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Chapter 28-Love

His arms were pinned above him on either side of his head as Puck held him against the door, the two kissing furiously. His legs were spread and dangling off the floor a little as he was held up by Puck's strong thigh. Breaking the kiss for the need of oxygen, Kurt looked down at himself and wondered when Puck had unbuttoned his shirt. As Puck moved his mouth down to trail kisses over his chest and nipples, Kurt found he didn't care when just as long as Puck kept kissing and touching him.

Feet meeting the ground again, Kurt wound his arms around Puck's neck as the two teens kicked their shoes off. Looking at Puck's face, Kurt found the Jewish boy's eyes were blown with lust and he briefly wondered if his eyes looked like that right now.

"Come on," Puck said gruffly taking Kurt's hand. "Upstairs."

With his free hand, Kurt gripped the banister and used it to help himself climb up the stairs. His legs were trembling from nerves and excitement. Reaching the landing, Kurt cast one last look to the door downstairs. This was probably his last opportunity to back out. Biting his lip, he pulled his eyes away and followed Puck into his bedroom.

The door was pushed shut, and this time, Kurt pinned Puck against the wood and attacked his mouth. Puck let out a growl of approval as he responded enthusiastically to each of Kurt's kisses. Moving his hands away from Puck's wrists, Kurt travelled them down the muscular boy's biceps, down his chest and stomach before tugging at Puck's wife beater. He lifted it up and pulled it over Puck's head before dropping it to the floor.

His mouth actually watered as he took in the sight of Puck's chiselled torso. Attracted by the glint of silver in Puck's nipple, Kurt dipped his head and sucked the pierced skin into his mouth. Grunting in appreciation, Puck's hand moved to the back of Kurt's head as he arched his body forwards, their dicks rubbing together through their pants.

Feeling a light tug on his hair, Kurt pulled away from Puck's chest to meet his lips again. As their tongues danced together, Puck journeyed his hands up to push the shirt off of Kurt's shoulders before one hand danced its way up the length of his spine and the other moved below the waistband of Kurt's pants to cup his ass.

Still kissing, they stumbled their way over to the bed, Puck collapsing on top of Kurt. Their upper halves were on the mattress while their feet were still on the floor. Not finding the position to be entirely comfortable, Puck straightened and pulled Kurt's pants down to the back of his knees. Moving his fingers to Puck's belt, Kurt kicked his own trousers off the rest of the way while working to get Puck out of his.

Once Puck was completely stripped, Kurt eyed the larger boy's penis. Running through all the techniques Santana had told him about in his mind, Kurt curled his fingers around the hard flesh before bringing his mouth into action. At first, he kept his eyes tight shut as he concentrated on acting out the things Santana had suggested to him. After such an embarrassing first attempt, he was more than determined to bring Puck satisfaction second time around.

Gaining confidence from Puck's moans, Kurt sped up his movements and opened his eyes to look up into Puck's. It was the eye-contact that did it for Puck and sensing the Jewish boy's impending orgasm, Kurt pulled his mouth away and closed his eyes again. Puck's seed splattered over his face and Kurt hoped Santana had been honest when she said cum on the face was a turn-on for Puck. Looking up at the mohawked boy, Kurt couldn't tell if Santana had been telling the truth or not as Puck had yet to recover. When Puck's eyes did come back into focus, Kurt swiped a finger across his cum-covered face and brought it to his own mouth to suck the white substance down his throat.

"Shit that's hot." Puck commented breathlessly before pulling Kurt into a standing position and kissing him passionately, his hands groping Kurt's buttocks. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of Kurt's C&K underwear and slipped them down the boy's pale thighs. "You're so gorgeous." He complimented as he admired Kurt's nude form as he gently maneuvered them back onto the bed.

Resting his head on the pillows, Kurt watched as Puck pulled their socks off and threw them over his shoulder. Since listening to Santana's advice had worked for him so far, Kurt decided to continue to follow the instructions she had given. Gently rolling and pinching his own nipples, he let out a soft moan and spread his legs.

Being a teenager, Puck was soon fully hard again as he watched and listened. Leaving his nipples, Kurt moved his hands further down and wrapped one set of fingers around his dick while the other hand crept towards his asshole.

"Come play with me?" Kurt asked teasingly. He felt a little awkward saying such a thing, but as Santana had correctly predicted, the words went straight to Puck's dick and the tanned teenager was soon on top of him touching him in all the right places. "Fuck that's so good." Kurt moaned as Puck stroked his cock. He could feel his balls tightening and he knew he was close. He moved his hands back up to his chest to play with his nipples, the added stimulation increasing his pleasure.

When talking to Santana, Kurt had expressed his desire to cum when Puck was inside him. Of course, she had pointed out that since he was a virgin he wouldn't last long enough for Puck to even enter him. So he had followed her advice to cum before they got to the actual sex. That way, he'd be able to last longer with Puck inside of him. Just thinking of having the older boy's dick in his ass triggered Kurt's release and he shot his load into Puck's skillful hand.

Despite being so completely exposed as he lay naked and panting beneath Puck, Kurt had never felt so at ease with the other male. He supposed his lack of nerves and new feeling of utter relaxation was a result of his first orgasm of the evening. Getting his breath back, Kurt sort through his mind for Santana's next piece of advice. Trying to smirk, though he was sure it didn't come across nearly as sexy as Puck would have done it, Kurt turned himself round and pushed up onto his hands and knees. Looking back at Puck over his shoulder, the mohawked boy now kneeling halfway down the bed, his eyes swiveling from Kurt's behind then up to his face and back again, Kurt placed one hand teasingly at his butt cheek.

"You want me, Big Boy?" Kurt asked praying to Alexander McQueen that his words came out in a seductive manner.

"Fuck I want you." Puck replied reaching his hands out to squeeze the globes of Kurt's ass.

"So go ahead," Kurt replied as he folded his arms on the pillow and rested his head on them, his chest pressed to the mattress but his ass still up in the air. "Take me." He encouraged reciting what Santana had told him to say.

"You sure you want this?" Puck asked seriously.

"Yes." Kurt answered confidently. Again, Santana had been right, she said Puck would ask him if he was still up for it before they went too far. "I want you. Please… Noah." Calling Puck by his first name was his own decision and he hoped it was the right one. "Oh!" He cried out when he felt Puck's tongue swipe along the crack of his ass. "Noah." He repeated finding that he quite liked calling Puck by his first name. Judging by the way Puck had spread his cheeks apart to lick and lap at his asshole, Kurt guessed that Puck liked being called 'Noah' in the bedroom too.

As Puck's tongue probed his hole, Kurt lightly jerked his cock until he was fully hard again. It didn't take long. He was very tempted to keep pleasuring himself until he came again but he forced his hands away from his dick. He felt the loss of Puck's tongue and he let out a sound of disappointment as he twisted his head to see why Puck had stopped. The other boy was reaching across him to his nightstand. When he pulled his hand back he had a half empty tube of lubricant.

Turning his face back to the pillow, Kurt tried to brace himself but he couldn't help the way he gave a slight flinch when he felt the first finger touch him.

"Kurt?" Puck asked gently pulling his hands away.

"Keep going." Kurt answered as he reached his arms back and spread his own butt cheeks invitingly.

Encouraged by Kurt's actions, Puck returned his lubed finger to Kurt's backside. He traced the digit around Kurt's quivering hole before slowly nudging his finger inside. He managed to slip in up to his knuckle before Kurt's body tried to reject the intrusion.

"Relax." Puck soothed as he used his free hand to rub comforting circles on Kurt's lower back. "Keep breathing, just let it happen."

Following Puck's instructions, Kurt's body opened up a little more to accept the length of Puck's first finger. He moaned contentedly at the feeling as Puck wiggled the finger inside of him.

"Ready for another?" Puck asked after a couple of minutes and Kurt nodded his head eagerly.

The second finger entered easier than the first and Kurt could really feel the stretch. He jumped a little as he felt Puck scissor his fingers inside of him. Continuing to take deep steady breaths, Kurt pushed his hips back a little to meet Puck's fingers. He was desperate for more and he told Puck so, but the mohawked teen insisted on waiting a few minutes longer. As the third finger made its debut, Kurt let out a sharp hiss as he felt a brief pain.

"You need me to stop?" Puck asked gently still rubbing Kurt's back as he stilled his fingers inside of the slighter boy.

"No, keep going. I can take it." Kurt assured him.

Leaning down, Puck dropped a kiss at the base of Kurt's spine. He resumed the task of fingering Kurt's asshole as he left a trail of kisses along the knots of Kurt's spine. He spread his fingers within the boy, wanting him to be as prepared as possible.

Pushing back against Puck's fingers, Kurt was moaning wantonly as he gripped the bed sheets in his hands. All he could think was that he was very close to losing his virginity. With that in mind, his moans became louder, more desperate and he rocked against the fingers inside of him with greater urgency.

"Noah, please." Kurt begged.

"Soon." Puck told him as his free hand ran up the length of Kurt's back then moved underneath to graze over a nipple then down his stomach. He squeezed Kurt's cock lightly, then cupped his balls and massaged them a little before moving to Kurt's thigh then up to cup his ass.

He withdrew his three fingers from Kurt's tight heat and wiped them on his chest. Moving to his drawer again, he pulled out his dildo. After borrowing Brittany's, he'd bought his own. It was smaller than his own cock, so it would be good to use it on Kurt as another form of preparation. Covering the toy in lube, Puck placed the tip at Kurt's entrance before slowly pushing it in past the tight ring of muscle.

"Noah," Kurt moaned out his complaint. "I want your cock."

"Not yet, babe." Puck replied sternly as he continued to work the dildo in and out of Kurt's passage.

Kurt just whimpered in response as he pushed back against the dildo, wishing it was Puck's cock instead. Although Santana had been right about everything else, the Latina had not mentioned Puck using a dildo on him. It felt good, but Kurt wanted the real thing.

Slipping the dildo out of Kurt's body, Puck moved his mouth back to the boy's hole and pressed open mouthed kisses over the sensitive area. Dropping the dildo to the floor and gripping Kurt's hips, he asked one more time if Kurt was ready.

"Please, I want you." Kurt pleaded as he shifted himself so he was on his back, legs spread and bent so his knees were raised to the ceiling.

"Turn round." Puck instructed. "It'll be easier for you."

"No." Kurt replied stubbornly. "I want to look at you."

"Kurt, it'll hurt less on your hands on knees." Puck told him.

"I don't care." Kurt said as he reached his hand down to grab Puck's length and guide it towards his gaping hole. "This is my first time and I want to look at you, not the pillowcase."

"Wait," Puck said and Kurt stilled. "Condom." Puck told him before reaching for one and ripping the foil packaging apart.

Part of Kurt wanted to protest. He wanted to feel Puck's cock inside him, not the rubber, but he wasn't stupid. He knew it would be safer for them to use protection, especially with Puck's reputation. It was better to be safe than sorry. Not trusting his own fingers to apply the condom properly, Kurt settled for watching as Puck rolled it onto himself before placing the head of his penis to Kurt's entrance.

"You sure?" Puck asked quietly a final time as he brushed the hair away from Kurt's sweaty forehead. "If you don't want to its ok, I won't be mad."

"Just fuck me, Noah." Kurt answered spreading his legs wider. "Fill my ass with your cock." He added using the words Santana had suggested for him.

Bending his head to kiss Kurt, Puck slowly fed his length into Kurt's willing body. He felt Kurt pull his mouth away and turn his head to the side. The younger boy's thighs had tensed up and his breath was shaky. Pressing soft kisses to Kurt's throat, Puck knew the countertenor must be experiencing a little pain. Forcing himself to hold still, Puck waited for Kurt to adjust to the new feeling.

"Oh my Gaga." Kurt breathed out. Head turned to the side and eyes focusing on the shape of the dildo on the floor, Kurt realised that his virginity was technically no more. "Noah." He whispered turning his head back.

"I know baby, I know." Puck replied quietly as he trailed kisses over his jaw bone and up to Kurt's lips. "Just stay with me, enjoy it."

"This is real." Kurt smiled running his hands over Puck's skin, wanting to memorize every inch of him.

"It's real." Puck assured him tweaking a nipple then taking Kurt's lower lip between his teeth and nibbling. "You ready?" He asked and Kurt nodded.

His anal walls clamped around Puck's cock as the mohawked boy pulled almost all the way out. Then Puck slowly eased his way back in and Kurt dug his nails into Puck's back and gritted his teeth through the slight burn. There was more pain on the second and third thrust, the fourth thrust actually caused him to yelp, and the fifth thrust brought a dull ache as did the few thrusts after. But the pain subsided and the pleasure made itself known.

"You liking that, baby?" Puck asked as he snapped his hips forward.

"Ye-yes." Kurt panted as he arched his back to meet Puck's thrusts. "Oh-oh fuck, Noah. Mmm, oh yeah, so… so… nrgh, so hot. You're so good."

The praise seemed to spur Puck on and he worked harder to make the experience all the more pleasurable for Kurt. He hit the boy's prostate and the moan in response was easily a High F.

"So amazing." Puck commented and Kurt fought to keep his eyes open.

He was slightly startled by the awed tone in Puck's voice before remembering that in a way, this was Puck's first time too. Though he'd been with countless women, and had borrowed Brittany's dildo before purchasing his own, Puck had never been with a guy before. As that thought circulated through Kurt's lust-filled brain, the experience became more intense for him, more meaningful.

Guiding Puck's mouth to his own, Kurt angled his hips downwards and clamped his muscles around Puck's dick, wanting to make the muscular teen feel as good as he did. The words 'I love you' floated around his head but Kurt held them back.

"So beautiful." Puck gushed as he brought his hand up to Kurt's face and ghosted his fingertips over his cheekbones.

"Noah," Kurt mewled as Puck hooked his arms round the back of his knees and forced his legs up higher so that Kurt could prop them onto Puck's shoulders. "Oh fuck!" He cried out in enjoyment from the new angle. "Don-don't stop… har-harder. Oh yes, yes, Noah, yes!"

The new position meant that Puck plunged even deeper into Kurt's tight channel, hitting his prostate with every thrust. As Kurt gasped and panted, he felt ridiculously pleased that he hadn't given himself to Blaine or Sam. He also thought it ludicrous that he had once considered using Puck to lose his virginity and then having nothing more to do with him. Right now, Kurt wanted nothing other than to have sex with Puck every day for the rest of his life; or at least for as long as their penises worked. Then Kurt wasn't thinking at all, he was just feeling as his vision became a spectrum of colour and his body spasmed with pleasure.


After the two had reached their end, Kurt's orgasm coming just before Puck's, they lay together side by side, panting for breath with the smell of sex and sweat thick in the air.

"I've just had sex." Kurt commented with a shaky laugh.

"How was it?" Puck asked with a smirk but there was a subtle hint of genuine nervousness when he asked.

"Wow, just… wow." Kurt answered turning his head to look at Puck.

"I take it I lived up to my reputation then?" Puck asked with a grin.

"Better." Kurt told him. "So much better."

"So, no regrets?" Puck questioned as he pulled the used condom off and aimed it at the waste basket, missing by a few inches. He let his arm drop onto Kurt's stomach and lazily stroked the porcelain skin with the back of his hand.

"None." Kurt assured him. "Except for not doing it sooner. I wish it wasn't so messy though. I feel all sticky, sweaty and disgusting but I don't have the energy to clean up."

"Trust me; you've never looked more beautiful." Puck told him.

Kurt let out a short laugh and rolled his eyes at how corny Puck's words were, but he still found himself smiling brilliantly and rewarding the Jewish stud with a slow and unhurried kiss.

"I feel different." Kurt stated as he smoothed out his bangs.

"Me too." Puck replied honestly turning onto his side and bending his elbow so he could rest his head on his hand. "I mean I've never…"

"Done it with a boy before." Kurt finished but Puck shook his head.

"Well, I mean no, I haven't been with a dude before… ow," He complained when he received a light punch for saying 'dude'. "Sorry princess," He poked his tongue out in response to Kurt's petulant glare. "What I was going to say was… I've never been with somebody who, you know, mattered before."

They shared another kiss before Puck rested his head on Kurt's chest and Kurt idly danced his fingers through his mohawk. He looked to the time and decided he should probably get moving if he wanted to get home in time for dinner. Carole was cooking his favourite today and he didn't want to miss it.

"I need to get going." Kurt said as he played with the hairs at the nape of Puck's neck.

"No, stay." Puck replied clutching to Kurt's side tighter.

"Huh, I never took you for the cuddly type Puckerman." Kurt commented in amusement.

"Badasses can be affectionate too." Puck replied defensively. "And I like it better when you call me Noah." He added.

"Well Noah, I really do need to go." Kurt told him pulling away reluctantly. "Ouch." He hissed as he stood up and began hunting the room for his clothes.

"Sorry." Puck apologised as he watched Kurt limp around the room. "I guess I got a bit carried away when I was pounding that sweet ass of yours."

"Don't just lie there looking all smug," Kurt admonished him. "I need you to drive me home. Get dressed."

"Can't I just drive you home naked?" Puck asked as he moved off the bed. "I'm sure the look on Finn's face will be worth it."

"Possibly." Kurt mused as he buttoned up his shirt. "But my dad killing you won't be."

"Good point." Puck admitted as pulled his jeans up then snatched Kurt's underwear out of his hands.

"Hey, I need that." Kurt told him reaching for it but Puck held the underwear above his head and out of his reach.

"I wanna keep them." Puck said. "A little reminder that your virginity is mine." He smiled as Kurt blushed at his words before giving up and pulling his jeans on over his bare ass.

They finished dressing and Puck placed Kurt's underwear under his pillow. They took a quick trip to the bathroom so they could wash up a little and pee before Puck led the way downstairs. Hand on the banister, Kurt moved very slowly, wincing with each step he descended.

"How long will I be sore for?" Kurt asked in the car, a touch of embarrassment in his tone.

"I'm not sure." Puck admitted. "Just have a nice hot bath tonight. That should help." He squeezed Kurt's thigh as he turned onto the corner of Kurt's street. He pulled up in the Hummel drive and turned to face Kurt who had yet to make a move to get out. "So, we're together now yeah? I mean, I can just kiss you if I want to, right?"

"Noah, if you want to be with me you have to ask." Kurt replied with a teasing smile.

"Fine." Puck relented. "Wanna be my play mate?" He asked with a suggestive smirk only to receive a glare. "Ok, ok. Kurt-best-fuck-of-my-life-Hummel?" He asked and Kurt flushed a little but smiled. "You wanna be my boyfriend?"

Kurt leaned in and kissed him, slowly slipping his tongue inside before pulling back. "Does that answer your question?"

"That'll do." Puck nodded before scrambling out of the car then moving round to open the door for Kurt.

He helped his new boyfriend out and walked him slowly up the garden path to the door. They caught one another's eye and they both smiled. They didn't say anything, but the words they were leaving unspoken were clear. In both boys' eyes, the love clearly sparkled. There was no need to address it, not yet. The fact they could both see and feel it in and for one another was enough. They would say the words in time, whenever they were ready.

Puck bit his lip as Kurt hobbled; it would be obvious why Kurt was walking the way he was. Puck wasn't sure if he wanted to be around Burt Hummel when it registered in his mind just why his only son was limping. Still, Puck was a badass; he wouldn't flee until he saw that Kurt was safely inside his house.

"Oh hello boys." Carole greeted as Kurt stepped gingerly over the threshold. "Everything ok Kurt?"

"Fine." Kurt smiled. "I just… fell over… in Glee rehearsal." He lied.

"You fell over?" Carole asked looking sympathetic and for a moment Puck thought she'd believed Kurt's story. "Oh you poor thing." She tutted. "That must have hurt terribly. I just hope there was a condom to break your fall onto Noah's manhood."

"I…" Kurt squeaked while Puck offered a charming smile as Carole looked to him with a stern expression and a raised eyebrow. "I have to go die of embarrassment now." Kurt said as he sent Puck a last smile over his shoulder and made his way further inside the house.

"Noah Puckerman," Carole said as she came to the door and stared down at Puck who had his hands in his pockets and was scuffing his sneakers on the concrete. "I do love you honey, but if you've just used Kurt to get your rocks off or as a sexuality experiment, I will personally see to it that your penis is removed in the most vicious way imaginable."

"Carole, he's not… you know I care about him." Puck told her.

"Good." Carole replied pressing a kiss to his forehead. "Now get out of here before Burt figures out what you've done to his little boy."

"Puckerman!" They heard Burt yell from somewhere inside the house.

"Oh shit!" Puck swore before rushing to his car.

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