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When it all began

They met in the university.

Looking back, I don't think there's any way it could have worked out any other way. Ever. They were too different, they argued all the time, petty arguments in which they wanted to engage everyone, no matter how stupid and pointless it all was. But it was almost like love at first sight. At least, that's what I think, but who wouldn't?

It all started three years ago…

Hey guys! What do you think of this dress? Do you think it would look good like this? She asked her parents as she lifted the hem of the dress in a bundle at her right; the dress in question, instantly looked very different. Her parents both agreed that it looked indeed a lot better that way. She had just made a new design out of the dress she had just bought.

It was these kind of things that suddenly made her feel nervous all over again about the career choice she had made. But there was no going back now.

In a few months, things would be very different from how they had been up until that moment. She was going to college, to study architecture. She wasn't even sure that was what she wanted, and had spent the best part of the last year convincing herself as well as everyone else this is what she wanted.

Life would be very different indeed. For starters, she had to move out of town, she had to go to an entire new city, to fulfill her so-called dream.

She took a look at herself in the mirror, fixing the dress for the third time in the last minute, and getting a final look over her whole outfit, she headed towards her room to change out of the dress; the next day would be her prom night, the end of her high school days. She signed. She was excited.

Tomorrow will be the great day, gotta be ready for it. – At that precise moment, she made a promise not to let anything ruin her night.

The next day, everything went smoothly, everything was planned out, and she made it to prom with only two fashionable hours of delay, instead of the usual three one would expect from her parents, but it was ok… the chocolate fountain, was already a mixed disaster of chopped fruit floating here and there with the occasional visitor who usually ended up with a dark spot on their otherwise perfect outfits, due to the spilled chocolate on the dessert table.

Over all, it was just great; people dancing everywhere, loud music, and very varied types of music too. She knew she was going to have fun.

The rest of the summer break went away with relatively little news, she went to the united kingdom for holidays, and came back from dreamland rather harshly on the event of the beginning of her new life away from her parents.

As she picked her very few belongings from her room, she couldn't help but wonder about the things she was going to do. From now on, she would be like those people who only ever get to travel home. Not that she was complaining, she just never really pictured herself like one of them.

Never in my life did I think I was going to live in a big city, and look at me now.

Yet I always thought I was going to stay here for as long as I could find myself. Not such a thing, you always end up losing yourself in the way of everything. Life is really unexpected.

She was pulled out of her thoughts as the sound of footsteps stopped in the door of her room

-Are you ready to go? Your father and I already got your luggage downstairs- said her mother as she looked at her quizzically

-yes, I think that is all- she got a feeling this was all too sudden, but let it go all the same.

She didn't know what would be her parents' reaction upon her departure, though she had a clue, and to be honest, she wasn't really sure she wanted to know.

People react so different to situations; I don't even know how this is going to be for me. I've never been away from them for so long, maybe I'm going to start missing them all the time?.. Not likely; I've never been too dependent of them…

-You'll have to call me every other day, if I don't call you. That way we'll always be communicated- said her mother from the passenger seat of the car, she was currently sitting in the backseat, though she couldn't really remember how she got there

- Ok mother, I'll call you when I can- she said detachedly

- We'll talk every day. Promise me- suddenly her voice turned serious and commanding

- Ok… everyday- we'll see how long it lasts... Not that she doesn't have a strong resolve… but I don't think she really means all the time…

She took a look at the rear mirror to see her father watching her while he drove to the airport. That was his way of saying he supported her mother in her insistence. She signed.

There were not many dramatic goodbyes waiting for her at her departure. In fact, probably her sister had a lot more people by her side when she went to England. She had gone overseas to learn the language. It was all good, anyways. Her sister deserved it and she had no need for it.

At times, she thought her sister was the only real good thing in that household, however different she was from her, she knew she deserved every good thing happening in her life

Contrary to popular belief, your parents don't always shape your personality, their influence in her- and her sister as well - was only in her morals; they were so different, in so many things; she was just considered the black sheep of the family. She was used to not spending a great amount of time with them; it was just the way things were.

Her father, always seemed to be the friendly type of person, always willing to do a lot of thing for his friends and family, he liked to crack jokes all the time, and was pretty much a people kind of person. Her mother, on the other hand, was the kind of secluded people who only had a handful of friends at work, though she never once failed to give everyone a bright smile, and often preferred not commenting on things she didn't like, for the sake of pleasing others.

However, their personalities were both very different at home. That was something she definitely didn't like about her parents. And deep down she knew, as she got on the plane, she was not only taking a new path in life. She was also escaping a reality that no longer had any place for her.

He signed in frustration. He had never had so much bad luck in his entire life.

Scratch that, his life had always been miserable, no matter how much he tried to ignore it at the best of his qualities.

Every single time he had something good coming his way, there was always something to screw that up.

There he was, on the graduation party, hosted at his house, and having a lot more drama than e needed for a lifetime.

Things went a little like this:

He had a girlfriend. The very first one to ever tell him she loved him, and then there was the girl who had ruined his entire high school days by rejecting him and humiliating him to the point he lost all his friends, and ended up a complete outcast from everyone.

At that precise moment, that girl was making a scene, which included revealing her attraction to him… in the less gracious of ways; she was drunk and slurring her words so much he had a hard time understanding what she had to say. Not that he cared, at this point.

You are mine- she said, as she stumbled upon a chair, or maybe it was her own feet

What?- he took a moment to register it was his girlfriend by his side the one who had spoken, he on the other hand, remained speechless. Nobody else had witnessed the embarrassing declaration. However, it had struck quite a few nerves without the needless attention.

He is mine, he belongs to me- she repeated

He could feel his girlfriend's eyes in him as he took her by the hand without saying a word. He didn't care. He had to do something about this mess, so he took her outside the party, and kissed her, Reassuring her. The other girl had pretty much lost the fight. But she probably didn't even realize that. He had been so blinded to ever like that girl, he hadn't even noticed how selfish she was.

And that was the most exciting moment of the whole night. Of course there had been plenty of drunken people in their party; it was, after all, the last time they would be together as an entire group. Some girls, lost the little respect their classmates had for them, and the aftermath, was of course a mess to clean and settle, once everyone had left. All in all, it was a pretty normal gathering, he was sure he would remember.

The rest of the vacations were spent in the usual boredom of school days, he worked, played in the computer, talked to some of his friends, and tried not to think of the next step he had to make. Go to the university. He still couldn't quite wrap his mind around it.

At first, when he had seen the results of the test he was meant to take in order to get in the university, he was disappointed. He had not made it in the first cut, so he was called for yet another try, only given to a small number of students as a way to keep the government happy.

In the second try, he got in, but he was still a little disappointed on himself. He knew he could have done better, he didn't like mediocrity.

It doesn't matter, I got in... Now I have to prove I can do this. I need to prove myself I deserved to get in. he sighed. Yes, indeed it mattered no longer.

Tomorrow will be the welcoming speech. I can't miss it.

The following day, she was walking aimlessly around the campus

This place is so big, I think it's going to take me some time getting used to it. All the new students were gathered around the main auditorium, ready to hear the welcoming speech of the dean, and all the other important people in the university.

As she took a seat in the auditorium, she couldn't quite help but notice a few guys ahead of her, they were making quite a show; one, with a balding head topped by a small sort of hat, baggy clothes and a set of combat boots, kind of short and quite funny, if the looks he was getting from all those around him was anything to go by.

The other guy was not hyperactive as his friend and was taller too, had strange silver-like hair, and a particularly pale completion. He was dressed with a badly put together outfit which consisted of oversized beige pants and a colorful yellow and purple t-shirt, complemented by a rather fancy pelt over his right shoulder; though she couldn't decide yet if it looked glamorous or plain ridiculous.

It was almost as if he could take stuff from under his shirt at any moment and still nobody would be able to tell the difference. She laughed a little to her insides, as the dean instructed everyone present to sing along to the university hymn and they made a joke out of it. Deep inside of her, she had the sudden reflection of something aching to nostalgia.

I hope I get to find friends like that. It would be a nice change to what I'm used to.

As the ceremony carried on, she got a few glances of the people around the auditorium and even managed to talk to a few of them, without being too shy about it. She wanted to make friends and good friends at that.

A few days passed, and it was already time for her first math classes, after all, in that university, it was mandatory for architects to learn the same mathematics as the engineers and people from every other career on campus.

As she entered the auditorium, she wondered briefly on where to sit. There were two areas, one at the top, and the other at the bottom. The way to the doors was right in the middle of these two areas. She finally decided on the row nearest to the middle; she had always liked to sit wherever was close to the doors, it was always easier that way, and she suspected her eyesight was not as good for the last rows.

She set her purse down on one of the retractable chairs of the auditorium, and then proceeded to sit. As she looked around for familiar faces, she noticed there was in fact one guy sitting in the front row from hers; he came from the same high school she did.

Whoa! What are the odds? He he!

Hmm… Now…what was his name, again?... mmm…. I know his name... I just can't remember...I know it…who am I kidding? I couldn't remember to dress if I didn't have two mirrors in my room to look at myself every time I go out. Ok, think… you know his name, and you should at least say hi, it would be rude not to say it… hmm... maybe someone else is going to say his name once he starts talking?..

She touched his shoulder to get his attention

- hey! How are you? - She said as she dedicated him one of her friendly smiles

- hey! What are the odds! Great to see you!

- yeah! What are the odds? Huh? What do you know of the rest? How many of us got in?- when she talked of them, she was of course referring to the people from her high school who had applied for that specific university.

- Almost all, except for two of them, I think, everyone else is here… you know…- and then he spoke the names of the people she barely knew as he counted with his fingers.

- yeah… hey… you know, I'm really bad with names, I know yours, but I can't seem to remember…- she said suddenly looking ashamed of herself.

- she's got some nerve, talking to you without even knowing your name, shippo, said the guy sitting next to him. As she adverted her eyes to him, she noticed he was the very same guy she had seen two days prior in the welcoming ceremony, she suddeny realized he had golden eyes, which she had failed to notice before, his hair was a little distracting at that.

- Umm... and you are?- she said in a playful tone. She didn't want to scare him off… or any of the other people around them.

- My name is Sesshoumaru- he said, as he extended his hand towards her

- Rin, she said, as she shook the offered hand. She took a moment to notice just how soft his hands were, and then he started talking again.

- Do you play the guitar?- he asked looking at the nail dangling from her neck.

- This? Oh, no... I used to be in a band, one of the members gave this to me before I decided to come here, what about you? Do you play the guitar? - She said taking a look at his nail, hanging from a chain around his neck the very same way hers was doing.

He shook his head, and quietly said he was still learning, as the teacher entered the room and started scribing in the clack board. The class was not very long, but at some point, he had managed to fill all three clack boards in the front of the auditorium

They all scribed furiously in the process, but overall, things where not so complicated on that first day, they were just getting a taste of what these things were like.

As she started picking up her things, she asked Shippo where he was going to take his meal; in the university, they had three cafeterias.

- Hmm.. I haven't really thought about it, but there's someone waiting for me…so..

- oh, that's ok… Don't worry, I was just asking, maybe I'm going with… hmm …Kaede- she said, not sounding so convinced herself.

- Hey, maybe Sesshoumaru here could join you- he said as he got away, waving goodbye as he left the two of them standing in the middle of the auditorium.

- Well, we might as well go for that lunch- he said, already walking away. She nodded her head, and they walked to the nearest cafeteria.