I've Moved On Or Have I?


Finally I hear you cry. I conclude this story. I was tempted to not complete it with so few reading but those of you how took the time read and review deserve to get an ending. Thank you all so much for sticking with me.

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Alice and I walk slowly down the corridor towards the lifts that will take me to my one true love.

"Hey Alice, sorry if this wedding does not meet your exacting standards. We just needed to do this now our way and I still think I look like a bride and I feel amazing. This dress is fantastic and the setting is perfect when you are marrying the vampire of your dreams, believe me."

"I do and I'm not upset in fact I rather like this setting. I may use it again for Em and Rose's next wedding or even Jazz and mine's. You do look beautiful Bella, he's going to want to whisk you away the minute he sees you. He is telling you the truth by the way about Denali. Tan rang Rose and complained about how he reeked of sex with a human and was different. She said the pull had gone even if he was drop dead gorgeous."

It takes only moments for the lift to reach the lobby. Eyes fall upon us from every corner of the room. Men openly ogle and I cannot help a little giggle when I hear a low growl. Edward is obviously reading the thoughts of the men in the lobby.

Alice rushes us towards the Terrazza. Stood in front of his family stands the man I love. Next to him stands Emmett looking proud and happy. The grin on his face makes me want to giggle.

A movement off to my left makes me turn my head. My mouth opens but no words come out. Alice steps in front of me and says.

"Be nice, I knew you wouldn't want to do this without him Bella. I'll see you at the altar sis."

Charlie stood looking all embarrassed, he had on the same suits all the Cullen men were wearing.

"Are you mad I'm here Bella?"

"No not mad just surprised. I thought you wanted nothing to do with me and Edward being together."

"Well Alice kinda made me see how selfish that was and I really wanted to be the one to walk you down the aisle. You look incredible by the way. He's a very lucky man. I know he loves you Bella and I also know how much you love him I accept that now."

"Okay good, well I'm glad you're here because I would have hated to do this without you. So we better get this show on the road before he thinks I've changed my mind."

I cue the piano player who expertly plays me in to Claire De Lune. Edward turns and looks at me as I walk slowly towards him on my Fathers arm. The look on his face is priceless, it is full of love, joy and total happiness. When I reach him and my Dad hands me over to him as soon as our hands meet I know I have come home.

The service is just a haze I do not even realise when I am called upon to say my vows. Edward's small squeezing of my hand brings me back into the here and now. I smile apologetically to the minister.

"I do." I say quietly.

"I do" Edward replies with a firm conviction in his voice.

When we are finally pronounced husband and wife he reaches for me and kisses me passionately before the minister says he can. The clearing of throats behind us make us part. I am blushing like a beetroot.

"Sorry, I couldn't wait to kiss my wife." Edward says proudly.

We receive everyone's congratulations and make our way to the hotel's lake for a celebratory toast. I cannot help a small smirk crossing my face as I notice non of the Cullen swallow any of the champagne. How they dispose of it I will never understand but it certainly is not seen by any human eye.

We dance our first dance as man and wife to Etta James At Last. Quite appropriate I think for how long we had taken to get to this actual point. Being in Edward's arms makes dancing easy. He sings every word to me and I could stay in this position forever.

"So love shall we say goodnight to our guests and start our own celebrations?"

"Edward it's only early, they will know what we are doing." I tell him blushing again.

"Bella, its our wedding night of course they will know what we are doing. I just hope they allow us to leave in peace and that Em and Jazz have not decorated the suite up too much."

"Okay you tell them I can't."

"Everyone, Bella and I would like to say thank you for making today so special, for being here to celebrate our wedding with us. It has been one of the happiest days of my life so far matched only by the day I first met my wife. We'd like to say goodnight now and I guess we'll see you all after the honeymoon in about two or three weeks time."

A series of hugs and kisses follow before we allowed to leave. My Dad is flying back to Seattle later tonight. Emmett has volunteered to drive him back to the airport.

Edward carries me over the threshold of our suite. The room is dimly lit with hundreds of tiny candles of all different colours. It's very romantic. The bed is covered with red rose petals and on the bedside cabinet stands yet another bottle of champagne and a dish of fresh strawberries.

"I can see my sisters think you may be hungry during the course of the night love. Do you want me to open the champagne for you now?"

"I don't need any more champagne Edward. Will my husband please get over here and make love to me please."

I didn't need to ask twice. He loved me thoroughly during the course of the night. Sometimes slowly and with so much feeling it made me want to cry. Other times it was hard and fast and I loved every second. As dawn broke I fell into a deep sleep while Edward watched, holding me in his arms.

Tomorrow he would take me to our honeymoon destination. We had agreed that we would have a week as newly weds with me remaining human before he made me his forever. He was still fretting over the change. Nothing I said made him worry less. Sure I wasn't looking forward to burning in hell for three days but if that is what it takes for me to get my forever then that is what I want.

I was woken in the morning to my husbands mouth kissing me all over. We had made love several times last night and still my body reacted to his touch. I moaned and thrust myself into his kiss. He was skilled beyond his experience with his tongue and I thought I was going to die from the pleasure that coursed through me. My orgasm hit me hard and seemed to go on forever as I clenched around his tongue.

He crawled back up me as I came down from my high.

"Jesus Edward, I am still human you know. You are going to kill me doing things like that to me."

"Sorry love, I just couldn't resist. You must have been dreaming about us making love and the scent of your arousal drove me insane. I couldn't not eat you. I love you Bella, you make me so happy."

"I know I love you too, now get here and fuck me hard so we can get on our way to forever."

We drove north, through Nevada, onto Idaho and way beyond into Montana. He refused point blank to tell me our destination. We stopped every night at prearranged hotels far more luxurious than I expected. He pampered me, loved me and drove me mad with keeping his secret. Eventually we crossed the Canadian border into Saskatchewan. I saw the sign for the Prince Albert National Park after we had travelled further and further into the province.

"Okay yes, we have a cabin on the lake in a remote part of the park. Are you happy now?"

"Will you tell me about it and why you chose it for our honeymoon?" I ask wanting to hear him talk about this place.

"Well it's incredibly beautiful, like you. We haven't been here for years and years and I wanted us to do something together that no one else in family had done. Alice and Jazz were not even with us the last time we stayed here. Esme has had the cabin upgraded over the years and we sometimes let it out to tourists but not this year. Esme's latest renovations were completed a couple of months ago and she showed me the photo's online and I knew it would be perfect. The views of the lake are stunning Bella and we can go hiking and out onto the lake. You'll love the peace and quiet. It will be perfect for your transformation. Even after you wake up we can hunt together and there will be no chance of you running into any humans."

"You sound like you love it."

"I do, I'd actually forgotten all about it until Esme showed me the pictures and then when you said you'd marry me if I changed you I knew it would be the perfect place. I think you will love it too."

As we drove the scenery became more and more dramatic and took my breath away. When we eventually pulled off the road onto a man made road that lead into the park I could not but help but feel a little nervous. Edward must have sensed this because he squeezed my hand and whispered quietly.

"You do know you don't have to do this don't you? If you're not sure or scared we can wait until you are ready. I am happy to wait Bella you know that."

"I don't want to wait Edward, yes I'm a little nervous but I'm guessing most people would be. I love you and yes I'd like to do the whole touristy thing for a few days but then we need to do this. I need to be your equal Edward, for me."

"I love you you know that right? You are incredible and I still cannot believe you agreed to be my wife. I'm a fucking vampire for gods sake. You must be nuts."

"You cannot help who you fall in love with Edward. Vampire or human I was hooked the minute I saw you. Then once I got to know you as a person I fell deeper and deeper. Nothing you or anyone said could have changed how I feel about you. I'm only glad you have finally seen sense and agreed to let me have forever with you. Thank you for that."

I should have known that the cabin by the lake would be a sprawling ranch type house with large glass windows overlooking the beautiful lake. A wrap around verandah housed cushioned chairs and sofa's. Inside took my breath away, light and airy every wall a subtle shade of cream or white. The windows were housed in natural wooden frames and the same wood made up the stairs and all the doors internally. The kitchen was pure white with dark grey slate walls and surfaces. I should have known that when I opened the fridge it would be stocked with every food I could imagine as well as a dozen bags of blood.

"Oh, you shouldn't have seen those. Those are for when you wake up. To ease your thirst while you gather your bearings. I wish Alice had told me they were there, sorry love."

"Edward its okay, I need to know about stuff like this. Where did it come from?"

"Blood donors. No one died for this don't worry."

"Human blood Edward, I don't want to drink any human blood, donated or not."

"Well we'll see how you are next week when you wake up shall we."

We take the small boat out onto the lake and I show him how I can fish. He has me howling with laughter when I bring a catch in and it lands in his lap. He jumps up and makes such a girly noise. The small boat rocks dangerously from side to side. I have at last found Edward's weakness. Cold slimy fish in his lap. He grunts at me later when I tease him.

The next day we walk for miles, when I get tired he carries me. We do not see another human being. Plenty of animals take off as soon as Edward gets near. Birds screech, deer run away and two wolves even take off in the opposite direction.

"Ever felt like you're not wanted around here love?"

"Hmm, good job you love me isn't it?"

Five days of peace and relaxation. We walk, talk, swim and hike. We make love for hours on end and just when I think I cannot take anymore he does something that has us starting all over again. Gentle reminders that I am not yet like him fall on deaf ears. He doesn't hurt me, no never that but he does wear me out completely. He is insatiable and while it is great for my ego I am a simple human who needs to sleep and rest at least for now.

Thinking about Edward's never ending love making makes me realise he is trying to get us to experience everything in my human form before he changes me.

"Edward, we can't do it all you know before the change. I know as a vampire you do not need to recover but I do. Please listen making love with you is the most wonderful experience ever but we cannot fit everything we may do over a lifetime into a week. I won't make it that long at this rate you'll have worn me out."

"I'm sorry love. I just want you to experience as much as possible before..."

"I know."

"So when do you want to do this love and how."

"Well how about tomorrow night, we can spend the day outside and then after dinner we can make love and you can bite me then."

"You want me to do it as we make love? I don't know if I'll be able to Bella."

"Isn't that when you most want to bite me?"

"Not anymore. Being away from you changed all that. Maybe after once we've settled down for the night. If you are okay with that. I could hold you then for the three days if you want me to."

"Is Carlisle going to come and oversee it?"

"No, Alice says there is no need. They will come here in about a month to see how you are doing. I think they want to give us some space as newly mated vampires. The sex can get a little much for couples who have being together for a while."

"You mean we're going to be going at even more than we have been?"

"Baby, this has been nothing, sorry to rain on your parade but you are in for the time of your life."

"I can't wait for that part."

Tomorrow arrives and we spend a pleasant day outdoors. There is something in the air though a sense of something I haven't felt before.

We make love for hours, I cry, he cries and when we are finally sated and I am laid in his arms he asks me.

"Are you sure love? It's okay if you want to wait."

"Edward I love you, I want forever with you starting now please I need this as much as I need you. I cannot wait to be a vampire like you. I am so looking forward to waking up and getting to be with you forever."

He hovers over me naked and kisses the human me passionately for the last time.

"I love you so much Isabella Cullen. I cannot wait for you to wake up in three days time and spend the rest of our existence together. We are going to have a absolute ball together and the sex is going to be mind blowing. Just make sure you remember to be gentle with me when you first wake up."

With that he moves over to my neck and kisses me gently. When I hear say 'sorry love' I know it is over. The blackness takes over soon after and all I can feel is a burning starting at the tips of my toes and heading quickly up the rest of me.

The only relief from the white hot burn is the arms wrapped around me that are cooling. I hear his whispered words from time to time. He sounds in pain and I ache to make him feel better. I hear his tortured cries of I love you and I'm so sorry baby.

Something has changed now, he no longer feels cool, somehow I had missed the burning sensation stopping. I want to open my eyes but I'm not sure I can.

"Bella baby, open your eyes, I'm here love. Please open your eyes for me."

I try I really do but no matter how hard I try I cannot open them. As soon as I stop trying they open. Everything looks sharp and loud if that makes sense. Edward comes into focus his eyes now black because he needs to eat. He hasn't left my side and before that while we had honeymooned he had said he didn't need to eat. Now he looked thirsty.

When I turn to look at him I realise he is still naked and I want him immediately. I lick my lips in anticipation. Alice had told me all I'd want when I woke up was blood. Sex was supposed to off the agenda for at least a year. Yeah right like i could wait another minute with him naked her beside me.

"Edward, oh Edward, I love you so much you feel warm. You smell divine and I want you so badly. How about showing me some of those vampire moves you mentioned before."

"Bella, Bella, Bella." he says laughing.

In a second flat he is on his back under me and I impale myself on his ever hard erection.

"Are you laughing at me husband?" I ask riding him hard.

He had promised me a good time as a vampire I was just getting us off to the right start.

The End