Snow~Fall and Delirium

Chapter 5, Fairytales are for the stupid birds, or are they?

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Last time, on Snow~Fall and Delirium:

He swallowed and looked over at me quickly before turning his attention back to Rose. "He's uh…he's out with Jessica today." Rose looked at me and her eyes flashed something that I could read from a mile away. Jessica was his girlfriend…

How could I be so stupid, so naïve to think that this drop dead gorgeous fucking guy didn't have twenty five girls waiting in line for him…let alone one. I'm a fucking moron.


Emmett strode out of the room and Rose turned to me with a devastated look on her face. She opened her mouth to talk, but I held mine up to stop her. "Don't." I said forcefully. "I don't want to know anything else, and I don't want to talk about him ever again. Understand?" She nodded. I saw the tears in her eyes, which made it worse for me, and I suddenly burst into tears.

"Oh, shit, Bells! I'm so fucking sorry!" She ran to me and cradled me like she was my mommy and I cried into her shirt. I wanted to beat my own ass for being such a sniveling crybaby over some guy I only knew from my dreams.

Grow the fuck up! I yelled at myself.

I pulled away from her and wiped my eyes with the backs of my hands. "That's all I'm giving him. It's not his fault that I fell in love with him subconsciously. I don't want to talk about this anymore, Rose," I said sternly and she agreed.

I spent that night sleeplessly staring at the ceiling of my hospital room and trying, like a maniac, to get the visions of Edward to exit my brain for good.

It was futile.

He was haunting me…more like taunting me as I heard his smooth, angelic voice saying things like, 'You were just too sick. I had to move on, and I love Jessica.' Ugh! I wanted to scream at this figment of my imagination to shut the fuck up but I figured that would get me a trip to the psych ward pretty damned quick. Maybe that was where I needed to be.

The next morning, I woke up to the wind howling outside and noticed that it was snowing wildly.

Perfect. Wonderful end to my hospital stay.

I planned to go straight home and crawl into my bed and piss the rest of the day away, wallowing in my ridiculous self pity. I was suddenly struck with a memory of right before I entered the hospital. I remembered I was sitting on my bed in my apartment, staring out the window. I'd just taken my medicine – the one that nearly killed me apparently, and I was watching it snow. That was it. It had to be the reason why I dreamt of snow and a ski trip…and then there was Edward.

Godforsaken snowfall. I hate the snow now.


A month later, the snow had begun to melt away and so had my memories of Edward. The memories that, for the most part, never even happened. Alright, that was a blatant lie. They were still there and they were vivid, but I refused to acknowledge them. I threw myself into my studies and cursed myself every time those damned memories crept their way back into my head. Edward Cullen was nothing more than a figment of my imagination as far as I was concerned and I needed to just woman-up and get the hell on with my life.

It didn't help, however, that Rosalie was doting over her new love of her life, Emmett, every five motherfucking minutes. I was beginning to feel like I needed to put a hit out on him. Too bad I wasn't in the damned mafia. She kept trying to get me to talk about Edward…about my feelings and said I shouldn't keep them bottled up or else I'd go postal on someone someday.

Goddamned Psych major.

Yeah, I was thinking real hard about going postal on her ass if she didn't shut the hell up about it.

Oh, and by the fucking way…as if the world couldn't possibly have gotten any more cruel, the lovely Jessica - and I say that sarcastically because I hate her, I really don't even know her but that's beside the point! I hate the air she breathes and the ground she walks on. She's a bitch, whore, slut that talks too much and is the definition of annoying. Anyway, Jessica just happened to actually be the Jessica I was hoping she wasn't.

The one in my Music History class. The one that I had to restrain myself on numerous occasions from stabbing in the neck with my pencil. The one that thought she could sing, which the class wasn't even a singing class, it was a fucking history class, but nonetheless, she thought she could sing and could definitely not because of the fact that she was tone deaf. Did that stop her from rattling off tunes at random intervals of the class? No it didn't.

Yeah, that was the one I was referring to, and she apparently had Edward. What he ever saw in her beyond my obviously spot-on observations was truly beyond me.

Seriously, fuck my life.

I never spoke to her to find out if the bitch worked at the hospital because I didn't care. It was bad enough to have to listen to her in class, let alone try to strike up some random conversation about where she worked.

On one splendid occasion when Rosalie tried to bring him up, she mentioned that he had broken up with Jessica for good. I assumed she was right because I wryly noticed that Jessica had missed a couple of classes. When she came back to class soon after, her behavior was quite a bit different than before. She was mopey and depressed-acting. Oh, and there was no more singing. Thank the good Lord. That alone was enough to make my entire year. However, when Rose suggested that I call him, that sent me into orbit.

Me? Call him?

She had to have been high. If he was so interested in me, like she tried to drill into my head over and over, then I would presume that he would be looking me up. Especially since his best friend and my best friend were an extremely hot item.

Would it be mean of me to say that I hated them all with the passion of a million demons? Is that a little too much?


Rosalie finally gave up on me and told me I was a lost cause. Maybe she was right. Therefore, I stuck my nose in whatever books I could get my hands on and ended up bringing my grades up from modest B's to a damn near perfect four-point-oh grade point average. If I had nothing else, I had my brain… Granted it never took me on a carnival ride like it did…that one time.


I was studying; per the usual, trying to get ready for my godforsaken algebra midterm, which literally made me want to dig my eyeballs out of my head with my own fingers, when I heard the doorbell ring. I was definitely not expecting someone and Emmett was already here, making out with my best friend in her bedroom, no doubt, so I was befuddled as to whom this could possibly be.

"Rose!" I screeched from my bedroom. "Get the door, you whore!" I chuckled at my makeshift rhyme.

"Shut up, Bella! I'm busy…s-t-u-d-y-i-n-g! You get the fucking door!" I heard Emmett laugh loudly, the way Emmett did, and I sighed.

"Oh, sure you are!" I called. "Is Emmett taking Human Anatomy?" I laughed at my sarcasm again as the doorbell sounded for the second time.

"What?" my best friend called out, obviously not getting my insinuation and I laughed loudly before shouting back at her.

"Nevermind! Jesus!" I dragged my lazy ass off the bed and trudged toward the door, wearing my faded sweats and University of Washington hoodie. The doorbell rang for the third time and I grumbled as I walked toward it. "Okay, okay, hold your horses!"

I flung the door open quickly and was met with the most spectacular green eyes I'd ever seen…well, I had seen them, just…holy shit!

"H—hey, Bella, uh, remember me?" His angelic voice pierced through my ears and I felt my heart begin to pound in my chest. My breathing picked up and I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. My palms were sweating profusely and my hand slipped from the doorknob, flopping to my side as I stared into the green eyes that had paralyzed me.

Suddenly, I felt the earth moving and wondered if we were having an earthquake. The next thing I knew, I heard the angel voice mutter a panicked "Shit! Rose! " just before everything went black.


"Bella? Bella? Wake up, Bells. Damn it, Edward, what the hell did you do to her?" I faintly heard my best friend's voice and she sounded angry. "You just show up here out of the blue…she's still fucking fragile, Edward, you just can't do shit like that!"

"I'm sorry…I didn't think she'd talk to me if I called." God, his voice was like music to my ears…a song that I'd longed to hear again and was finally hearing, after an eternity in purgatory.

"Well, you could've called and talked to me. Jesus, I could have at least prepared her. Do you ever think?" Rose scolded him.

"Alright, Rosie, give the guy a break, huh? None of this is his fault. She did introvert herself after she came home from the hospital."

"Oh, don't you take his side, Emmett McCarty! Yeah, she shut down…thanks to him and Jessica. Which, by the way, are you finally through with her?" she spat.

I heard his soft, musical laughter and it was almost too much. "I was through with her that day in the hospital when Emmett told you I was with her. I just had to let her down easy, and then, I didn't know how to approach Bella. I mean, she didn't even know me."

I coughed and heard collective gasps from the people near me. As I opened my eyes slowly, I realized that I was looking at the ceiling fan slowly spinning and it made me dizzy. I focused my attention on what…or who, rather…was surrounding me. Rose was to my right, staring at me with wide eyes. Emmett was standing right next to her and also staring at me with a slight grin on his face. His famous shit-eating grin. What I realized next almost made me faint again.

My upper body was being cradled by none other than Edward Cullen himself and his eyes were traveling all over my face trying to determine if I was coherent or not, I suppose. I felt the way his body molded itself around me and a small smile played at the corners of his mouth as he realized I was opening my eyes.

"Oh! Bells, you okay?" Rosalie asked with enthusiasm and I nodded slightly.

It was then that I was hit with the full effect of Edward's face staring down at mine. Was he real this time? I was afraid to move for fear that he would vanish into thin air. I sat up quickly and placed my hands over my face as I mumbled to myself, mainly, "Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed."

I heard Em, Rose, even Edward laugh as I felt the heat rush to my head instantly. The room began to move again and I muttered a quiet "whoa" as I fell backward into the magnificent arms of my savior again.

"Rosalie, do you have any orange juice?" I heard him ask. The voice and his sweet breath as well as his scent were already making their assault on me. Apparently she nodded, because he instructed her to go and get a glass for me, stating that we needed to get my blood sugar up a little bit.

After I'd downed a couple glasses of orange juice, Rosalie eyed me with a sideways grin and mouthed, 'You okay?' to me. I nodded and she then turned to Emmett, stating that she really needed to get back to her studying. She dragged him into the bedroom as he let out an obnoxious "Whoop, whoop!" and slammed the door behind them.

And I was left alone with this man. This man that I'd initially only thought I'd dreamed about; that had inadvertently broken my heart without even knowing it, and whom I'd convinced myself I would never see again. It was surreal to say the least and I didn't know if I should trust my own eyes.

"Are you real?" I asked as I poked his shoulder with my forefinger.

He chuckled. Ah, that sound was amazing. "Um, I believe I am, yes." He eyed me, amused. "Why do you ask?"

"Oh, you really don't want to know." I smirked back at him, trying to control my urge to drag him into my bedroom and lock him in for eternity. It was so close to us…so tempting, but I reined it in.

"So, you never answered me." He grinned that absolutely fabulous crooked grin I remembered so well and cocked his head to the side.

"What was the question?" I asked innocently.

"Do you remember me?" he asked as his amazing green eyes glimmered with…hope?

I nodded shyly and bit my bottom lip. Smiling wildly, I blurted out, "Edward Cullen, EMT Extraordinaire."

He threw his head back and laughed. "I can't believe you just said that, Miss Isabella Swan," he said with an air of confidence. "I said that to you while you were unconscious, trying to make a joke. That's…amazing."

I smiled again. "Is that all you said to me, Mr. Paramedic?" Yeah, I was flirting like a maniac. How could I not?

"Actually no, I remember saying at least one other thing to you that day." He squinted, almost too bashful to continue.

So fucking cute.

"Oh?" I asked, trying not to bat my eyelashes like a fool. "And just what was that, Mr. Cullen?"

He took a deep breath and blew it out slowly, laughing lightly at the end of it. "Well, I said that…I said that I was sure your boyfriend would be angry with me for taking all his time away from his girlfriend that day that I talked to you for a while. Did you know that I talked to you for a while? You probably think I'm some kind of weirdo."

He was rambling, nervously rambling and again, it was so fucking cute. I had to put him out of his misery though. As much as I loved to see him squirm over me, even as I sat there, dressed in my nasty sweats and my hair pulled back into a messy pony tail, I couldn't take it anymore. This whole boyfriend line was bringing déjà vu back into the forefront of my mind and it was driving me mad.

"Well," I said with a devious grin. "That would be impossible." I stopped there, letting him fish for the rest of it. He nibbled on my hook.

"It would? Why's that?" he asked, trying to hide the grin playing at the corners of his mouth again.

Did I already say déjà vu?

"Most likely because I don't really have a boyfriend. See? Problem solved - so no angry boyfriend to be angry with you." Jeez, that sounded so stupid.

I was surprised to see him breathe a sigh of relief and smile the most incredible toothy smile I'd literally ever seen in my entire life. He was absolutely breathtaking.

"Well, that's a plus. Y—you look great, by the way," he said with enthusiasm and a new-found confidence that I immediately fell in love with.

"Pssh, yeah right," I blurted before I was hit with another wave of déjà vu. I was pretty sure I was definitely losing it this time.

"No, I'm serious." He looked at me and his green eyes flashed something unsaid, but recognizable to any red-blooded female. It made me blush like a fucking thirteen-year-old. Damn, this guy was good.

Before I knew it, we had sat there and talked for a couple of hours. I was a gracious enough host to ask him if he wanted a drink. He settled on a Vitamin Water, which I kept in stock at all times, and we talked some more. Finally, he looked at his watch and seemed a little surprised, and – to my delight – disappointed by the time. He stated that he hated to leave, but he and Emmett had to get to work. He then hollered at Emmett, who peeked his head out of Rose's bedroom door and said he'd be out in a second.

Minutes later, the boys were leaving and Emmett bounded out the door first, leaving Edward to approach me with an awkward goodbye. He walked up to me and placed his had on the side of my jaw, cradling it.

I stopped breathing.

"I know this is going to sound really forward, Bella, but may I kiss you?" he asked and I melted like butter in his hands.

Are you kidding me? Yes! Yes! I wanted to scream, but instead, I just nodded and licked my lips. He furrowed his brow at my gesture and from the look on his face; it seemed that he wanted to moan. Oh, what I wouldn't do to hear that noise and see if it compared to my dream. He bent down and placed his lips gently on mine.

I couldn't help myself. I reached my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers into the amazing hair at the back of his head. I began to move my lips in rhythm to his and pulled his bottom lip in between mine. He actually did moan, quietly of course, but it sent a pool of moisture into my panties that I could not deny. We pulled away from one another on the verge of panting and I knew. I knew at that moment this was real. It was real because that kiss…the kiss I'd just experienced with the real Edward Cullen…made the kisses in my dreams seem like they belonged on the goddamned Disney channel.

I was smitten instantly and I knew that this was dangerous…so dangerous, but I wanted it.

He cleared his throat and turned toward the door. When he reached it, he turned back toward me. "Can I call you later, Bella?"

I cleared my own throat, still in a slight daze from the toe-curling kiss he'd just laid on me, and nodded. "Yes, you may, Edward Cullen, EMT and kisser Extraordinaire. He threw his head back in laughter again and I wanted to attack his neck.

Pace yourself, Swan, I cautioned myself and then laughed.

"Uh, I was wondering if maybe we could go out this weekend?" he asked, sounding adorably hopeful.

I still couldn't believe it, but I nodded again. "I would like that." He smiled widely and turned to go out the door, until I stopped him. "Oh, hey, Edward?" He turned back around and looked at me with another panty-dropping smile and raised eyebrows. "Do you, um…okay, don't think I'm a complete nut-job when I ask you this…I mean, shit, you'll probably think so anyway…I mean, this is such an off-the-wall question…I mean, nevermind…shit, that's not what I mean, I mean…" I sighed in frustration of my rambling and smiled sheepishly at him.

He was eyeing me, completely amused and holding his lips together to stifle the bellowing laughter I was sure he wanted to unleash. His eyes were gentle and patient despite my incessant rambling, however, and I got lost in them momentarily.

"Can I start over?" I asked with a nervous giggle.

"Please," he muttered, still amused, and still so fucking cute.

"You don't happen to own a Beastie Boys t-shirt, do you?"

His face twisted up into a perplexed look of shock as he slowly nodded his head. "You remember me telling you that was one of my favorite bands?"

I nodded and blushed wildly. If he only knew what I remembered about that band and that t-shirt.

He shook his head, muttering a soft, "Amazing."

"Well, I was just wondering, when we go out this weekend and you come to pick me up…" I hesitated before continuing. "Could you, could you wear the t-shirt?"

He furrowed his brow and shook his head still with a smile plastered across his face. "Um, sure, but it—it's kind of offensive."

I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of that. If it was the same t-shirt, I thought I might ask him to marry me on the spot. "That's okay," I said seductively. "I don't mind offensive. I don't mind at all. I—I like offensive, matter of fact…yep, offensive is definitely do-able in my book." I slapped my hand over my mouth and blushed like a fucking moron. I was giving Jessica a run for her money on the whole 'talking too much' bit and was dangerously close to shoving my own foot right into my mouth…literally.

He smiled and shook his head, chuckling as he turned. "I'll call you later, Bella Swan, offensive-shirt expert extraordinaire," he said through his laugher and closed the door behind him.

I, in turn, ran to my bedroom and collapsed onto my bed proceeding to scream into my pillow. I did a happy dance on my bed – that I simply couldn't hold in – for approximately five full minutes until I'd exhausted myself.

I couldn't believe that I was going out with him…the man from my dreams, who until today, was only a figment of my imagination. I smiled to myself wryly because the man of my dreams was real. He was real, flesh and blood, and I planned on hanging on to him as long as I possibly could to make as many of those dreams I had of him come true...starting with one.

Yes, I am a big fat whore.

~The end~

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