Lenne: I love this ending. Why? Because it's fluffy-like. Hope you enjoy it.

Also note, check the first link of Ness' song.

Chapter 7: Epilogue

The four of us ran through the dormitory hall, but we slowed down to steady our breath and to not make much noise, even though we knew not many Smashers were in their room. I had thought Lucas had run back to our room, because, where else would he be?

Unfortunately, I was wrong. When I checked inside our bedroom, he wasn't in there. I had checked off the places he would not be in. Then, Red had a suggestion…

The courtyard.

Though it was night time, it was still slightly light in the sky, where the clouds blended in with the dark blue of the sky. Somehow, Toon Link had a flashlight, convenient for us to walk across the darkened grassland. I carried it, being the lead, and we headed to the other side of the yard. To the right of the huge tree was the larger pile of sunflowers Lucas planted, including mine which I gave to him. And there was Lucas, down on the ground with his knees touching his chest, burying his face in them.

"Leave this to me," I told the other three. In agreement, they all left the area and went back to the entrance.

I walked closer to Lucas. The grass crunching made him look instantly in the direction where it was coming from, and found me in surprise.

"Lucas," I said softly. Then I walked closer and sat down with him. "What're you doing here?"

"…" He was silent, looking at the sunflowers. Then, he gave me an answer after touching the petal of it. "I was…telling my mom…about tonight."

I chuckled. It was usual of him to talk to his mom through the sunflowers. "Did she say anything?"

"No…" He gave me another awkward silence. Instead of just sitting here, I put an arm around him, giving him slight warmth in contrast to the coolness in the air. But he shrugged off my arm. Did I do something wrong?

"Lucas, what's wrong?"

"…" He didn't say anything.

I cleared my throat. "You can tell me anything, right?"

"…Ness…" He looked at me, and in the darkness, I saw water forming in his eyes. "You…looked at my diary again."

I caressed his right cheek. "…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to. I just wanted to sing a song that you would like."

"…That song…" he sniffed. "That was the lullaby my mom sang to my brother and I…she sang it to us whenever we were depressed or to make us stop crying…"

Lullaby. No wonder the lyrics were awkward in the song. I wanted to hit myself.

"…Are you mad at me?"

"…Not really. I'm a bit upset that you sang the song wrong, though…" Another sniff. He buried his head in his knees again. I heard an even louder sob. "The song…reminds me…of my family…! And they're all gone! …It's just too much…!"

I had to do something. I mean, it wasn't like I was going end our conversation like this. I scooted closer to him, and put my arm around him once again.

"Lucas," I said. He put his head up at me, giving me his face of teary eyes. "Teach me the lullaby."

He attempted to stop his sobs for the small moment. "What…?"

"Teach it to me. So I'll sing it for you."

He thought about it for a moment. And he tried to pull himself together by wiping his tears and sniffing loudly, and coughed once. After I gave him the time, he scooted back so he could cross his legs and clear his throat. I did the same as well. He looked at me, and I told him I was ready. Lucas cleared his throat. He sang the first words in a soft, melancholic tone.

In a distant town…as the dark grows deep,
Unfamiliar words resound, whispered and weak…

I took the rhythm and sound in mind right before Lucas started to cry again. He brought his hands to his chest, and punched it lightly, trying to tell himself "Stop crying in front of Ness!" His efforts were futile, but I helped him. He perked up and stopped his sadness once he heard me.

Let me heal the pain, drive away despair.
Lead this child who's lost his way, help him prepare.

Lucas immediately came closer to me and hugged me tightly. His head was next to mine, enjoying our embrace. I continued the singing, regardless of the weak sound I had because of the soft song. I had to rely on instinct—changing the upbeat sound of the song I sang earlier to its easy-going version.

While apart, understand,
I will live my live for you wherever I am.

It's my greatest wish to provide for you—
Tender moments, sweetest dreams, love, warm and true

I heard silence from Lucas. He already calmed down, still holding onto me. But I continued to sing.

As I close my eyes, even now I see,
On his face, that little child smiles just for me.

If I call, if he hears,
He will turn towards me, free from his fears.

Shine on one dear child, one so very small,
One who carries on alone, strong after all,

Lucas adjusted his body position, but still kept hugging me. He needed me to finish.

Shine on one dear child, one so very small,

…And at this point as I was about to finish, in my mind, I saw a glimpse of a brown haired woman in a sudden white light. She was smiling at me and told me in a secret telepathic message…"Take care of my son."

One who carries on alone, strong after all.

We held still for seconds, until Lucas pulled away, showing me his calmed, yet slightly still red face. His blue eyes somehow glimmered under this night sky, where there were no stars at all. He looked at me in compassion.

"…Ness," he finally said. "…Thank you for everything." He hugged me once again. I pulled away after a few seconds, and looked at him directly. He smiled at me right before I told him what I felt.

"I love you, Lucas." I gave him a kiss. He returned it, and pulled away, putting his head beside mine, embracing me once again.

"I love you too, Ness…"

After our long moment of being together, I faced the darkened sunflowers and touched a petal. I told a message to Lucas' mother, and then stood up with him. As we walked away under this night I'll never forget, I kept echoing the message I had vowed in my mind.

I'll keep Lucas happy. I promise.