"A Firefighter's Worst Nightmare"

By: Cap

This story was started a long time ago but in looking it over, I didn't like it. So I thought I'd re-write it. This is a "great angsty torture Mike" story. I always have fun to torturing the poor guy! Mike will notbe in canon here, just a fair warning. Also, I want to thank Bente for allowing me to use Levi English and Mike's twins Joey and Jimmy English-Stoker. Also I want to thank Michael Norell for the awesome call name of "Inferno." I asked him for a suggestion for "TBOC'S Burnin' For You" and he said he liked "Inferno" and I did too! The story will be written in the first person point of view. In other words, Mike will be narrating the whole story. And "TBOC" in the Horses' names refers to the group "The Blue Oyster Cult" that I shortened for writing purposes. They are called TBOC or The BOC in the rock world as well. Also, I have distorted time just a tad; two of the horses are named after two eighty's songs and I have a quote from an eighty's song in here as well. I would like to dedicate this story to my very "bestest" friend who passed away April 6, 2008 at 0130 from cancer. In my grieving for her it "fueled the fire" so to speak to write this, edit and perfect this. I love and miss you forever "Old Bag."

All things Emergency! do not belong to me. They belong to Universal TV however Travis, Terry, Tabby and Dane all do belong to me and cannot be used without permission.

Chapter 1

The day started just like any other. I got up at 0530, along with my eight year old twins, Joseph Charles and James Michael. All three of us are on a pretty rigid schedule because all three of us take medication for our various malfunctions. Joey and Jimmy are both very hyperactive but since they've been on medication and I gave them a pretty strict schedule to follow, there has been a world of difference. They are doing so much better. We get up every morning at that time, even on the weekends. We live on a rather large, spacious ranch and we have critters to take care of. The family has four horses we turn out and feed and water every morning. "Double D's Dance Into The Fire" who answers to "Dancer", "TBOC's Burnin' For You" who answers to "Inferno", "TBOC's Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll" who answers to "Flame" and "Bon Jovi's Blaze of Glory" who answers to "Blaze." I don't have an obsession with fire do I? I thought giving them names in the "fire theme" would be pretty cool. I am very fond of their names. I think they fit the horses perfectly.

So after we took care of the critters, we went inside and had breakfast and took our meds. Joey and Jimmy then changed clothes and got ready for school. They both go to Parochial School because I was raised in a Catholic household and I went to a Parochial school too. I want them raised in the faith. I want them to do all the things that I did. First Communion, Confirmation, Baptism. Allof that. It's very important to me. It fits right in with keeping them on a schedule and giving them a fairly strict sense of direction, which is good. After they eat and take their meds, they then do their recital for the day before school. I require that whether I'm working or not. I had to do that as a child and they are too. I know it sounds rather strict but that's how many Catholics households are. Mine was. Strict but not abusive. Because of their hyperactive disorder, the stricter the environment the better they function. And that's a good thing. They need structure. Then after that, they wait on the bus and head off to school. I always give them a big hug and kiss on the forehead before they leave. Then I give English (who is my soul mate) a kiss; grab my meds and head to the Station.

Once getting to the Station, I take care of the flag and give "Sagourney" (the engine) a good look over and polishing too while waiting for roll call to start. That is a typical morning (working and non working for that matter) in the English-Stoker household. So anyway, at the Station House, chores were done and we got toned out to a two-alarm fire, and it was a roaring fire too! I manned the controls like I usually do and did what Cap asked me to do. It was a house fire and the reason for the second alarm assignment was to keep the fire contained and from spreading to another house. John radioed Cap from inside the house and told him the roof was dangerously close to going. Roy, John and Marco still had to get out of the house. Don't ask me whatpossessed me to do what I did next because I'll never know. To this day I don't know. I never take matters in my own hands ever. Instinct (?) just sort of kicked in and the only thing that went through my head was that I had to help get my buddies out of there in one piece before the roof collapsed on them. So, I took off running from my post without a word to Cap (which again I never do but did in this situation) and headed into the house. John, Roy, a victim and Marco were just making their way out the front door and I went into the house and hurried them out. Just as I was shoving Marco out of the house, as he went through the doorway, I yelled for him "Go! Get out of the way!" the roof caved in and I went into total and complete darkness.