Scar's Heir

Chapter 1: Arrival

A few days ago in the Pridelands, Scar and Zira both had a nightmare about the end of their kingdom, then that nightmare became a dream, a dream of hope for their kingdom, a human boy with a lion tail, that turns into a Lion, will save their kingdom and be their new heir to the throne, after waking up, both Scar and Zira, had lift the Pridelands to search for their new heir, before they can began, they went to some old friends of theirs and they were transformed into Humans, Scar is now a tall Man with Black hair, Green eyes, and still have that Scar on his lift eye, Zira is now a tall Woman with Brown hair, and red eyes, they explain to Scar and Zira that they will be humans until they are back in Africa and into the Pridelands, and their friends gave them cloths to wear and then Scar and Zira began their search, Today they are now in the country of the United States, in Evansville, Indiana, at the Evansville Regional Airport, they meet a Man that is very tall and that they are supposed to meet as Scar said, " Are you Charlie?" Charlie says, " Yes Scar and Zira, I'm Charlie, I have been assigned by your friends in Africa as your driver and bodyguard." Zira said, " We are looking for are heir to throne, do you know where he is?" Charlie says, " Get in my car, I will explain on the way." their got into his car and started driving than Charlie said, " I know where your new heir is, we are heading to where he is now, here this is his file." Charlie handed Scar the file, then he and Zira opened it, and saw information about him and saw a photo of their heir, he is a teenaged human, with brown hair and green eye and a lion tail similar to the one, they saw in their dreams, than Scar asked, " Who is this?" Charlie said while driving, " The boy you see, his name is Richard Moore, he is a junior student at Reitz High School, he is not a ordinary student, unlike the other students, he is a hybrid." Scar and Zira both asked, " A what?" Charlie said, " A hybrid, a hybrid is a specie that is born from two parents, that are different species." Scar asked, " What kind of hybrid is Richard?" Charlie said, " he is a human and a lion hybrid, his mother was a human, while his father was a lion, and also to tell you two, he has a tail of a lion." Scar and Zira were surprised to hear this, than Charlie said, " We're here." Scar and Zira saw the school for the first time and saw that it was big and Scar asked, " How are we going to find him?" Charlie says, " It's near his lunch time, he is going to eat soon, you are going to find him in the middle of the school, what they call 'the link', Richard is going to cross from the old building to the new building, you are going to meet him, and talk to him, while I sign him out of the school." Scar and Zira nodded, then Charlie said, " But to warn you, this school is got security, they got both Police and Sheriff Departments here, so be careful they are armed, and they will call backup if necessary." After the brief, Scar and Zira walked in and it felt warm inside than outside, they than entered the link than waited, after a few minutes, students were everywhere, than they saw a student with a lion tail, that is their chosen heir, Richard Moore, Scar and Zira followed Richard, into the cafeteria, than after Richard got his food and sat down they than walked to where Richard was, Scar got his attention, " Excuse me." than Richard turned around and saw a Man and Woman standing behind him, Scar says, " I hope I we're not bothering you." Richard says, " No, not at all." Zira says, " Do you mind if we talk to you for a minute." Richard says, " Of course, I got all the time, I'm not going no where, go ahead sit down." Scar and Zira sat next to Richard on both side, Scar began the introduction, " My name is Scar and this my wife Zira, we are from the Pridelands, which is in Africa." Richard says, " You know I some how recognize those names from before and I thing I heard about that place before, but from where, I thing, I might be thinking things, I'm Richard Moore, Nice to meet you two." Zira says, " It is cold outside." Richard agreed, " Yeah it is, in my country it is cold here in the winter, it also snow's here to and it's supposed to tonight, it is supposed to get to 10 degrees Fahrenheit tonight as well, which means the snow will stick to the road." Scar says, " Richard, we want you to come to Africa with us, it is very important, that you should come." Richard said, " I would have to check out at the office first." Zira says, " Our friend Charlie has that taken care of, you just need to come us." Richard says, " All right." after Richard finished his lunch, just when they were about to leave two men came out of nowhere, one pulled out a Colt M1911 pistol with laser sighting, while the other one pulled out a Beretta Model 12, Scar and Zira, moved Richard out of the way, Scar pulled out two Beretta model 92SB pistols, as Zira pulls out a MP5K, the police officers saw this and pull out their Beretta Model 92SB pistol and a Colt M1911 pistol, and a shot out begins, the students made a run for it, the bad guys killed the two Police officers, while Scar and Zira got there chance, they shot the bad guys, than Zira crabbed Richard by the shirt with her hands and they met with Charlie, than Charlie escorted him to the car along with Scar and Zira, then after they got in the car and lift before the Police arrived, when they arrived at the Evansville Regional Airport, Scar and Zira thank Charlie, and Charlie lift in his car, as Scar and Zira got on the plane with Richard going with them to Africa.

After about 15 hours, they arrive at the Nairobi International Airport, after they got out of the plane, a black man by the name of Mark was standing there waiting for they're arrival than Scar said, " Good to see, Mark." Mark smiles and hugs his friend and says, " Nice to see you two made it alive, how was America?" Zira says, " Cold, very cold weather, over there." Mark says, " I figured it was cold in Indiana, where you just went, now that your back in Africa, lets show this kid his new home." Scar and Zira agreed, than toke Richard into Marks Jeep, and they headed for the Pridelands, when they got around the Pridelands, they got out of the Jeep, Scar and Zira dranked the formula that would turn them back into Lions, Richard than saw the transformation, than when the transformation ended Richard got scared and tried to run for his life, but Scar and Zira surrounded Richard, Richard got scared even more, than Scar came to Richard, licked his hands and says to calming voice, " Don't be afraid, we won't harm you, I am a King of my land and Zira is my Queen." Richard bows to them and asked, " But why did you never tell me that you were a King and Queen, I would have been more respectful in front of your presence, back in my country." Scar said, " To avoid, been known by your people from your country, now we are going to see some old friend of are's and they are going to change your life forever, and turn you into a Lion." Richard asked, " Why do you want to turn me into a Lion for?" Scar and Zira both said, " We want you to be as are new heir to the throne." Richard was surprised to hear this, these two Lions that were ingested as Humans to find a new heir to their throne and chosen him, to be their new prince, Richard says, " I … I don't know what to say, I would be honored to be your new heir, but there is a problem, I don't know anything about royalty, or how to rule a kingdom, I was born in a country that is a Republic, a Democratic form of Government, not a Monarchy Government like you have, I don't know anything about it." Scar says, " After your transformation, and after you meet the Pride and my Hyena friends, I will teach you, on how to rule the kingdom, how to rule as a king, and to obey your king, understand." Richard says, " Yes, your Majesty." Scar said, " Good, climb on my back." Richard obeyed and got on Scar's back and they walk toward the direction their friends place.

Chapter 2: Transformation

When they got there, they one that changed them into humans, the human's name is Day Day, Scar said, " Hello Day Day, were back." Day Day says, " I see that your search was successful." Zira says, " Day Day, this is Richard Moore are chosen heir to the throne, Richard, this is Day Day, he is the one who changed us into humans so we could find you." Richard says, " Nice to meet you, Day Day." Richard shakes Day Day hand as Day Day says, " Same with you, now follow me, I will begin your transformation Richard." Day Day lead Richard to the house and into a room that looked more like a laboratory, Richard sat down, Day Day close the door behind them and said, " We are going to transform you Richard, but first you need full Lion DNA inside you begin the transformation."

" I already got half of Lion DNA in me, since I was born a hybrid." Richard said, while holding his Lion tail, Day Day says, " So that means you need another half of Lion DNA, from somewhere else." Than without warning Zira pounced on Richard and made him fall on his stomach, than he looked and saw Scar coming to his left arm, Richard got scared and Scar said, " Look away." than Richard turned his head the other way, as Scar bit his left arm, Richard groaned and fought the pain while Scar bit him, than after a few seconds, Scar release's his left arm and Zira got off of him Richard saw his left arm has a bite mark, with blood coming out of the wound, Day Day than put the the transformation formula inside Richard with an injection, than after a while, Richard started to fill pain everywhere in his body, first Richard teeth turned into fangs and sharp teeth and muzzle is now on his face, than his arms started growing brown fur and changed into his forelegs, and drop to ground, and now has four legs, he still has his lion tail, but the fur at the tip of his tale changed from brown to black, while his clothes were ripping for of him, Richard face changed into a face of a Lion, and start grow a black male, than stopped to show his teenaged Lion look as the transformation was over, than Scar says, " Richard, look at yourself now." Scar lead Richard to a mirror, than Richard see's a Lion his eye staring back at him, " I'm a full teenaged Lion." Zira smiles and says, " And you look handsome, no Lioness, Pride member or a rouge, would resist your handsomeness." Richard blushed after Zira said that, than Scar turned to Day Day and said, " Thank you, my old friend, I always knew you would be helpful." Day Day said, " Hey, anytime, your Majesty." Day Day bowed to Scar, standing up, than after that, Scar and Zira than escorted Richard to his new home the Pridelands.

Chapter 3: Meeting the Hyena's and the Pride

After a while they arrived at the Pridelands, as they were walking, three hyena's came, their names are Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, Shenzi see's Scar and Zira and also see a teenage male lion, Shenzi says, " Good to see that you two are back, and I also see that you are successful at finding your heir." Scar says, " Shenzi, Banzai, Ed, this is Richard, are new heir to the throne, Richard this is Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed, there are my friends." Richard says, " Hi, nice to meet you, guys." Shenzi says, " Same for you." Zira asked, " How was everybody, while we were gone?" Banzai says, " everybody has been behaving while you were gone." Scar says, " Good, now if you don't mind, we would like to introduce Richard to the Pride." Scar, Zira and Richard lift the hyena trio, and continued to head for Priderock, when they got to Priderock, Scar roared and the Pride came out, the Pride saw Scar and Zira with a teenaged Lion, that they don't recognize, one of the pride members asked Scar, " Who is this?" Scar says, " Everyone, I would like you to meet Richard, are new heir." the all sniff Richard scent and Richard sniff their scent, while Richard that was happening, Richard now realized that he can smell things he could never smell before, after the lioness smelt Richard's scent, one of the Lioness's said, " My name is Nicaya." Richard says, " Hello There, I'm Richard, nice to meet you, Miss." than three more Lioness's came, Two Lioness's were adults, while the third one is a teenager like him, the oldest one says, " Hello Richard, allow me and my friend and her daughter introduce ourselves, My name is Sarabi." The other adult female walks to Richard and says, " I'm Sarafina." then the teenaged lioness says, " I'm Nala, nice to meet Richard." Richard says, " Same for you." after everybody even the hyena's met Richard, Scar and Zira toke Richard to their Den and everybody went to sleep for the night.

Chapter 4: Visions or Flashbacks and Scar's son.

Back in the United States, in Evansville, Indiana, 9 hours after the Police shootout at Reitz High School, the Evansville Police Department, went to Richard's step mother Emily Moore and his dad Chad Moore house told them that their was a Police shootout at his school and they are reporting Richard Moore missing, seven hours ago, they counted every student at Reitz, everybody was there, except one was missing and that was Richard Moore, the people at the office said that a 40 year old man walked in the office, then after he signed Richard out, gun shots were heard and he ran out of the office, Richard's parents gave a picture of Richard to the police, then one of the officers said, " We are turning this case over to the F.B.I. and C.I.A. and they will try to find your son." Emily was crying as she said, " Thank you, Sir." then the police lift, Chad then hugged his wife as she cried and he said, " Lets hope Richard, is safe, honey." As they were talking it starts to snow outside.

Meanwhile Pridelands, it was a new morning for the Pride and to Richard, last night before he went to sleep, Richard meet Nuka and Vitani, Scar and Zira's Children, Richard was glad to meet them, Scar told Nuka that Richard was their new heir to the throne, today Scar and Zira started to teach Richard everything about royalty and how it works, Richard was starting to like Scar and Zira and is also starting to like his new life here in the Pridelands, Scar was teaching Richard how to fight like a lion, Scar and Richard fought against each other and Richard won by overpowering him, Scar and Zira were glad that Richard is making progress, Zira says, " Well done Richard."

Scar says, " Congratulations Richard, you are now a full lion."

Richard says, " Thank you, your Majesty, you and Zira have taught me well." Scar smiled than something hit Scar, but it was not physical, it was in his mind, than he saw that he was in a cage with Humans walking around with weapons in inside a warehouse, than Scar heard a noise, than a few Humans turned to a door than an explosion, than an F.B.I. agent came in and shot a few humans with weapons than another F.B.I. agent, but it was a female, she shot a few bad guys, then after the gun fight was over, she went over to Scar direction, Scar looked at the female human and found her very familiar, and Scar thought that if he has seen or recognize her from somewhere, than he was back in the Pridelands, Zira says, " Scar, are you alright?"

Scar says, " Yes I'm fine, I just has a vision."

Richard got curious and says, " What kind of vision? What did you see?"

Scar says, " I was inside a building, I was in a cage with these humans that were armed with weapons, walking back and forth."

Richard says, " They were machines guns, weren't they?"

Scar says, " Yes, then an explosion, happened then two humans came in and shot all of the the humans, the two humans wearing what you call jackets and it had they weird symbols on them."

Richard then asked, " Did it look something like this?" then Richard drew three letters, first he wrote the letter F, then B, and finally I, Scar looked at the them and says, " Yes, that it."

Richard says, " Those humans are F.B.I. agents and those guy walking back and forth are poachers."

Scar continues with his story, " One of them were familiar to me, one of those of F.B.I. agents was a lady."

Richard asks, " Can you descriptive her?"

Scar says, " She was a beautiful women, she had blue eyes, that were as blue as the sky, she had brown hair, and was very tall."

Richard gaps, Scar was talking about his mother, Richard says, " That was my Mom, she used to be a F.B.I. agent, but she was killed while trying to solve a case, that was when I was very young, my Dad than lift me back in the United States, while my Dad went back to Africa, My mother was a Human, while my father was a Lion, the only thing, I remember about him was that he had a scar on his left eye that just about It, that is how I was born a hybrid."

Scar and Zira felt sorry for Richard for losing his blood family, Scar then felt that he was connected to Richard somehow, then Richard's mind then went from the Pridelands to his old house that he had once lived in and he heard his younger self said, " When is Dad going to be home?"

Richard's Mom said, " He'll be back soon, just go to sleep." than a Lion walked in, he looked just like Scar but younger, then he was back in the Pridelands, Zira says, " Are you okay, Richard?"

Richard says, " I just had a flashback, I saw my younger self going to bed, then I saw my Dad and he looked like you Scar, but was younger."

Scar says, " In my vision, I was young male lion, in that cage." Richard, Scar and Zira decided to go see Day-Day to analyze their blood to see they are related, When they got their, Day-Day toke samples of Richard's and Scar's blood, after about an hour, Day-Day came back from his Lab and says, " You and Richard's DNA match and I found out that the boys human Mom and found that her name is Jamie Moore, his blood match with his mother and with your blood and I have figured that you are Richard's blood father and you, Richard Moore are Scar's blood son, the heir to throne and the new prince of Pridelands." Richard, Scar and Zira were all surprised about this, Richard and Scar were now reunited but as Father and Son, Zira just meet Richard and she has not only has Nuka and Vitani as her children, she now has Richard as her step son and after they lift tell told the Pride that Richard is Scar's blood son from far away, the Pride was both shocked and surprised, they looked into Richard's eye and saw no evil in them, but kindness in them, they felt that Richard would save them from Scar's rule, Nuka was surprised about having Richard as is older brother, then after the talk with everybody went to sleep inside of Pride Rock.

Hope you like it, wait for the next chapter, see you soon.