BeforeNote: Yes, this is a new story that I've decided to write. Heh, it came to me while I was thinking of the times I used to babysit a baby cousin of mine a few years back. Awesome times, but he was so active! Anyways, enjoy :).

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"I'll be doing what?" L asked Watari, pausing in his typing to stare at the aged man. They were in L's house, which, coincidentally, happened to be a few trees next to The Wammy's House.

"You'll be taking care of Near for two weeks while Roger and I go to Iraq to settle some disputes." Answered Watari, while sipping on his cup of Earl Grey. L was surprised, to say the least, and stared at his caretaker with his eyes wide and mouth gaping open. The old man chuckled softly, and said, "Don't worry, Beyond will assist you. Roger and I would have the teens in the senior wing take care of him, but you remember what happened last time when they watched over little Mello."

At the mention of that memory, L inwardly shuddered. The memory went like this: a few years ago, the teens in the senior wing were assigned to watch over a two year old Mello while Roger and Watari went into town for the day. After a few hours had gone by, it was time for Mello to take his bath. He was standing fully naked in front of the tub, ready to get in, when he peed on the tiled floor. The two teens assigned for bath time with him ran out of the bathroom, afraid of a little urine. Mello looked quizzically at them, and laughed happily when they decided to finally go back in put him in the tub. After the whole bathroom episode, Mello was changed into a fresh diaper, and wore the same one for the rest of the day. Needless to say, the poor toddler had developed quite a rash, and was screaming and whining when Roger and Watari returned home that day. His rash lasted the next couple of days, and turned out to be very painful.

Now, it was L's turn to take care of a two year old Near, and in his own home. But, who was to say that the twenty-five year old man would not encounter the same problem?

"L, don't fret. I'm sure the same thing will not happen to you. You and Beyond are far more mature." said Watari, as if reading L's mind, since L's face was certainly unreadable, and seemed to stay in the same, boring expression. Perhaps it was all the sugar that made him that way.

"Alright then," L replied, sighing. "When do we start? And will Near be the only child we will take care of? And who will watch over the other Wammy children?"

Watari chuckled at his young charge's questions. "Tomorrow, Beyond will show up to get himself situated in your home. And yes, you will also be taking care of four year old Mello. As for the others, I've contacted an old friend of mine. She too runs an orphanage, and the caretakers and teachers will assist her."

L thought for a moment, then said, "Wait. If you have her and everyone else, then why can't she watch Mello and Near?"

"Because they are your successors, and I would rather have you, their mentor, watching them. It will be a chance for you to get to know them better and vice versa. Oh, and we will bring them over the day after Beyond's arrival."

"Fine. How bad could it be?"

AfterNote: It's a bit short, but I like it so far, and I've already got the second and third chapters written, which should be up some time this week :).