in close.

"Very. We'll know when the toxicology reports come in. There's only one certainty in this whole thing right now." Light knew he had to ask.

"What is that exactly?" L looked at Near.

"We are going to tear down Kira."

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