Chapter 1: Prologue

It's been three weeks since the whole sunflower incident.

And yes, Lucas became my boyfriend.

In those three weeks, I spent a lot more time with Lucas. I could say… I never left his side. Well, except maybe in the bathroom. Eventually we started showering together…no, not like in the same stall, I mean in the same time period. We're not going THAT fast…yet. Anyways, I played the usual best friends-lots-of-games schedule with him, and occasionally with Toon Link if we wanted to play Four Swords Adventures. But we didn't treat each other the same like in the past. If Lucas won a game like in Mario Party, I wouldn't go "Aw, dang it!" to myself. I'd congratulate Lucas, and sometimes a cheek kiss which made him blush so adorably. Doing that in front of Toon Link annoyed him slightly, so I did it every time he was around! Continuing, I shared some of my lunch and a dinner snack with Lucas if he wanted, because of course, isn't being caring what lovers are supposed to be? Whenever we sit somewhere, excluding the cafeteria seats, I'm close as I can to him when we sit down, sometimes putting my arm around him, which I know kind of comforting. And of course, I protect his eyes when we were at scary movie nights. And suddenly, Lucas started to sleep in the same bed with me. It started when Lucas had a half minute sleepwalk, climbing into my bed, and putting his arm around me as I sleepily accepted him into my arm. Sheesh, was Toon Link surprised when he saw us like that. His sleepwalk continued for three times more until I decided to ask Master Hand for a double bed, which may have been the second greatest idea I've thought of.

As for the whole brawl team, Zelda, Peach, and sometimes Samus, kept watch on us, probably because they liked us loving each other. I didn't really care at first, but then it started to become quite bothersome. Red took us as if it was normal, and so did Pit. Toon Link of course was bothered slightly, but he grew on us as well. Everyone else didn't really care, but somehow those slight hints of teasing on Lucas from Wolf and the other tough guys decreased now that I was around him a lot.

So…everything is going like a dream. But, the thing is, our relationship is going really slow. We haven't had a date or anything. We even haven't had a real kiss. Not even something so romantic to each other, it made the other cry. I decided to do something for a change, because it felt bland to me, yet all normally entertaining to Lucas. I guess I was just…bored. But I wasn't going to let our affiliation for each other end just like that. I increased our relationship by one giant step because of my guilty curiosity once again.

A few days after those three weeks, I woke up next to Lucas, who was so cutely under my right arm with my body turned on the side. He slept there, on his back with an innocent slumbering appearance. Thankfully he was a deep sleeper, but I still lifted my arm gently and moved out of the blanket and noiseless bed silently. I looked over at Toon Link's bed…and he was up before us. The small desk with our alarm clock on my right told 8:39 AM.

As usual, I wanted to shower with Lucas late…wait, want? Uh…anyways, the first priority was my bladder every morning, so I went to the bathroom. After finishing, I headed straight back to my room, and woke up Lucas. He wanted to sleep more, but I tugged him lightly until he was annoyed of it that he wanted to get up. He went to the bathroom first. I was left alone, so I changed out of my pajamas into my normal clothes. I waited for Lucas and he came back; ready to change into his clothes.

Oh yeah, I didn't care if we looked at each other unclothed, but nudity, even half-covered was still awkward for Lucas. We turn our backs on each other when we finish showering and dress up. But sometimes I snuck a subtle peek when Lucas isn't looking, finding his young, and of course, CUTE bareback and his bum. Why can't he turn around for once…? Boy was I such a pervert.

I was outside of the room this time, waiting for Lucas to get out. When he did, he met me with his daily smile, holding my left hand as we walked to the cafeteria.

"Ness, what did you dream about?" Lucas asked this question often whenever we walk to get breakfast every morning.

"You, of course." That wasn't a lie. I dreamt about him a lot. But sometimes it went off course, like this one time where Snake was wearing a pink dress and was with Falco, in some kind of flower field doing…

"Hey, what do you want to do today?" I asked, shrugging off the thought.

"Mmm…I don't know."

Really. Our relationship was great, but spending time became slightly boring, with the exception of video games.

"How about we go play some more Mario Party?"

"We've spent too much time on that. I wanna do something else."

"Mm…" There was silence from him after. I guess he was out of suggestions.

We arrived at the cafeteria, seeing the whole area already almost filled. The exceptions were Dedede, Donkey, Diddy, Ganondorf and R.O.B.. We headed over to the serving machines, which were really larger vending machines with specific buttons that has almost everything we could eat and drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I pressed the button for chocolate chip waffles with orange juice and Lucas got a plate of two omelets with milk, and a tray of our food exited from the large slot with forks, knives and napkins. As we walked over to our table, Toon Link waved salutations while stuffing in a whole pancake in his mouth with his right hand.

"TL, if you eat all that at once you're gonna choke," Pit said, drinking his glass of milk.

"Mu ah un't!" He had his mouth full.

Lucas giggled at the sight as we both sat down. I merely smiled as I took a warm waffle in my hand and took a bite.

"Hey, guys, Master Hand says we got a meeting today at 12." Red said, putting down his fork.

"About what?" responded Pit.

"Dunno, but he said everyone has to come. Or else you'd be in trouble." And being the first to finish his food as always, he got up and left the table.

"Huh." Pit sighed. "I bet it's another lecture."

Meta Knight, Kirby, Toon Link, Lucas and I were the only ones left. It was all a silent eating for the next few minutes until the dream land characters left.

"Hey guys, wanna play Four Swords after?" asked Toon Link.

"Nah, Lucas and I are gonna do something else." I replied.

"What, shower "together" again?" He used the two-finger quote gesture on that third word. "Why don't you both just go make out already?" I heard Lucas almost choke after that sentence.

"W-We're not going to…uh…" Lucas grew in his blushes. I could tell he was nervous.

"We're just…taking it slow," I said.

"Sheesh, you guys take it too slow. At this rate, you both won't be making love in a hundred years!"

….What did he mean by making love…?

"All right then, I'm gonna go play with Red if you guys are gonna do something else. See ya later," and with that, he picked up his tray and walked away. I watched him walk off until Lucas called me.

"Ness…he's right. We are taking this too slow…"

"Well…I guess. But I could go faster anytime if I wanted…but I just thought that…"

"You thought I wanted to go slow?"

"Well, you want me to go faster?"

And Pit popped up from the entrance and yelled, "That's what he said!" and ran away. Everyone felt slight surprise.

"Sure. It'll make me happy."

"All right then," my first move was to lick off the drop of milk next to the side of his lips.

"H-Hey!" he responded.

"What? You got milk there; I wanted to get it off."

"You could've used a napkin!" he retorted. I laughed at his flushing shyness as he pouted.

"Aw, Zel, look at them." Peach said, holding up her pink and pearl glazed theater binoculars.

Zelda sighed after finishing off her oatmeal cereal. "Peach, it's been three weeks. Haven't you've done enough watching?"

"But they're so adorable together!" she kept her eyes in the lens.

Samus stood up next to Peach. "She's right you know. You've started to gone crazy after you put Ness and Lucas hugging each other as wallpaper…"

"Yeah, the new wallpaper kind of creeps me out…" added Zelda.

"Oh hush, look, they're getting up!"

"To get out of the cafeteria…" Samus walked to the trash bin.

The clock struck 12, and everyone was in the great meeting room. It was almost like a court room though, only the audience seat is for everyone, gathered around two large seats—which were the judges Master and Crazy Hand. As usual, Crazy Hand didn't appear.

"All right. I've come to announce, not lecture, do not worry," said a manly, distorted voice from the hand. I know Pit sighed in relief.

"This is important. We will be having a karaoke night two weeks from today."

A what?

"Karaoke…?" there was some chattering going on now.

I saw Mario raise his hand. He was called, and then he spoke. "Why-a karaoke?"

"Because, it's part of a plot. Isn't that right, Lenne?" He pointed to the ceiling.

I had no idea what he was talking about. In fact, neither did everyone in the room.

Crazy Hand appeared in an instant, in the second large seat. "Psst, you broke the fourth wall!" and disappeared.

"Ahem. Anyways, I require fifteen of everyone here to sing for the night. There will be a sign up sheet outside of the auditorium doors, where you will enter your name and the name of the song you shall be singing. You are also allowed to do a duet with someone, or a group, which will reduce the number of people I need required singing. However, if the sheet is not completely filled within six days, I will select the rest of the brawlers randomly and choose a random song, whether it be out of balance or embarrassing for the chosen person."

Jigglypuff raised her hand and cried. (What about me?)

"Ah, Jigglypuff. You are to not sing your lullaby."


I looked at Lucas and he looked at his lap, seeming all nervous. I guess he didn't want to be chosen randomly.

I thought about this karaoke night. Sing, huh…I bet Lucas would like a nice romantic song. Can I even sing…? Well, I think I do have some of Ninten's talent…

After a few more minutes of chattering about the just heard news, the meeting was concluded.

"YOU ARE DISMISSED!" yelled Master Hand. He always does that to us.

Toon Link, Lucas and I headed back into our room, turning on the TV and sitting on my bed. An old show called "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" was on at the moment. But we soon ignored the television as TL brought up a question.

"So, you guys gonna sing?"

Lucas didn't say anything but just weakly lifted his shoulders.

"I think I might," I said.

"Hah, planning to sing a love song for Lucas?"

"Eh…maybe." I saw Lucas turn red as he pretended to ignore us and watch the show. "I don't know though, but I'm gonna help take a spot for everyone. What about you TL?"

"Eh. I think I'll pass. But if I do get chosen…oh heck with it. I'll just try and flunk on the song. We don't have to sing good, right?"

"Well, maybe Master Hand might get mad if he knows we aren't serious…"

"Feh. Why do we have to sing anyways? Karaoke is stupid." Toon Link got off my bed and walked away. "I'm gonna go have lunch early, see ya." He walked out.

"Uhm… me too." Lucas got off as well. "Y-You wanna come?"

"Nah. I like this show." I lied. "You can go on without me."

And that was the first time ever we spent some time apart. He didn't mind though. Lucas waved a temporarily farewell and closed the door. As soon as I gave some seconds to pass, I sprang off and locked the door.

Perhaps Lucas' diary could help me again.

I know I wasn't being a good friend again, but I know Lucas' diary key is under our mattress. I wanted to believe and hope that his diary held a song that he wants me to sing. Surely, three weeks must be enough time for him to write some kind of small song. I reached under the light mattress and grabbed the fake-gold key, and walked to the bookshelf holding his diary. I unlocked the seal, and opened to the latest page, which was about three-fourths of the whole book now.

"Uh let's see…" I thought out loud. "A picture of his dad…a picture of Boney…a picture of me? Hah, he drew me cute. His feelings about Wolf's rudeness…what he thinks about Crazy Hand…what the?" I stared at a picture of Peach in a bikini. It was drawn in blue pen…oh, there's a note under the picture saying Peach drew this. I kept flipping the pages backwards. There was some more drawings…and that I miss you letter which got me started to care more about Lucas. A few pages more…

"Urgh!" I wailed. "There's nothing in here…" I kept turning, so fast that I almost skipped a page with a title called "Mom's Song".

I flipped back to the specific page and examined the contents of the full written page thoroughly.

Dear Diary,

I just remembered this song mom used to sing to me when I brawled with the Theme of Love song in New Pork City. She sang it to me and Claus whenever we felt afraid. It was so nostalgic…it almost made me cry. I'm going to write the lyrics down here so I won't forget, okay?

I studied the next part of the page closely. I tried to keep each word in my memory.

In a distant town, as the dark grows deep
Unfamiliar words resound, whispered and weak

Let me heal the pain, drive away despair
Lead this child who's lost his way, help him prepare

While apart, understand
I will live my life for you wherever I am

It's my greatest wish, to provide for you
Tender moments, sweetest dreams, love, warm and true

As I close my eyes, even now I see,
On his face, that little child smiles just for me,

If I call, if he hears,
He will turn towards me, free from his fears.

Shine on one dear child, one so very small,
One who carries on alone, strong after all,

Shine on one dear child, one so very small,
One who carries on alone, strong after all.

I checked back at the beginning of this entry to find the origin of the song. The Theme of Love…was it that upbeat tune during the New Pork City stage? I pulled out my red laptop under my bed and looked it up on the internet. The song from the stage was the same thing. I didn't know there were words to that song…I was surprised.

I guess I got a song to practice!